Coronavirus Delays and Latest Updates

Information Updated: 5/2012:00 PM EST

This is the best source for information on your order status and any possible delays in shipping, delivery or response time from our customer service team. By using this page instead of reaching out to our customer service team, you are helping us better serve you more quickly.


  • ORDERS AND SHIPPING: Orders are shipping 1-2 days later than usual and taking longer than usual to deliver. [more information here]
  • VAPES WITH LONGER DELAYS: Storz & Bickel have multiple vaporizers that are on pre-order with longer shipping delays. [more information here]
  • RETURNS: Processing Returns and Warranties is delayed up to a week. [more information here]
  • BONUS ITEM CHANGES:  We are no longer offering a Grinder + Tightvac as a bonus item because of manufacturer in India has shut down temporarily due to Gov't orders.  We are offering a $15 Gift Card + Tightvac instead.  We hope to offer the Grinder option again soon.
  • SPLIT SHIPMENTS:  Some orders are shipping the vaporizer and bonus items separately because we don't have inventory of all items in the same warehouse (we use 3 warehouses).

     Vapes with longer delays

    The following vaporizers are delayed further because we are waiting on inventory to be checked in at our warehouse:

    STORZ & BICKEL [UPDATE 6/3]:  Volcano Classic Silver and Volcano Classic Gold are in stock and shipping as normal. The Plenty is expected to be shipping between June 10-12 There were some unexpected delays with our Mighty and Volcano Hybrid shipment, and these are expected to ship between June 11 - 15. Any customers that may have a pre-order for the Mighty should have received and email with more details about the situation.

    Arizer [UPDATE 6/3]:  All Arizer vaporizers are in stock and shipping as normal with the exception of Extreme Q, which we expect to start shipping between June 4-8.

    POTV ONE [UPDATE 6/3]: POTV ONE is in stock and shipping as normal

    Orders and shipping

    We are taking orders and processing your shipments like normal, but with a reduced staff. Please expect some slight delays in our processing times.

    Shipping carriers have already made some changes that will create further delays. Please consider:

    • Guaranteed delivery dates have been suspended.
    • We can no longer offer overnight shipping. We will bring this service back once carriers restore it.
    • Packages marked “signature required” will be delivered without signatures.
    • In some areas, USPS is delivering packages to the local post office and requesting customers pick them up.
    • We suggest you order like normal, expect shipments to arrive a few days late, and be prepared to make a trip to your local post office for pickup.


    Our 14-day satisfaction guarantee is still in full effect, and the clock doesn’t start ticking until you receive your package. You will still have the full two weeks to test your vape and decide if you like it. If you need to process a return with us, please be prepared for a delay due to shipping. Shipping times are out of our control, and the process could take seven to ten extra days.

    We're Doing Our Best 

    We are constantly monitoring the situation and keeping this page updated with the latest information as soon it comes in. Our customer service team has no more information than is posted here about shipping status or delays. By using this page instead of reaching out to our customer service team, we will be able to get your order processed and to answer your questions faster.

    In addition to using this page for updates, you will receive an e-mail with tracking as soon as your order ships or you can always check your order status here.

    Thank you for your support! Stay Safe!

    The POTV Team