Black Friday & Cyber Monday Vaporizer Sale Roundup 2017

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Arizer Air vs Air 2

So what's the difference between the new model and original besides the price difference?  Should you upgrade? See what we've found...

Flowermate Updates V5.0S & Pro With USB + New Color

Flowermate has updated two of their most popular portable vapes bringing smart and stylish changes to each of them ...

Arizer Air 2 Review

Building on the extremely successful Arizer Air, the Arizer Air 2 turns the original’s greatest weakness into its greatest strength.

Crafty Vaporizer Update

The compact Crafty vaporizer sets the bar high for portable vapes and thanks to a recent update, newer devices will be seeing longer battery life and much more.

Mighty Vaporizer Update

The Mighty vaporizer is one of our favorites and gets a bit better with some new updates ...

Arizer Air 2 Vaporizer First Look

The new Arizer Air 2 with a swappable battery and hybrid heating leaving you with great tasting, thick vapor.

New PAX 3 Colors & Matte Finish

Check out the new PAX 3 look. PAX has thrown out the glossy of the original and changed it up for an impressive matte finish + added in some new colors.

PAX 3 & PAX 2 Big Price Drop & Changes

PAX 3 now has two different accessory kits, some color changes and available for as low as $199, while the PAX 2 will come down to a very wallet-friendly $149.

PAX 3 Complete Kit vs Basic Kit

PAX offers two different flavors of the same PAX 3 vaporizer in the form of accessory kits. 

Boundless Tera Vaporizer Sneak Peek

The new Boundless Tera vaporizer release is on the horizon.  Here is everything we know so far.

Mighty Vaporizer Stands Are Here

Keep your Mighty standing up straight even on uneven ground.  Introducing the 2qan and wee Mighty vaporizer stands.

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