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Best Desktop & Tabletop Vaporizers

Best Desktop & Tabletop Vaporizers

Over 9000 customers rate us 4.8 out of 5

Over 9000 customers rate us 4.8 out of 5

Advantages of desktop vaporizers

Desktop vaporizers stand out as the go-to choice for enthusiasts seeking an unparalleled at-home vaping experience. These vapes bring a suite of benefits that portable versions struggle to match. Here's why many users prefer them for their home sessions:

Power: Power is one of the most significant advantages of desktop vaporizers. These devices plug directly into a power outlet for nearly limitless control and consistency and ditch the need for spare batteries or power meters. 

Superior vapor production: Desktop vaporizers excel in delivering high-quality vapor. More power means bigger, more efficient ovens and bigger hits. When it comes to stationary group sessions or heavy solo use, desktop vaporizers are the best choice.

Simple controls: Turn it on, let it heat up to temperature, and enjoy. There are no double or triple-clicks required, no session timers to keep an eye on, and very little technique to master. Some even come with remotes to control from across the room.

Durability: Desktop vaporizers are robust and built to last, and with their stationary design, they are less prone to wear and tear than portable vaporizers.

How to choose a desktop vaporizer: Things to consider

Here are a few tips to help you narrow down the search for your perfect desktop vaporizer:

Size: Desktop vapes come in a variety of different sizes, from really big (Volcano Hybrid) to reasonably small (E-Nano). Consider where your desktop vaporizer will live and how much room you have for it. You’ll want enough space for it to sit firmly and comfortably without potential bumps or knocks.

Solo vs group use: Do you see yourself sharing with a group of friends or is this a strictly solo vaporizer? For groups, a whip or bag is more fun and convenient for passing around a circle. Solo users can get away with a proprietary mouthpiece and smaller footprint, but that doesn't mean you can't enjoy whips or bags, too.

Bags or whips: Do you prefer a bag full of vapor that you can walk around with, or are hooka-style sessions more your style? We carry a variety of vaporizers that do one or the other, and even both. Some come with just a mouthpiece. 

Big or small oven: Desktop vaporizer ovens range from really big to very small. For example, the Volcano vaporizers and the XQ2 can hold up to half a gram of ground herbs. The EpicVape E-Nano holds up to a quarter gram. All of these vaporizers can vaporize less for microdoses.

Take all of these points and think about what your perfect desktop setup looks like.

Volcano vaporizer comparison

The Volcano vaporizer is considered one of the best desktop vaporizers on the market. How does it compare to other worthy desktop options out there?

Extreme Q and XQ2

These two Arizer desktops flex multiple delivery methods: bags and whips but for a fraction of the cost of Storz & Bickel’s whip and bag vape, the Volcano Hybrid. Both come with a remote control, multiple glass accessories, and full onboard session controls. The Volcano Hybrid implements Bluetooth compatibility into its sessions and a bag system that’s slightly more user-friendly. However, if you’re looking for a more budget-friendly whip & bag option, these are the best options.

Plenty vaporizer

The Plenty from Storz & Bickel takes a different approach with a direct-hit session, no bags or whips, straight through its metalic coil mouthpiece. Pull the trigger to engage the heater and enjoy strong, potent hits right in your hands. For a more streamlined hit with Storz & Bickel quality, the Plenty is a unique, but great choice.


The Ditanium vaporizer specializes in hooka-style sessions with a whip and also dishes out strong concentrate sessions with its titanium and quartz nail. As the best dual-use desktop vaporizer, the Ditanium also allows you to vape both dry herbs and concentrates at the same time. If you like to mix it up between dry herbs and concentrate sessions, this is the best one to pick up.

EpicVape NXT E-Nano

The EpicVape NXT E-Nano is for the solo user who doesn't need to vape a whole lot of herbs at once. Herbs are loaded into its glass stem and attached directly to the E-Nano. With its tiny footprint and glass mouthpiece, the E-Nano is great for light to medium users, and anyone who loves to microdose.

Desktop vaporizers FAQs

Q: Desktop vs. Portable Vaporizers: What's the Difference?

A: Desktop and portable vaporizers cater to different vaping preferences and scenarios. Desktops plug directly into a wall and serve as a stationary vaping station. Power is nearly limitless, ovens are larger, and their overall footprint is much larger. Portable vapes can vape nearly anywhere, with no power outlets needed, and most can slip inside your pockets or purse. Once batteries run out, you’ll need to plug in and charge or swap in a fresh battery when available. Vapor quality varies depending on the specific vaporizer but both kinds can perform exceptionally well.

Q: How do I maintain a desktop vaporizer
A: Desktop maintenance is very easy. Brush out the oven after each session to prevent nasty build-up, and when it’s time, soak any screens, glass pieces, or whips to break down any long-term gunk. Check out our blog for full cleaning and maintenance guides on popular desktop vaporizers.

Q: How do I choose the right desktop vaporizer?
A: Do you prefer hookah-style whip sessions, or do you like the freedom of a bag full of vapor? Would you like a large oven or a smaller one? Think about where you’ll set your vaporizer up. Think about these questions and see where you end up. Everyone is different and has their own needs. 

Have more questions? Reach out to us at hello@planetofthevapes.com, and one of our vape experts will point you in the right direction.