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Flowermate V5.0 Pro Vaporizer

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  • Full Temp. Control
  • 30s Heat Up Time
  • Adjustable Air Flow
  • Works With Dry Blends & Concentrates
Regular price $109.95 $104.95
You save: $5.00
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Who's the Flowermate Pro for?

The Flowermate V5.0 Pro is a great choice for someone looking for an easy to use, well made portable vaporizer, with full temperature control and long battery life at a great price.

Easy with fast heat up time 

The Flowermate V5 Pro features a simple 3 button operation.  There is a power button which turns the unit on and off and + and - buttons to adjust the temperature.  Using the Flowermate Pro is easy.  Just turn the unit on, load the chamber with your favorite aromatic blend, and within 20 seconds the Pro is heated up and you’re ready to vape.

Full temperature control 

The Flowermate Pro vaporizer features full temperature control in 1-degree increments allowing you to choose any temperature from 104-446° F or 40-230° C.  And you don’t need to worry about your technique.  The temperature settings are programmed so that you will never combust.

Quality construction

The Flowermate Pro is constructed using quality materials featuring a ceramic heating chamber, pyrex stem, and an anodized aluminum shell.

Great battery life 

The Flowermate Pro has two high quality 18650 batteries (non replaceable) giving you up to 2.5 hours of continuous vaping time.  A portable vaporizer with some of the best battery life on the market, the Pro also features a 6-minute auto-shutoff to preserve battery life and USB charging allowing you to power up almost anywhere.   

Even vaporization

The Flowermate V5.0 Pro uses conduction heat to vaporize your aromatic blends.  The ceramic heating chamber is well designed and your material is evenly vaporized with no stirring.

Smooth vapor

The vapor is pretty smooth.  The Flowermate has a short air path, but the glass stem does a good job cooling the vapor.  The flavor is good and you get about 10-15 draws from a fully loaded chamber.

Discreet & pocket size

The Flowermate vaporizer easily tucks away in your pocket and looks like a power bank.   And the loading chamber and stem are hidden behind a sliding compartment.  Also, the Flowermate has very little odor when not in use if you do some simple cleaning.

Works worldwide

The Flowermate charges via USB so it will work anywhere in the world. Charge using any USB wall plug, power bank or even computer if in a pinch. 

Low maintenance

Cleaning your Flowermate vaporizer is easy.  Just brush off the loading chamber and screens after use and use a Q-tip with Isopropyl alcohol if there is build up.

User manual

Download the V5.0 Pro manual here.

Vaporizer - Flowermate V5.0 Pro Vaporizer box

What's in the box

  • Flowermate Pro Vaporizer
  • Pyrex Glass Mouthpiece (Clear Glass)
  • USB Cable
  • Extra Screens
  • Concentrate Pod
  • Herb Pod
  • Cleaning Brush
  • Packing Tool
  • Manual

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william e.
United States United States

Works great

The first one had a bad battery. They did a fast exchange and I am very satisfied

Sam H.
United States United States

Not a bad start

This is a pretty solid beginner's vape. Bought this back in 2016, and upgraded to the pro around 2018. It does the job, but there are some problems. The ideal portable vape would heat up the herbs to vapor levels almost instantly, and cool down just as fast. This is definitely idealism, but the delay for this in the OG flowermate is still pretty bad. Not terrible, but the second problem is the dirtying of the chamber. This wouldn't be a problem if you were sent an abundance of screens. It doesn't come with many though, and replacements weren't even sold on here for the longest time. All in all it's decent, but the pro is worth the very slight premium.

United States United States

Super Solid Value

Just like the title says. Highly underrated. The fact that it is not higher touted on this site is questionable to me. Give it a shot you will not be disappointed. PS the water tool attachment is KEY!

aaron w.
United States United States

Bad gift and embarrassing performance

I have 3 POTV Ones and a Crafty. I dont think I would use this if it were free. Little to no vapor, a terribly hot mouthpiece with slow inhalation on first temp setting, and horrid airflow using capsule. No way I am keeping but anyone considering should save time and try different vape.

Planet Of The Vapes Flowermate V5.0 Pro Vaporizer Review

Planet Of The Vapes

Hi Aaron, I'm going to send you out some user tips that will help First off, do not use the herb pod but rather load your herbs directly into the oven. Pay particular attention to your draw technique. Very quick, short, cigar-like puffs works best with this vape. This inhalation technique is super important so as not to allow the incoming cool air to overcome the heat being provided by the heater. All vapes have their own unique learning curves, and your new Flowermate is no different in this regard. With a bit of experimentation with your grind consistency, pack, temp settings and draw technique, you should be able to find the sweet spot that is right for YOU which very well may be different for someone else. Please read through these tips and get back to me here as to how things are going: https://www.planetofthevapes.com/pages/contact-us Tips: Grind your herbs down to a fairly fine grind and pack the oven full with a gentle tamp on the top of the load. Turn the unit on to around 415F and wait for it to come up to temp. Then let it heat soak for about 20 seconds before taking your first hit. Take short, cigar puffs, or long and slow draws. This draw technique is super important. The first hit may be a bit wispy but the second hit should be stronger. This should get you on the fast track to success with this vape and you can tweak your technique from there. There are a lot of variables that go into the vaporizing experience, and the most important one is the quality of your herbs. I can't be of any help in assessing the quality of yours, but inferior herbs have fewer compounds on the surface and don't vape as well. Even with a very fine grind, cheap herbs usually make the experience kind of blah. So make sure you have high-quality herbs and we can get to work on technique! After that, you want to use a full, tamped down pack. It doesn't need to be like a brick in there, but never loose. And you will want it full. If you have good herbs you should see some decent vapor on the first puff and more on successive puffs. The most common mistakes people make with a vape like this is to either pack it less than full, pack it loosely, not giving it a 20 second heat soak, and/or sucking too hard. Any one of these three things can kill vapor production. That's all there is to it. From there you can adjust your grind, pack and temperature to your preference, but this is a good place to baseline from. Awaiting your reply Larry

United States United States

Burnt taste and smells of burnt plastic

I have been using this device for a little over a week. No matter how I operate this device every single time it is a horrible odor and even worst taste of burnt popcorn/plastic. I have used it between 350-420 degrees and have used 3 different kinds of herb with the dry canister and just putting it in the chamber by its self. It produces smoke but like I said everything tastes like burnt popcorn or burnt plastic no matter how I use it. I've read through reviews and have done the recommendations you have provided to other customers but I must have received a faulty device.


Planet Of The Vapes

Hi John, It's not unusual for there to be leftover manufacturing oils left on the heater. This happens occasionally with all vaporizers, including your Flowermate. What you need to do is about 3 to 4 burnoffs but you may have already done these. Reaching out to you in a service ticket as we speak. Talk to you soon, Larry

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