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Extreme Q Cleaning and Maintenance Guide

Arizer Extreme Q Cleaning and Maintenance Guide (+Video)

Follow along with our cleaning guide and we’ll get you up and running with a fresh, clean Extreme Q.

Whether you use just the whip or the bag, deep cleaning your Extreme Q isn’t as hard as it looks. Follow along with our cleaning guide, and we’ll get you up and running with a fresh, clean vape.

Gather your cleaning supplies

For this cleanup you’ll need some rubbing alcohol, a cleaning brush, some cotton swabs, warm, soapy water, and a glass cup to soak all of the pieces. If your whip is dirty, you’ll also need some hot water and a container big enough to soak the silicone tube. We suggest a large cooking pot.

Brush out the Cyclone Bowl

Arizer Extreme Q Cyclone Bowl

Start by removing the cyclone bowl from the heater by rocking it back and forth, don’t twist. Grab your brush and clear out any loose debris stuck on the sides of the bowl and on the screen. Use a cotton swab to push out the screen and set it aside for later.

Clean the Whip

Grab your whip and remove the glass elbow adapter and mouthpiece from the ends. Take the dome screen out of the glass elbow piece and brush out any leftovers. Set these aside to soak later.

Arizer Extreme Q Disassembled Whip

If your Extreme Q whip is gunky and needs a good cleaning, boil a pot of hot water and soak the tubing for an hour or two. Wash it down with soapy water, rinse, and let it sit out to dry.

Clean the Mini Whip

Arizer Extreme Q Disassembled Mini Whip

Set aside the all-glass mini whip, dome screen, and mouthpiece to clean later. If your bag is starting to get a little gunky or dirty, it might be time for a replacement. Arizer has discontinued their preassembled bag set but can buy a pack of six replaceable bags. Another option is using turkey roasting bags. They’re made to withstand heat, and work fine in a pinch.

Soak the pieces

Arizer Extreme Q Cleaning and Maintenance Soaking

Take all of the glass pieces and screens you separated earlier (not including the whip) and place them in a glass cup of rubbing alcohol. Let them sit for a few hours until the the alcohol turns a deep golden color and the pieces are free of debris. Give them a good rinse with hot water, and let them sit out until dry.

Empty the Bay Station

This next step isn’t totally necessary but it may be beneficial to you. If you’d like, brush down the heating cover, blow around the heating element, and empty out any debris. Turn it upside down and give it a few taps to finish it off.

Put it back together!

Arizer Extreme Q Cleaning and Maintenance

Once everything is completely dry and spotless, it’s time to reassemble! Take the flat screen and slide it into the cyclone bowl. Grab the dome screens and reinsert them into the glass elbow adapter and mini whip. Connect the glass mouthpieces and elbow adapter back into the whip as well as the bag.

Assemble the bag

Assembling the bag for your Extreme Q can be tricky. Refer back to the manual for a general rundown, and put your patience on. Things get a bit complicated when you slip the first o-ring over the bag. The manual suggests slipping it over the bag before inserting the mouthpiece, but we found it a bit easier to do this with the mouthpiece already inside the bag.  

Tips for a cleaner vape

If you’d rather clean like this less often, brush out the cyclone bowl and the glass elbow adapter after each session, while the vape is still warm, but not hot. Keep those screens clean for tastier sessions, and a cleaner vape in the long run!

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