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POTV XMAX Starry V4 Vaporizer

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XMAX Glass Bubbler for Starry V4



XMAX Silicone Glove for Starry V4



  • Take it anywhere with its pocketable design
  • Experience strong, effective vapor
  • Fine-tune your hits with adjustable airflow
  • Skip the charge times with a user-replaceable battery
  • Charge anywhere with USB-C charging
  • Dial in your perfect session with precise temperature control
Regular price $99.00
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Who’s the Starry V4 for?

XMAX Starry V4 is a fantastic option for those that want a strong, effective portable vaporizer that’s easy to use at home or on the go and won't break the bank.

Enjoy strong, yet comfortable vapor in the palm of your hand with a vape that comes loaded with great features like precise temperature control, a removable battery, and adjustable airflow.

If you’re a light to medium user that wants potent, flavorful sessions wherever you are, the Starry V4 is a worthy pickup.

The next step in Starry innovation

The latest version of the popular Starry vaporizer comes with a suite of changes and updates to take your sessions to the next level.

- New adjustable airflow slider
- Upgraded battery - POTV Exclusive
- Updated USB-C charging
- 4, 6, and 10 minute session timers

Read more about the XMAX Starry V3 vs Starry V4 in our full review.

Flavorful vapor that packs a punch

Experience the flavorful aromas of your herbs through a dense, effective cloud of vapor with the Starry V4 dry herb vaporizer. With a vast temperature spectrum at its disposal, the Starry’s robust conduction heating system cooks your herbs with precision and consistency.

Heats up in 35 seconds

Jump straight into a potent session with minimal delay. Triple-click the power button, choose your temperature, and before you know it, this little herbal companion is ready to rock. The Starry V4 showcases a commendable heat up time, reaching the top temperature from cold in just under 35 seconds, with even faster showings when it’s primed and ready to go.

Vast temperature spectrum to choose from

Dial in your perfect session with the Starry V4’s wide range of temperatures. Enjoy sessions that emphasize flavor with lower temperatures, all the way down to 212°F / 100°C, or thick, cloud-driven experiences with higher temperatures that reach all the way up to 464°F / 240°C.

POTV Exclusive - upto 90 minutes of session time

Whether you’re enjoying your sessions in the comfort of your home or during a trailblazing adventure, this Starry V4 is built to last. With this Planet of the Vapes exclusive, the POTV XMAX Starry V4 comes equipped with a powerful 3200mAh 18650 battery that grants users upto 90 minutes of runtime.

USB-C charging with a removable battery

Charge anywhere with universal USB-C charging, or skip the wait times altogether with the XMAX Starry V4’s user-replaceable battery. When it’s time, plug it in and top it off or skip the wait times altogether with a quick and easy battery swap.

Adjustable airflow

Fine-tune your experience to perfection with the Starry V4’s adjustable airflow slider. Close it all the way if you prefer a more restrictive draw, open it up if you want less resistance, or find your sweet spot somewhere in between. You can even adjust it during your draw for those more enthusiast-level results.

Simple three-button controls

Three buttons is all you need to unlock the Starry V4’s vaporizing prowess and personalize your vaping experience. Triple-click the power button to turn it on and off, and then use its two control buttons to set your preferred temperature, down to the single degree.

The Starry V4 also comes with a bright, digital display that relays important session information in real time. Everything from your current and set temperature, to the current battery level, and remaining session time is just a quick glance away.

Sturdy and pocketable

With portability and convenience in mind, the Starry V4 is built to withstand the demand of everyday use, wherever you are. Its sturdy construction feels solid in the hands but is compact enough to slip inside most pant pockets and just about any small bag or purse.

Cleaning Disclaimer: Rubbing alcohol will damage any silicone on the device. Clean silicone with warm water and mild dish detergent ONLY.

User manual

Download the POTV XMAX Starry V4 user manual here.


The Starry V4 vaporizer comes with a 1-year warranty when purchased from Planet of the Vapes. You will need your device’s serial number to be eligible for warranty work, which can be located on a sticker on the bottom of the box. As one of the leading retailers of dry herb vapes, vaporizers sold at Planet of the Vapes are also covered by our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

POTV XMAX Starry V4 Vaporizer In Box Contents

What's in the box

  • 1 x POTV XMAX Starry V4 Vaporizer
  • POTV Exclusive: 1 x Samsung 3200mah battery
  • 1 x USB-C Cable Charger
  • 1 x Cleaning Tool
  • 1 x Packing Tool
  • 1 x Brush
  • 2 x Mouthpiece O-rings
  • 2 x Chamber Mesh Screens
  • 2 x Mouthpiece Silicone Cap
  • 3 x Cotton Swabs
  • 4 x Alcohol Cotton Pads
  • 1 x User Manual
  • 1 x Dosing cap
POTV XMAX Starry V4 Vaporizer Purple Temperature Display Tech Specs

Technical specifications

  • Battery: Single 3200mAh 18650 battery
  • Height: 4.5 in / 11.4 cm (mouthpiece closed)
    5 in / 12.7 cm (mouthpiece open)
  • Width: 1.5 in / 3.8 cm
  • Weight: 4.8oz / 137g
  • Temperature range: 212°F / 100°C - 464°F / 240°C
  • Charging: USB-C
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee


