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CCELL Batteries and Cartridges - Now in Stock

We’ve got CCELL 510 Thread batteries and cartridges ready in a variety of styles.

As concentrates become more popular than ever, we’re on the hunt for ways to support them with great products and accessories. That’s one of the reasons we’re so excited to start selling CCELL batteries and cartridges. We think they’re easy to use, look and feel great, and offer a number of different aesthetic and functional options.

The Palm

While it doesn’t look like most other 510 threaded batteries, the CCELL Palm’s flat shape helps it feel more comfortable in your pocket, and take up less space in a bag or purse. It also starts working as soon as you start drawing on it, so it’s easy to use and won’t go off by accident. The loop on the cartridge side protects most of the cartridge from small bumps, with a small gap so you can easily see how much is left in your cartridge. It has Micro-USB charging too, so you don’t have to carry around a separate adapter.

The Silo

Like the Palm, the CCELL Silo has a different shape than you might expect from a 510 Threaded vape pen. It has a rectangular shape with rounded edges, with a hole in the middle for your cartridge, so it’s protected on all sides, with only the top of the cartridge sticking out. As soon as you start drawing from the cartridge, it starts vaporizing. It also charges via Micro-USB, which is a bit more convenient than having to carry a special adapter around with you.

The M3

If you’re looking for a classic vape pen for cartridges, the CCELL M3 is a great choice. It automatically starts heating up when you start taking a draw, with no extra steps in the process or buttons to press. It’s compact, simple, and easy to use -- what’s not to like? Unlike the other CCELL batteries, the M3 charges through the same threading as the cartridges, so you’ll need the included dongle, and you can’t use it while it’s charging.

TH2 and M6T cartridges

While some customers will be able to find pre-filled cartridges locally, we also have a few different options for empty cartridges you can fill yourself. While the M6T cartridges are meant to be filled once then disposed of, the TH2 cartridges can be unscrewed and refilled a few times.

We’re still working on getting the cartridges sorted and stocked, but we’ll be selling a variety of both sizes and mouthpiece styles. We’ll update this post when they’re ready to go.

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