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  • Vaporizer - X MAX Starry Vaporizer POTV
  • X MAX Starry Vaporizer size POTV
  • Vaporizer - X MAX Starry Vaporizer POTV Spec
  • Vaporizer - X MAX Starry Vaporizer POTV
  • Vaporizer - X MAX Starry Vaporizer POTV
  • Vaporizer - X MAX Starry Vaporizer POTV
  • Vaporizer - X MAX Starry Vaporizer POTV
  • Vaporizer - X MAX Starry Vaporizer POTV Box Contents
  • X MAX Starry V3 upgrades

XMAX Starry Vaporizer POTV (V3)

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  • Ultra Portable
  • 25s Heat up Time
  • Swappable Battery
  • Ceramic Conduction Oven
  • 1yr Warranty
  • Haptic Feedback (V3)
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Version 3

As of January 2019, the XMAX Starry is on its third version. The updated model now includes haptic feedback to let you know when it reaches vaping temperature, an improved mouthpiece, and more. Check out the full breakdown of these changes over on our blog post announcing the X MAX Starry Version 3.

Who's the XMAX Starry for?

The XMAX Starry is for anyone looking for a quality portable vaporizer at a great price. Full digital control, a pocketable size, swappable battery, haptic feedback, a magnetic, zirconia mouthpiece and an anodized aluminum body. The Starry delivers features that we don’t see in vaporizers at twice the price.  

POTV limited edition

We're big fans of the Starry and teamed up with XMAX to re-work the style. All black with discreet CNC'd logos. The only difference is the styling.

Removable battery

The Starry vaporizer is powered by a single 18650 battery (included) that is removable so you can just swap it out and keep going all day, but you might not rush out to buy a spare since we got 80 minutes of run time off a single charge. You can’t ask for much more than great battery life and the option to swap in a fresh battery when needed!  And we love removable batteries because you can just swap in a new one versus having to send your vaporizer in for warranty if your battery ever dies.

Well made & pocketable

Tired of the sea of plastic shell vapes on the market at this price point? This is where the Starry really stands apart with its anodized aluminum body, magnetic lid enclosure and ceramic zirconia mouthpiece. The size is right, too, coming in at just a smidge bigger than the PAX 3.

Fast heat-up time

The Starry gets up to 390° F in just 25 seconds and to top temp in 35 seconds, perfect for a quick, discreet session. 

Good vapor

XMAX has been producing quality vaporizers for the budget vape market for a while now and the Starry sticks to the script with a standard ceramic conduction oven that tastes good and works fast.  Your herbs and vapor touch nothing but ceramic and stainless steel.

Intuitive controls

The Starry’s controls are simple and make sense with three buttons to control on/off, temperature, session timer and Celsius/Fahrenheit display. Turning it on is as simple as holding the power button in for three seconds. Plus, the Starry will buzz gently to let you know when it reaches vaping temperature.

Easy to load. Cool mouthpiece.

Loading is easy with its beveled oven ring and you won’t worry about losing the mouthpiece since it can magnetically stick to the side when open. The ceramic zirconia mouthpiece is strong and super smooth for a comfortable feel that preserves taste.

Fantastic value

There are a number of vapes in this price range, but the Starry really stands out. Featuring a pocketable size, great build quality, removable batteries, and a magnetic zirconia mouthpiece it has features that you won’t find in some of our favorite vapes at more than twice the price. It really is one of the best values in the vape market!

A note on cleaning

Only use a soft q-tip soaked in alcohol to clean the oven. The ceramic oven will never look as good as it did when it was brand new. Please just remove any resin buildup but don't try to remove the stains as this could damage the ceramic oven and void your warranty. The mouthpiece of the Starry should only be cleaned with warm water and mild dishwashing detergent.


