2016 Best Portable Vaporizer Around $200

Considering the recent Pax 2 price change, we figured this would be a good time to help you navigate the murky waters of the best portable vaporizer options by discussing our favorites around $200.

Best portable vaporizer...

...is definitely a loaded title. To us, the real question is “Who is this Vaporizer for?”. What is most important to you? Price? Size? How many sessions you’ll get per charge? How much material can you pack at once? Look deep inside, think about what matters most and check out our picks below.

Boundless CFX - $169

Boundless CFX Vaporizer - Planet of the Vapes


The CFX from Boundless is a fairly new entry to the market. It brings together a lot of great features that were previously unavailable at this price point, not the least of which is extremely satisfying vapor quality. The CFX heats up in an incredibly fast 20 seconds, works with any amount and any grind (or no grind at all), has great battery life, a large oven and a bunch of features like digital temperature control, a session timer and a battery life indicator. It’s a little big for most pockets, so they also released the much smaller Boundless CF at $129.95.

Boundless CFX Fast Stats

Vaping Battery Life: 50 - 75 Minutes
Oven Capacity: 0.5 Grams
Height: 5.16”
Width: 2.75”

PAX 2 - $199

Pax 2 Vaporizer - Planet of the Vapes

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The PAX 2 was one of the most popular portables at $279, so it's an easy pick for this list at $199. It’s one of the better designed vaporizers available. With its incredibly small size, which feels nice in the hand, it is easy to be discreet with the PAX 2.

The PAX 2 was obviously designed with user expirence in mind. A lip sensor and motion detector that tell it when to cool down so your herbs last longer, a party mode that turns these features off for group sessions, and even hidden games to entertain. The single button function is simple and easy to learn and the PAX comes with a ten year warranty from a company with a proven track record. There are also some great third party accessories available for it.

PAX 2 Fast Stats

Vaping Battery Life: 90 Minutes
Oven Capacity: 0.3 Grams
Height: 3.87”
Width: 1.21”

G Pen Elite - $169

G Pen Elite Vaporizer - Planet of the Vapes

The G Pen Elite is for those who are interested in the ultra-portable size of the Pax 2 for a few bucks less. It is small, has a huge oven, feels great in hand and has a super fast heat up time (20 to 30 seconds).

The G Pen has a couple of things the Pax 2 doesn’t such as full digital temperature control and a battery life indicator on the display. However, the G Pen Elite’s bowl is right behind the mouthpiece, making the vapor hotter at the highest levels than the PAX 2. Other than that, it’s a great value.

G Pen Elite Fast Stats

Vaping Battery Life: 45 - 60 Minutes
Oven Capacity: 0.75 Grams
Height: 4.4”
Width: 1.25”

Arizer Air - $169.95

Arizer Air Vaporizer - Planet of the Vapes



The Arizer Air uses a well proven design from a company with over a decade in the vaporizer industry. The unit is small, has a replaceable, rechargable battery, and uses convection and conduction heat to create tasty vapor. It comes with two glass stems and a case to carry everything.

Because of the glass stems, the Air is not as convenient on the go as some of our other options here but again it does produce nice vapor and is well built.


Arizer Air Fast Stats

Vaping Battery Life: 45 - 60 Minutes
Oven Capacity: 0.2 Grams
Height w/o Stem: 4.8"
Height w/ Stem: 7”-9”
Width: 1.14"

Alfa Vaporizer - $199

Alfa Vaporizer - Planet of the Vapes

The Alfa vaporizer by Gaboof is small, easily fits in the pocket, is self contained and ready to go. Not as well known as some of the other portable vaporizers here, it is made in Ireland and has two unique temperature modes you can’t find anywhere else right now.

The Auto-Puff (AP) and Auto-Time (AT) modes bump up the temperature automatically throughout your session making life that much easier. It heats up in 30 seconds and three manual temperature settings in addition to the auto-temp modes.


Alfa Fast Stats

Vaping Battery Life: 60 - 90 Minutes
Oven Capacity: 0.3 Grams
Height: 3.74”
Width: 1.85”


Arizer Extreme Q- $159.95


Arizer Extreme Vaporizer - Planet of the Vapes

Many folks only consider portable vaporizers but if you’re not going to be vaping out of the house much and don’t mind a vaporizer living on the coffee table or tucked away next to the couch, take a look at the Arizer Extreme.

Top notch vapor at a great price, the Extreme is a versatile performer that can be used with a whip or a bag, has digital temperature control, a three speed fan and even a remote control.

One of our favorite vapes to recommend to first time users (it was my first vaporizer as well) because it delivers excellent convection vapor at a great price.

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