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Crafty+ Vaporizer

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  • Strong Sessions
  • Pocketable
  • UBC-C Charge Port
  • Smartphone Compatible
Regular price $279.00
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Who's the Crafty Plus+ vaporizer for?

The Storz & Bickel Crafty+ vaporizer is a great choice for those looking for top shelf vapor quality from a small, ultra portable dry herb vaporizer, backed by one of the most trusted names in the industry, Storz & Bickel.

The 2021 version

On September 16th, 2021, Storz & Bickel released a new version of the Crafty+ for $ 279 USD, with USB-C charging and a ceramic coated bowl. 

Huge heat exchanger

The key to the Crafty+ vaporizer’s performance and faster heat up time is it’s patented hybrid heat exchanger. It's conduction and convection heating chamber delivers stable temperatures, for accurate and flavorful vaping without any fuss.

Smooth cool vapor

The Crafty+ works with any grinder, and with a swivel mouthpiece on top of an integrated cooling unit and open airflow, the vapor is smooth, cool and dense.

Perfect pocket size

The Crafty+ is a pocketable, portable vape that’s smaller than most iPhones/Androids, and about half the size of its big brother, the Mighty vaporizer.

Solid battery life

The Crafty+ delivers 40 minutes of vaporization, or four to five sessions, on a full charge. It charges in around two hours via USB-C. Battery life is preserved by a two-minute auto-shutoff timer that works flawlessly, by resetting every time you press a button or take a hit.

If you’re looking for the same quality with unlimited power, check out the Storz & Bickel Volcano vaporizer.

2 year warranty + guarantee

We are authorized dealers of the Crafty Plus vaporizer, so if you decide to buy one from us, it will come with a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty against defects. The warranty is extendable to three years with registration. As with Everything purchased from Planet Of The Vapes, you are also covered by our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

Works with or without the Bluetooth app

Access temperature controls with the Crafty+ single power button. Out of the box, it comes with three perfectly-set on-board temperature settings, 356° F (180° C), 383° F (195° C), and 410° F (210° C), that will work for most without the smartphone app. Load up the app, and dial in precise temperatures, and other settings like the shutoff timer, brightness, and boost mode/super boost.

Charge worldwide

The Crafty+ runs on 100-240 V power and will work anywhere in the world. We sell the version with a US charger. If you live outside of the US you only need a plug adapter. You can also charged via any USB port with the included cable.

User manual

Download the Crafty+ manual here.

Crafty+ Vaporizer By Storz and Bickel in box content

What's in the box

  • 1 Crafty+ Vaporizer
  • 1 USB-C Cable
  • 3 small Base Seal Rings (O-rings)
  • 3 small Normal Screens
  • 3 small Coarse Screens
  • 1 Dosing Capsule
  • Safety Instruction for Use (concise)
  • 1 Safety Instructions
  • 1 Cleaning Brush
Crafty+ Vaporizer by Storz & Bickel open view specs

Technical specifications

  • Height 4.4 in / 11.1 cm
  • Width 2.3 in / 5.7 cm
  • Depth 1.3 in / 3.2 cm
  • Weight 4.2 oz / 120 g
  • 104°F - 410°F (40 - 210°C)
  • 2-year warranty, extendable to three years
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

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Neeraj T.
United States United States

Like it.

Ordering 1 more

A Planet Of The Vapes Customer
United States United States

Craft+, it's the nay-no for me

I chose the Crafty+ after much research and its great reputation, but I am not a fan. I own many vapes while searching for the perfect vape, it's been a long search. My favorite for years has been the Firefly1, then the Firefly2 because of the easy clean draw surface, taste, multiple seshes with a single bowl, battery life, and easily swap out for fresh battery but the draw/airflow can be very labored as it ages (from clogged tiny bowl vents) so I am always looking for better so instead of getting the Firefly 2+ I tried the Crafty+ I chose the Crafty+ because many reviews say the hit is great with the easy draw, huge clouds, and especially appealing were the capsules you could pre-load. I love the capsules, the convenience, and no mess, and maybe the best is the bowl/chamber stays immaculately clean, it looks brand new still after a couple of weeks of use. But even trying multiple quality products in legal Colorado I was never satisfied unless at least two capsules were used, causing me to burn through way more stash than usual, way more. The worst though was after just a few days of use I noticed the cooling chamber gets hot and when the stem gets hot, I was getting resin/light *** in my mouth, so I cleaned the cooling chamber and stem, it seemed too early to be needed already. A few days later, after using I was getting frustrated with the unsatisfying amount of draws I was getting from the capsules and increasing to 3 capsules per sesh, so I started pulling very hard on the draws to get a better hit, I started getting resin/*** in my mouth again but powered through it, the cooling chamber and stem always get HOT and this time with the hard pulls a large amount of hot resin *** went in my throat and caused damage that took a while to heal and even after healing my throat felt weird/wrong/uncomfortable for months. I probably should have tried to return it, but I didn't think returning an opened vape was a possibility at the time. I didn't know POTV allowed that. I like a lot of things about the Crafty+ like the quality is great, the bowl/chamber looks brand new after a couple of weeks of use because of the capsules, the portability, and especially the idea of preloading and using capsules, but the cooling chamber needs a redesign in my opinion, maybe the larger Mighty is different idk, but I'm finished with this type. The Crafty+ went into the drawer of shame. Went back to my Firefly2, want to replace my Firefly2 with the Firefly2+ because it supposedly upgraded with an easier 33% more draw but wasted a grip of dough on my brand new Crafty+ paperweight, so maybe if a Firefly3 comes out, I'll try again. I have two separate Firefly2 units, so I have four batteries, which is a good incentive to stick with the favorite. The Crafty wasn't for me, but Planet Of The Vapes was a good experience as a company, great website and reviews. I noticed very late (a few months after purchase) that they had charged me the wrong or too much tax on the purchase; they refunded the small amount very quickly with no fuss.

Keith V.
United States United States


Best thing ever

Happy C.
United States United States

Went for the Crafty

I originally got the Crafty+ as I know that S&B is a legit company. I will say that this is not only the best vape, it stands out above almost everything else for the simple fact that this is a convection/conduction hybrid vape. That being said, I was a little disappointed in the battery life of the Crafty+. It's not horrible by any means especially considering what is going on under the hood. After some consideration, I decided that I did not trust a single 18650 for all-day use and didn't want to be tethered to a charger either. I opted to use the 14-day return program, and let me tell you, it's seamless. You get the option for a refund, a return for store credit, or a swap for any other device on POTV. I initially selected the Davinci IQC as the swap but watched so many reviews of the Mighty and the Mighty+ with input from daily users, and I'm seeing the Mighty still going strong after a couple of years! One email was out, and Mike had my swap corrected that very morning. They even include a free shipping label. So in closing, I'd say that the Mighty+ is the ADV to own. Even if S&B products aren't your jam, order from POTV with %100 confidence.

David H.
United States United States

Fantastic Product

This has to be one of, if not the best, products of its kind available. Small enough to, for the most part, be discreet yet powerful enough to give you a nice cloud within a short time after turning it on. My wife has a Mighty, which I find bulky in comparison. As a flower user since the ’60s, the Crafty+ is now my go-to device. I highly recommend the Crafty+.

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