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  • DynaVap OmniVong Lightwood Vaporizer
  • VapCap OmniVonG Vaporizer
  • DynaVap OmniVong Darkwood Vaporizer size in hand
  • DynaVap OmniVong Darkwood Vaporizer
  • VapCap OmniVonG Vaporizer
  • VapCap OmniVonG Vaporizer
  • VapCap OmniVonG Vaporizer
  • VapCap OmniVonG Vaporizer
  • VapCap OmniVonG Vaporizer
  • Vaporizer - VapCap OmniVonG Vaporizer
  • DynaVap OmniVong Darkwood Vaporizer
  • DynaVap OmniVong Darkwood Vaporizer
  • DynaVap OmniVong Lightwood Vaporizer size in hand
  • DynaVap OmniVong Lightwood Vaporizer
  • DynaVap OmniVong Lightwood Vaporizer
  • Hydravong XL Dark Wood - upright
  • Hydravong XL Dark Wood - lying down
  • Hydravong XL Light Wood - upright
  • Hydravong XL Light Wood - lying down

VapCap OmniVonG Vaporizer

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$124.00Regular price $155.00
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  • Made in USA
  • Manual Heating
  • 14mm Compatible
  • Adjustable Bowl Size
  • Adjustable Airflow
$124.00Regular price $155.00
You save: $31.00
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Who's the VapCap OmniVonG for?

The OmniVonG is the top of the VapCap vaporizer line compatible with glass.  Perfect for those looking for a practically indestructible, manually heated vape with adjustable air flow that slips seamlessly into any 14mm fitting. Enjoy vaporizing your herbs with or without your favorite glass piece while never thinking about charging.

Made for glass

OmniVonG is sized to mate perfectly with any 14mm female fitting giving you the ability to pull tasty vapor through your favorite glass piece.

Microdose ready

The OmniVonG has an adjustable titanium bowl that holds between 0.025 and 0.1 grams.  Even with such a small dose, the vaporizer is surprisingly effective. Easy to reload quickly, the OmniVonG makes it possible to vape as little or as much as you need.

Manual heating

Heating up the VapCap OmniVonG is as simple as holding it up to a flame. The ‘cap’ clicks when at a vaping temperature from 300° F to 450° F, which is adjustable by what section of the cap you decide to heat.

Fast as fire

The VapCap OmniVonG gets up to temperature in 5 to 10 seconds from cold. Between bowls, heat up times are even faster.

Custom, tasty vapor

With manual heating and adjustable airflow, you are in complete control of the type of vapor you get. Light whispy flavor hits or thick satisfying heavy clouds can be achieved depending on where you decide to heat the cap. With an adjustable bowl size and being a true one-hitter, every draw is full of flavor.

Ultra efficient

Because of the manual heating, the VapCap OmniVonG does not heat your herb between hits making this one of the most efficient vaporizers we sell.

No battery to charge

The VapCap cuts the power cord and will work with any lighter. We recommend using a nice refillable torch to get vaping as quickly as possible and keep a few Bics out of the landfill.

Super small

The OmniVonG is 3.5 in long and possibly the smallest vape ever, it comes with a plastic carrying case so you can throw it back in your pocket even while it’s still warm.

Other VapCap vaporizers

  • VapCap M - Affordable, 100% stainless steel
  • NONAVONG - VapCap tapered to mate with 14mm glass
  • OmniVap - Same as OmniVonG but does not mate with glass


The VapCap is built to last a lifetime and rare warranty issues are taken case by case. Like all of our products, the OmniVonG is covered by our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

What's in the box

  • VapCap OmniVonG
  • Plastic Tube Case
  • Owner’s Manual

Technical specifications

  • Height 3.5 in / 9 cm
  • Diameter 3/8 in / 1 cm
  • 300° F - 450° F (150° C - 230° C) Manually Controlled Temp.

Customer Reviews
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Kedrick T.
Canada Canada
HydraVong XL

Love love love.

A Planet Of The Vapes Customer
Charles Y.
United States United States
One of my favorite things, but go for the XL

This is a great little guy, appreciate the wood. Getting a little long in my VAS vape journey, I'd say go for the XL. Size may matter less if you have an induction heater, but the extra length just feels better in the hand when torching.

Tanner B.
United States United States
How I became a DynaVap Fanboy

My first Dynavap and I fell in love! Easy to use comfortable and nice to throw on the water pipe if needed. Keep it clean and shiny with Dnyawax and add a titanium condenser. God's vape

Planet Of The Vapes VapCap OmniVonG Vaporizer Review
Joshua E.
United States United States
Perfect but the wood stem broke

My overall experience was excillent, the product shipped on time with no tracking problems and I received what I ordered. The vape heats up quickly and hits are hard but cool. The adjustability of this vape is what I enjoy the most, changing airflow, and finding my own technique really makes it a special piece. The only problem I encountered was that the wooden stem broke a few days after I received it, I assume this was due to a defective part and I read online that the Hydra model has weak spots in the wood but I contacted POTV and they responded immediately within 24hrs. They were unable to handle the defective part themselves so the rep contacted Dynavap for me and set up an order for a replacement part! Excellent customer service and an amazing product!

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