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Boundless CFC Review

Boundless CFC vaporizer carries some of the same features we expect at higher price points, including a digital display, internal rechargeable battery, and a compact, discreet design.

PAX App How To

PAX has a great smartphone app giving you more control. Many of the features are pretty self-explanatory and easy to use, but a few of them can be a little confusing and that’s what we’re...

PAX 3 vs. DaVinci IQ

The DaVinci IQ and the PAX 3 both retail for the same price ($274.99), come with a 10-year warranty and use conduction heating so which one should you buy?

Pax 3 Review

The PAX 3 is every bit as good as the PAX 2, with a new look and improved functionality. It has some extra features like a faster heat up time, haptic feedback, even smarter oven...

Boundless CFC First Look

We’ve been waiting for our Boundless CFCs and I finally got my hands on one! At first rip, I can say the CFC delivers the thickest clouds from a vape at the $90 price point...

Boundless CFC Photo Gallery

We've put together all the images we have of the Boundless CFC here for your viewing pleasure.  Let us know if there is anything specific you'd like to see.

Boundless CFC Pre-Order #2

If you're hoping to be one of the first people to get your hands on the CFC we have our next shipment scheduled and coming off the factory line very soon.

DaVinci IQ Tips & Tricks

The IQ is a pretty easy vape to use successfully . Expect a good combination of taste and clouds without much fuss.  As always we have a couple tips to help get the most out...
PAX 3 Tips & Tricks

PAX 3 Tips & Tricks

PAX 3 TIPS & TRICKS PAX vaporizers keep getting smarter and smarter, but they’re still not going to pack themselves so we have some PAX 3 tips to get the most out of your sessions. FINE GRIND...

PAX Era: A Step Into Concentrates

The PAX Era reaches across concentrate / herbal vape aisle with pre-filled cartridges and a slim, discreet design. Make no mistake though, the Era is uncharted territory for Pax, and the San Francisco company will...
Black Friday | Cyber Monday Vaporizer Deals Guide

Black Friday | Cyber Monday Vaporizer Deals Guide

Black Friday | Cyber Monday Vaporizer Deals Guide - 2016  Black Friday & Cyber Monday are coming up quick and everyone is looking for the best vaporizer deals.  We have our Planet of the Vapes deals...

Boundless CFC Exclusive Pre-Order

The Boundless CFC is now available for pre-order exclusively here at Planet of the Vapes. We're giving you 20% off ($72) until we have the CFC in stock.

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