The Starry vaporizer has a 1-year warranty when purchased from Planet of the Vapes and, as with all vaporizers purchased from us, you are also covered by our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

Vaporizer - X MAX Starry Vaporizer POTV Box Contents

What's in the box

  • X MAX Starry Vaporizer
  • 1 Cleaning Set (Tweezers, Brush, Tool)
  • 1 USB Charging Cable
  • 1 Metal Mouthpiece Screen
  • 2 Heating Chamber Screen
  • 2 Silicone Mouthpiece Cap
  • 2 Mouthpiece Tip O-Ring
  • 1 Stainless Steel Mesh Pad
  • User Manual
Vaporizer - X MAX Starry Vaporizer POTV Spec

Technical specifications

  • Height 4.3 in / 11 cm
  • Width 1.37 in / 3.5 cm
  • Depth 0.94 in / 2.4 cm
  • Weight 4.2 oz / 120 g
  • 212° - 464° F / 100° - 240° C
  • 18650, 2600 mAh, 5A Battery
  • 1 Year POTV Warranty
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

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Sheldon D.
Canada Canada
5 stars for sure

Great dry herb vape, easy to use, hardly any smell, decent effects (comes on pretty soft), comes with extra filter pieces and great cleaning tools.

Canada Canada
Loving the XMAX

Easy to use, easy to clean just what I was looking for.

John B.
United States United States
Worth Every Penny... So Happy!

I have used the Pax2 and Pax3 for the last few years for my dry-herb needs and have been very satisfied, but after hearing about the Starry and other similar sized vapes I figured I should try something different. I immediately love the Starry because of the external 18650 battery, my Starry came with a brand new Samsung 18650 battery and I tossed it into my charger until it was 100%. I can also use my own 18650 batteries (Molicel) that I have for my other vape mods. I was immediately impressed with the vaper produced during my first few sessions with it, I love that it goes up to 464F degrees as well and it certainly proves itself as I have tested it out. The battery lasts quite a while and you can always swap in a new fresh one when needed if you are going at it hard. I highly recommend this vape unit not just because it performs 100% amazing but because the unit was fairly priced, I have purchased cheaper units that either lack vapor production or break and I have purchased the more expensive units like the Mighty & Pax3. The Starry looks a lot like the Pax and is about the same size & weight. At first glimpse, I thought no way this $99 mod was going to match up to my $250 Pax3.. but I was very wrong. I love that you can load it from the top, it just seems so much more efficient not to mention more direct. I love my Pax 3 but it is rather annoying loading from the bottom and cleaning the unit with a brush as sometimes it gets clogged. I feel there will be 0 issues with clogging with the Starry unit, the only downside is I probably would not ever use or try concentrates (wax) in the Starry, solely because it loads from the top and I wouldn't want anything leaking down. I have other options for concentrates so not a concern.... I wanted a dry-herb vape that was not over-expensive and produced and the Starry v3 absolutely does!

Ken C.
United States United States
Brutally honest review from a Paramedic

Solid 4/5. The product is great in the sense that I can vape in the comfort of my basement (room) without my parents smelling it as long as I’ve got some incense burning too. Did a ton of peer-reviewed scientific journal research prior to purchasing and honestly, was a bit disappointed. Scientists claim vaporizers result in higher blood-THC levels than traditional smoking. However, does not necessarily correlate to a better and longer-lasting high, smoking remains king. Despite this, I purchased the product for the sake of my health. Although any form of inhalation will irritate the airway thus causing inflammation that could potentially promote the propagation of cancer cells, this product most certainly feels better for my airway. Blood pressure doesn't elevate, heart rate remains level, inflammation is minimal in comparison to smoking. Purchase if you're looking for a safer alternative to smoking. I find myself recharging it after 5-6 usages, does heat up very quickly, and very sleek and storable.

Planet Of The Vapes XMAX Starry Vaporizer POTV (V3) ReviewPlanet Of The Vapes XMAX Starry Vaporizer POTV (V3) Review
United Kingdom United Kingdom
Buy it!

Very satisfied with this vape. First timer. Easy to use, clean. Nice smooth taste from herb. Sleek design.

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