• Vaporizer - Arizer Solo Vaporizer - Latest 2017 Model
  • Vaporizer - Arizer Solo Vaporizer - Latest 2017 Model
  • Vaporizer - Arizer Solo Vaporizer - Latest 2017 Model
  • Vaporizer - Arizer Solo Vaporizer - Latest 2017 Model
  • Vaporizer - Arizer Solo Vaporizer - Latest 2017 Model

Arizer Solo Vaporizer

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Color: Black
$108.99Regular price $149.99


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  • 4 Piece Aluminum CNC Grinder
  • TightVac Air Tight Storage Container


  • Latest 2018 Model
  • 2 Hour Battery Life
  • 7 Temp. Settings
  • Ceramic Heating Element
  • Stainless Steel Oven
  • 2 year Warranty
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Who's the Arizer Solo for?

The Arizer Solo is for someone wanting great vapor at an introductory price without all the bells & whistles. In 2011 it set the vapor standard for portables and Arizer has released the Air and Solo II since then, but they have kept the Solo relevant with 6 years of continuous improvements. It’s a no-nonsense choice for anyone wanting cool, tasty vapor without breaking the bank.

Vapor that set the standard

Ceramic heater, stainless steel bowl, glass stems - that’s a material list you want in your airpath! By sticking with inert, proven materials the Solo keeps the standard it set years ago with pure, cool and tasty vapor. The only downside is the airflow restriction that it needs to keep the vapor thick will sometimes feel like you are sucking on a thick milkshake.

Rock solid

The Solo has been around a while, so you know it’s tried and true with continuous improvements. It’s one of the best selling portable vapes of all time and the design is so solid that Arizer used it for the Air and Solo II. All three vapes use the same heater, bowl and stem system. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!

Only features you need

Simplicity is the theme here with two buttons and 6 vaporizing temperatures (it technically has 7 temps, but we don’t count the bottom temp of 50° C / 122° F) that cover the full range from 185° C / 365° F to 210° C / 410° F. High temp vaporists might want something hotter, but my herbs look completely spent after vaping with the Solo on the highest temp.

Good battery life

You should get 90 minutes to 2 hours of run time from the Solo on a full charge, or about 6 to 9 sessions. And if you need more than that it can be used when charging after about a 25% charge.

Portable, not pocketable

The biggest knock on the Arizer Solo vaporizer has always been its larger size and breakable glass stems that make it portable but not something that is easy to throw in your pocket. That coupled with a slower heat up time of 2 minutes makes the Solo great for more relaxed sessions around the house, at parties or hiking.

Fantastic value

The Solo holds its value at this price point because of its efficiency and cool, tasty vapor. You can find smaller vapes with more features for the same money, but the vapor is usually sacrificed. So if you’re all about the vapor the Solo is a great deal!

If you're looking for more

If you’ve read this far but want smaller or more features, we won’t leave you hanging! Check out Arizer’s other very similar portables, the Air and Solo II. Both give you the same great vapor, but the Air adds pocketability and removable batteries while the Solo II adds features.

The latest version and updates

When you buy your Arizer Solo from Planet of the Vapes, you are guaranteed to receive the absolute newest model available with the latest features and updates.


The Arizer Solo vaporizer has a two year manufacturer’s warranty and a one year warranty on the battery. As with all vaporizers purchased from Planet of the Vapes, you are also covered by our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

What's in the box

  • Arizer Solo Vaporizer
  • 1 x Solo Portable Micro-Heater
  • 1 x Solo Charger
  • 1 x Solo Glass Aroma Tube (Curved)
  • 1 x Solo Glass Aroma Tube (110mm)
  • 1 x Solo Glass Aroma Dish
  • 2 x Solo Silicone Stem Caps
  • 1 x Stainless Steel Stirring Tool
  • 1 x Sample Aromatic Botanicals
  • 1 x Solo Instructions Booklet

Technical specifications

  • Diameter 1.75 in / 4.5 cm
  • Height 4.5 in / 11.4 cm
  • Weight 6.4 oz / 181.4 g
  • 6 Temperature Settings
  • 365° F - 410° F / 185° C - 210° C
  • Ceramic Heater
  • Stainless Steel Oven
  • 2 Year Warranty
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

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David H.
United States United States

Old reliable

My wife and I have been using the Solo for several years and have never had a single issue with it. Easy, reliable, sturdy and easy vaping.

Ben O.

My new favorite consumption method

I just switched over to dry herb vaping with the arizer solo, and couldn’t be happier with it. This unit is extremely easy to clean, literally 0 buildup on the vape you should only have to clean the mouthpiece. The smell proof container that is bundled works perfectly for ABV or fresh herb. If you are considering the switch this is an excellent option.

Mark C.
United States United States

Just Plain Easy

I was a real ***** when I got the Arizer Solo Vaporizer, I tried it first at a heat temp too high, the taste was harsh. I did some reading found out that at a temp of 375 degrees F the taste was smoother. Try not to want to crank it up as the smoother taste is the answer

Connie M.
United States United States

Very happy

I'm very happy with this vape. I use the grinder that came as a free gift and the grind is perfect for this vape. No additional screens needed! I can put as little as .1gram or as much as .25 grams although .2 works better for me. That extra .05 makes the draw harder. I layer flower/CBD isolate/flower for the best medicinal results. Easy to clean with the included tool which is perfect for measuring out and placing the CBD isolate. I dont use it for the full 12 minute session as 2-3 puffs does me. The battery lasts more than long enough for me with daily use, 3-4 times per day it lasts about 7 days. I have no regrets buying this vape and I'm picky and always find reasons to buy something better. I have 0 interest in even thinking about buying a other vape...its perfect for portable home use.

Jonathan H.
United States United States

Broken Item

Item shipped to me defective out of the box. Was satisfied with the agent who helped with the return process but dissatisfied with the product itself

Planet Of The Vapes

Hi Jonathan, Receiving a defective vape can happen with any vaporizer which is why we stay as active as we can on these issues. Glad we were able to square it away for you. With best regards, Larry

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