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Vaporizer Bundles & Kits

Vaporizer Bundles & Kits

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Over 9000 customers rate us 4.8 out of 5

Over 9000 customers rate us 4.8 out of 5

Why Choose a Bundle?

Our Vape Kits and Bundle are designed to save you time and money so you can spend less time searching and more time vaping.

Cost savings

Bundles are a great way to save money on some of the top vapes in the industry and their top-selling accessories. These bundles create a complete vape package with a variety of accessories to complete your setup for less than the cost of separate purchases.

Curated selection

Our bundles are curated by our team of experts to provide a complete vaping experience. Our variety of bundles includes glass accessories, dosing capsules, loading and cleaning tools, and more to offer you the perfect vaping setup from the very beginning. Our Essentials Bundles offer what we consider must-haves for your sessions, while other bundles are meticulously designed for different types of users.


At the end of the day, these bundles are here for your convenience. It can take a lot of research and knowledge to create the perfect setup. Our goal is to eliminate the hassle and offer you a selection that jumpstarts your vaping journey so you can spend less time researching and digging, and more time enjoying the perfect session.


POTV Bundle Buyer’s Guide

Navigating the wide array of bundles available can be overwhelming. Here are a few tips to help ease the search for the best vape kit for you.

For Beginners: Choosing the best vape starter kits

Beginners should prioritize bundles that prioritize a seamless experience. Look for vape kits that include essential accessories—such as cleaning tools, loading aids, or protective cases—to ensure you have everything needed for a complete experience. Versatility is another key aspect.  Look for a bundle that supplies a variety of accessories that complement and broaden your vaping possibilities. Our Essentials Bundles are a great place to start. They offer must-have accessories to complement your device and ensure a complete beginner vape kit from day one.

For Enthusiasts: Exclusive accessories

Enthusiasts will appreciate bundles that include exclusive accessories or advanced versions of standard items—such as glass bubblers and dosing capsules—which can elevate your session's quality and convenience. For example, the Mighty+ Round-the-Clock Bundle includes a comprehensive set of accessories to personalize every aspect of your vaping experience. For those who value potency and flexibility, the Volcano Hybrid Dosing Capsule Bundle stands out as an ideal solution for those who’d like to switch between different session sizes without sacrificing quality.

For Gift Givers: Selecting the perfect vape bundle

Choosing a vape bundle as a gift requires a focus on versatility, popularity, and presentation. Popular bundles, such as the POTV XMAX V3 Pro Optimum Bundle, feature a fan-favorite product and beloved accessories. When selecting a bundle as a gift, consider the who you’re shopping for and their level of experience with vaping to ensure the gift is both appropriate and enjoyable.

Have more questions? Reach out to us at hello@planetofthevapes.com and our vape experts will be more than happy to assist you with your vaping endeavors.


Editor’s Choice: POTV Lobo Essentials Bundle

The POTV Lobo Essentials Bundle is our top pick for those seeking all-day comfort and convenience in dry herb vaping. This bundle equips you with everything needed for a premium vaping experience at a value that's hard to beat.

What makes It stand out?

Chosen by our in-house vape experts, the POTV Lobo Essentials Bundle delivers an unparalleled vaping experience. It combines quality, convenience, and versatility at an excellent price point.

  • High-quality vapor: The Lobo dry herb vaporizer impresses with vapor quality that rivals devices twice its price. It’s suitable for any draw type and is fully compatible with our POTV glass ecosystem for customized sessions.

  • All-day vaping: With five pre-fillable Dosing Capsules and a spare battery, your sessions last longer without interruptions.

  • Water-cooled draws: The POTV Curved Mini Bubbler elevates your vaping experience with smooth, water-filtered draws anywhere you go.

  • Convenience & maintenance: A spare charger and a Screen Set are included for easy routine upkeep. A clean vape is a happy vape!

Accessories Galore:

  • POTV Glass Curved Mini Bubbler: A spill-resistant, easy-to-use bubbler designed for comfy, perfectly cooled draws.

  • Planet of the Vapes 4-Piece Grinder: Grind to perfection, with a compartment for storage and another to catch any sticky pollen.

  • Dosing Capsules & Caddy: Enjoy easy, discreet loading and cleanliness, plus a smell-proof metal caddy for sessions on the go.

  • Mouthpiece Screens: Essential for optimal airflow and vapor quality, with spares to keep you going.


What’s inside our vape kits?

Our vape bundles and kits are carefully curated collections designed to enhance your vaping experience from start to finish. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned enthusiast, each bundle offers a comprehensive set of components and accessories tailored to meet your needs. Let's delve into what typically lies within these thoughtfully assembled vape packages.

Common components

At the heart of every vape bundle is a high-quality vaporizer, chosen for its performance, durability, and user-friendliness. To ensure you're always ready for a session, we include essential charging equipment—standard chargers and sometimes even spare batteries for those on the go. Maintenance is made easy with cleaning tools tailored to keep your device in top condition, alongside carrying cases designed for both protection and portability. These essentials form the backbone of our bundles and include everything you need for a seamless vaping experience.

Add-ons and accessories

To elevate your experience further, our vape bundles often feature a variety of add-ons and accessories. Grinders, like the Planet of the Vapes 4-Piece Grinder, ensure your herbs are the perfect consistency for vaporization. Glass attachments, such as the POTV Glass Curved Mini Bubbler, cool and condition your vapor for smoother draws. Additionally, exclusive merchandise and unique accessories—like dosing capsules and capsule caddies—offer convenience, customization, and control over your sessions to make your vaping journey as personalized and hassle-free as possible.

Each bundle, including our editor's choice POTV Lobo Essentials Bundle, is designed with the user in mind. Our goal is to bring together a perfect mix of reliability, enhancement, and convenience. By combining essential components with high-quality add-ons and accessories, we ensure that every user, from the beginner to the enthusiast, finds their ideal match for an unparalleled vaping experience.


POTV Vape Kits & Bundles FAQs

Q: How do I choose the right bundle?

A: Consider how and where you'll be using your vaporizer. If you're often on the move, look for bundles that include a portable vape that suits your style and accessories, like carrying cases or travel tubes. For home use, bundles with desktop vaporizers and extra accessories might be the perfect choice.

Q: Are all items in a bundle compatible with each other?

A: Yes, our bundles are carefully curated to ensure all components and accessories are compatible with the included vaporizer. For example, the Mighty+ Round-the-Clock Bundle includes a glass adapter specifically designed to fit the Mighty+ vaporizer.

Q: Can I upgrade items in a bundle or add more accessories later?

A: Absolutely. Our bundles are designed to be flexible. Add or upgrade components as your needs evolve. Many of our vaporizers are compatible with a wide range of accessories to do just that.

Q: What kind of warranty coverage comes with bundles?

A: Every vaporizer in our bundles comes with a specific manufacturer’s warranty. Each vape is also backed by our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Any accessories that have been used with the bundle can also be returned, but only with the vaporizer. We do not accept used accessories to be returned on their own. Any unopened and unused items are also covered by our 30-day return policy.