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Portable Vaporizers

Portable Vaporizers

Over 9000 customers rate us 4.8 out of 5

Over 9000 customers rate us 4.8 out of 5

💡Not sure which (portable) vaporizer is right for you? Our Buyer's Guide can help!
💡Not sure which (portable) vaporizer is right for you? Our Buyer's Guide can help!
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PAX Plus Vaporizer

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Portable vaporizers

Buying a portable vape can be intimidating, especially for first-timers. Don’t fall for the cheapest price, latest buzzword, or flashiest ad campaign. Head over to our blog page for a deep dive into our best vaporizers, or start here with a crash course in how to get started with the best portable vaporizer for you.

Know your budget

First things first -- you should know what your budget is heading in. You’ll save a lot of time shopping for a portable vaporizer if you begin by figuring out what you’re willing to spend. There’s no point in researching a portable unit that costs more than you’re comfortable spending and, by the same token, you don’t need to research bargain vapes if you’re ready to buy the best.

One thing you don’t need to worry about, when shopping at Planet of the Vapes, is making the wrong choice. Our blog is full of reviews that will get you familiar with our catalog, and while most of our vapes are under warranty, our 14-day Satisfaction Guarantee gives you time to test-drive your selection to make sure it’s right for you. We filter out the junk, bring you the best, and give you two weeks to confirm. This is your safe place!

How portable do you need it?

Unlike desktop vaporizers, portability comes down to size, battery life, and how often you need to grab the charger. Portable dry herb vaporizers come in all sizes and, not surprisingly, most of the bigger ones have the longest battery life. You’ll need to balance how small you want your vape to be, with how long you need to go between recharges. If you’re a road warrior, keep an eye out for portable herb vaporizers with one of our favorite features, rechargeable/replaceable  batteries. Or, take it a step further and grab a flame-powered Vapcap.

Vapor quality

Think of vapor quality in terms of taste and temperature. If you want to explore the deeper nuances of your herb’s taste, look for a vape with more glass in the vapor path and an isolated air path, since plastics and silicones can neutralize flavor, as well as a convection heating system. People who are sensitive to hotter vapor should look for a vaporizer that has twists, turns, and baffles in the mouthpiece, to cool the vapor before it gets to your mouth. Expect to pay a little more for tastier, cooler vapor.

What features do you need?

What features are important to you in a vaporizer? Digital, precise temperature control with a wide temperature range is great, but if you’re new to vaporizing, you can probably get by with a low-medium-high preset control scheme while you get your feet wet (your first vaporizer probably won’t be your last). One person might like a vape that vibrates when it reaches temperature, but another might think that draws unwanted attention. Manual vaporizers remove temperature settings and put more control in the tinkerer’s hands, while others serve the vapor up ready-to-go, without any thinking. From flame-powered to bluetooth-enabled, there’s a feature set that’s right for you.

Dive a little deeper

If research isn’t your thing and you’d rather just dive right in, you can grab any of the dry herb vaporizers we carry and it won’t be a bust. You may need to tinker a bit but it’ll deliver quality vapor and satisfying sessions . But if you know what works for you, and you want something that really caters to your personal style, read ahead.

The best vaporizers are the ones that hit all the check marks at the right time, in the right place. Consider the following as you explore your options.

Ease of use -  How easy is it to pack this vape? Is the heat up time fast? What about haptic feedback to let me know it’s ready to vape? These are features you may not think about initially, but make all the difference with portable vaporizers.

Durability -  A vape that’s durable and strong enough to take a beating is a must if you want to throw it in your bag or purse before you hit the road. Vaporizers with a glass mouthpiece require extra attention and care on the road.

Portability - Do you need a vape that's discreet and fits in the palm of your hand? Are you looking for a vape to take on excursions through the woods or on a stroll through downtown?

Airflow - Some vaporizers perform at their best with a slower draw, rather than a fast one. If you like to milk your sessions with slow, gentle sips, these types of vapes may suit you best. If you prefer long, strong hits, grab something with a wide open airpath.

Temperature control - One of the most interesting things about dry herb vaping is the varied effects from different temperature settings. Vaporizing is very customizable. It’s not a one-size-fits-all activity. Do you need precise temperature control, or is a preset temperature range perfect for you? Think about temp control and what would serve you.

Heater type - You’ll find varying opinions on the web when it comes to conduction vs convection, and the different heating elements. Especially when we discuss vapor quality. At the end of the day, conduction vaporizers are best for sippers and smaller draws, while convection vaporizers sit well with big hitters. Hybrid heating systems utilize both types and are a great happy medium. They’re easy for beginner vapers, yet strong enough to keep up with seasoned vaporists.

Grinders - Different grind types is a rabbit hole in itself, but you don’t have to dive into that. Set yourself up with a medium grind (avoid fine or coarse grinds at first) and you’ll be good to go for a while.

Heating chamber - This is where your herbs go. Materials can make all the difference so look for glass, quartz, or ceramic heating chambers, and safe metals like, aluminum, stainless steel, and aluminum.

Battery life - Consider battery life when shopping for pocket-friendly vapes. Do you need something to last through the night on a full charge? Do you want to carry around a charger everywhere you go? What about a variable shut-off timer? 

Warranties - Pay attention to the warranty. Vaporizer warranties can range from zero days to ten years, so read the fine print!


We’ve got plenty of places for you to start at Planet of the Vapes. Flip through the catalog, read up on our vaporizer reviews, news and tips, or just reach out to us at hello@planetofthevapes.com