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Planet of the Vapes Lobo Dosing Capsules

This product is only compatible with: Planet of the Vapes Lobo

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Regular price $11.95
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What is a dosing capsule?

A dosing capsule is a small metal container with a removable lid and a base. The lid is removed, and the base is filled with ground herbs. After the lid is reattached, the herb-filled capsule is dropped into the oven. Both ends are perforated to allow hot air to pass through, enabling vaporization to occur.

Easy, on-the-go vaping

Preload these dosing capsules and chain multiple sessions together with zero down time, wherever you go. Simply dump out the hot capsule, load the oven with another one, and that’s it! Never worry about grinding herbs in public, or handling loose herbs in a strong wind.

Keep your vape cleaner

Keep your vape cleaner with dosing capsules. Messes are contained within the capsule, and when it's time, all you need to clean is the capsule and your glass piece!

Official dosing capsules for the POTV Lobo

These are the official dosing capsules for the Planet of the Vapes Lobo vaporizer and are a guaranteed fit.

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Planet of the Vapes Lobo