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Arizer Vaporizers

Arizer Vaporizers

Arizer Vaporizers

Shop the latest collection of dry herb vaporizers from Arizer.

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Arizer Vaporizer

Great features and tasty vapor – that’s the Arizer way. A mainstay in the vaporizer industry, the Canadian manufacturer has been putting out fantastic vaporizer options for years.  From the Extreme Q desktop to the portable powerhouse Solo 2, Arizer has led the way with their vapor-first designs. Even the smallest pocket-sized Arizer, the new ArGo, features glass stems and swappable batteries, so you can bring clean, tasty vapor with you without looking for an outlet. Arizer has been making vaporizers for over ten years and their experience shows.

Arizer Vaporizers

Arizer has been making vaporizers in Canada for over a dozen years now, building a reputation for high quality at great prices. Ceramic heating elements, glass stems, and stainless steel bowls and screens have been at the heart of Arizer products for years, and your taste buds will thank you. Your wallet will thank you, too, for the incredible value built into every Arizer vape. Whether it’s the Solo 2 for vaping around the house, or the ArGo for your pocket, you’ll be very hard pressed to find vapes that taste this good, at these prices.

Desktop vaporizers 

Arizer has made vaporizers so long that their first ones were desktops, with the debut of the Arizer V-Tower and Extreme (the “Q” was added to the name later). The sign of a good design is passing the test of time, and other than continual performance upgrades, these desktops have remained largely unchanged since their releases. 

If you enjoy vaporizing at home, or have a large herbal appetite, desktops vapes get the job done with unlimited plug-in power, and larger bowls than their portable versions. Arizer’s glass cyclone bowl pairs with the glass elbow adapter for fantastic flavor, while the aromatherapy bowl aids discretion. If you opt for the Extreme Q, you’ll have the only vaporizer with a dedicated remote control - fan and precise temperature settings from across the room!

Arizer V-Tower Vaporizer

The Arizer V-Tower is a desktop vaporizer that offers an exceptional vaping experience with its pure convection heating and whip delivery system. It's designed for users who seek the benefits of a high-quality desktop vaporizer at an affordable price. The V-Tower boasts a high-quality ceramic heating element and a glass bowl, ensuring a clean, pure vapor. 

Arizer XQ2 Vaporizer

The Arizer XQ2 is a top-notch vaporizer that offers an unparalleled vaping experience. With its refined design, user-friendly controls, and superior components, it stands out from the competition. The device features a hybrid heating system for efficient vaporization and temperature control options for a customized experience. Its durability, sleek design, and easy maintenance make it an excellent choice for both beginners and experienced users.

Arizer Extreme Q Vaporizer

The Arizer Extreme Q is a remarkable desktop vaporizer that stands out for its affordability and high-end features. Designed for home use, it provides a powerful and efficient vaporization experience. The device offers dual functionality, allowing the flexibility to use either balloon bag or whip delivery methods as per user preferences. It incorporates an innovative fan system, which combined with precise temperature control, delivers smooth, rich vapor every time.

Lots of portable vaporizers options

Arizer is up to five portables and counting, all offering remarkably similar vapor from the same heating system technology (a combination of conduction and convection heating), but with different portability. They kicked it off in 2011 with the wildly popular Arizer Solo portable vape, followed by the Arizer Air, both of which are no longer in production. 

Eventually, these vapes needed an update, and Arizer brought us the Arizer Solo 2 and Air 2, with full temperature settings and a host of digital features. The ArGo is their latest portable creation, with a recessed glass mouthpiece that fits in your pocket, and feels like the portable dry herb vape Arizer was meant to make. While the Air II and ArGo have removable batteries and USB charging, the Arizer Solo II uses a barrel-port charger.

The secret to Arizer’s vapor quality starts with a vapor path free of silicone, with just the right airflow. Other than the glass stems and glass tubes, Arizer vaporizers are known for their durability. But those same glass aroma tubes are responsible for the incredible ease of use. Each Arizer portable comes with a belt-clip carrying case to help ease the pain of traveling with the glass stems, which aren’t covered under warranty.

Arizer Solo 2 Best for battery life

The Arizer Solo 2, an outstanding portable vaporizer, is renowned for its exceptional battery life. With approximately three hours of continuous use on a single charge, it surpasses other arizer vaporizers. Its quick heat-up time of around three minutes is also a remarkable improvement. The Solo 2's intuitive LED interface allows for easy temperature customization, while its hybrid heating system efficiently vaporizes herbs, producing flavorful and dense vapor. Its sleek design, featuring a stainless steel oven and borosilicate glass stem, ensures a pure flavor experience with each draw.


Arizer Air SE Compact and Efficient

The Arizer Air SE is a notable addition to Arizer's portable vaporizers, prioritizing flavor and purity. With convection heating and precise temperature control, it delivers a smooth and flavorful vapor. The device features a high-grade glass vapor path and ceramic heating element for clean draws. Its replaceable battery system allows for extended vaping sessions. The Air SE offers durability, a streamlined design, and easy maintenance, making it popular among beginners and experienced vapers.

Arizer ArGo Pocket-Friendly

The Arizer ArGo, another flagship product in Arizer's portable vaporizer segment, is well-regarded for its compact and pocket-friendly design. Despite its small size, the ArGo does not compromise on the quality or intensity of the vaping experience. It features a hybrid heating system that efficiently vaporizes herbs, delivering a smooth, rich vapor. 


The ArGo heats up in about a minute, and the temperature can be easily adjusted via its intuitive OLED display. Its unique design includes a retractable glass stem that ensures a pure, unadulterated flavor, while also serving as a protective measure for the device during transport. The Arizer ArGo is an excellent choice for those seeking a high-quality vaping experience in a portable, pocket-sized format.

Arizer Air Max - Ultimate Performance and Portability

The Arizer Air Max is the ultimate portable vaporizer that combines outstanding performance and ultimate portability. With precision temperature control, this remarkable device ensures efficient and even vaporization of herbs, resulting in a smooth and flavorful vapor. 


The Air Max's temperature can be precisely adjusted, ranging from 122°F to 446°F, allowing users to customize their vaping experience to perfection. Its powerful hybrid heating system and high-capacity, replaceable battery make it ideal for extended vaping sessions on the go. With its durable and streamlined design, the Arizer Air Max offers both novice and experienced users a superior vaping experience in a compact and portable format.


FAQ about Arizer

Where is the Arizer vaporizer made?

Arizer, a Canadian company based in Waterloo, is a renowned manufacturer in the vaporizer industry. They specialize in the production of high-quality desktop and portable vaporizers, maintaining a strong reputation for their superior standards.

What is the best Arizer?

The Arizer Solo 2 stands out as the top-tier vaporizer from Arizer due to its exceptional vapor quality, long-lasting battery life, and accurate temperature control, all packaged within a convenient portable design.check the complete review here 

Is the Arizer Air 2 worth it?

The most significant enhancement in the Arizer Air 2 is its improved airflow, effectively addressing the primary drawback of the Air model. The Air provides all the essentials along with superior vapor quality


Arizer Cleaning Guides 

At Planet of the Vapes, we provide a comprehensive tutorial on how to clean Arizer vaporizers, making it easy for users to maintain their devices and ensure optimal performance."

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Remember, regular cleaning is key to prolonging the lifespan of your Arizer vaporizer and ensuring the best vaping experience possible. Visit our blog for more tips and advice on vaporizer maintenance and care.