XMAX filter set for Starry V4



XMAX Metal Pad for Starry



XMAX Silicone Glove for Starry V4


XMAX ceramic screen for Starry V4



POTV XMAX Starry V4 Accessory Bundle Kit

sale price: $34.95 regular price: $45.80

XMAX Ceramic Mouthpiece TIP for Starry V4



XMAX Glass Bubbler for Starry V4



XMAX Mouthpiece Top for Starry V4



XMAX Starry Dosing Capsule 5-Pack


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Mike H.
United States United States

Great vape; Great Customer Service

My wife gifted me a Starry 4 for my birthday last Fall. It stopped working in January. I contacted Customer Service at POTV. They helped troubleshoot via email, then replaced the vape with no problems. As for the vape, I use it with dosing capsules to keep it clean, and I love it

Amazing v.
United States United States

This is such an amazing vape.

I’ve been using this vape for over 3 months consistently I take this on road trips and hiking it is super discreet especially with the dosing capsules. My husband has to see himself blowing clouds. Otherwise he feels like he’s not getting hiiiii This is perfect for blowing Clouds I seen someone say that this is for microdoseing but no you can put a lot in those capsules and it will get you exactly where you want to go It’s So discreet It looks like you are just hitting a regular vape. To keep the device clean, I only use the dosing capsules. I don’t put the material straight in the vape because it keeps it cleaner longer Cleaning is super easy Just wipe out the inside with a Q-tip and alcohol Take the mouthpiece apart and just **** it and alcohol then wipe down Here lately, I have been picking my portable vape over my tower vape even in the house The battery doesn’t last very long, so I recommend picking up another one You can get a good 6 sessions out of one battery But if you are hiking or traveling, you definitely want a back up My only complaint is the magnet part of the mouthpiece likes to pull up whenever it gets really hot, but you can snap it back in when it cools. I’m going to pick up another top to the vape because mine started doing that and I just wanna back up in case it does mess up But so far it’s good it works fine it can get annoying if you are doing multiple sessions at once The metal mouthpiece does get hot, but it comes with a silicone mouthpiece When using the silicone mouthpiece, you can’t even tell it gets hot I like that it comes with a carb that you can open and close so you can have a slower pull I highly recommend this vape

Planet Of The Vapes POTV XMAX Starry V4 Vaporizer ReviewPlanet Of The Vapes POTV XMAX Starry V4 Vaporizer ReviewPlanet Of The Vapes POTV XMAX Starry V4 Vaporizer ReviewPlanet Of The Vapes POTV XMAX Starry V4 Vaporizer ReviewPlanet Of The Vapes POTV XMAX Starry V4 Vaporizer Review
Eric F.

great beginner vape. would buy again.

So I admit that I am a complete newbie with drier vaping. For the past year, i have been using the PO TV one and the starry 4. I have had a little bit of a bumpy ride with both, most likely due to user error. I admit I have a brain injury, vision problems and dexterity problems. Both of these devices are entry level, and should be judged based on that price. I have liked both devices for different reasons, but the starry is generally the one I go for when I want performance. I really like the one for its rugged form factor. It works better in a pocket, but it produces minimal vapor even at the highest temperature. The starry 4 has a larger bowl, and a higher temperature range. This allows it to produce consistently more vapor, but the flavor suffers. The negatives include poor low temperature vapor production. Generally no vapor at all below 400 degrees Fahrenheit. The other negative is the mouthpiece is only held on by a magnet. If you put it in your pocket, the mouthpiece will come off and you will dump the contents of the bowl into your pocket. The trade off for better performance is generally worth it. I would definitely buy this again. My best advice is to be sure to buy extra filters or screens for either of these vapes. It makes a world of difference. Both are good devices, so you will probably be happy with either one at this price point. A new bowl with a medium coarse grind and light packing will generally produce about 8 to 10 decent hits. plus it just looks really cool.

Roberty E.
United States United States

Very nice vape, great customer service.

This is not the first vape model I have tried. The pro features: *It is easy to clean. *You can use very small amounts of product in the heating chamber packed very loosely, and you get great hits. The accessories you can purchase work well and the shipping rates are very reasonable. I would highly recommend purchasing an extra battery and charger. Outstanding customer service: I had a problem with the vape, they responded quickly, they asked me a few questions, and within a week, I had a replacement. Top notch product and a very friendly, helpful customer support. ������ Con: Battery life is not that great.

United States United States

Good, not great

While I am not at all new to enjoying herbs, I am very new to dry herb vaping. The Starry 4 is the second device I have purchased. I wanted to try a conduction-style oven in a device that has good reviews and wouldn't break the bank and the Starry 4 fit the bill. The first thing I personally love about the device is the dosing capsules. It keeps everything neat and cleaner than just loading dry herbs directly into the oven. You still get some residue on the mouthpiece but it's very easy to clean and I don’t notice any change in taste. I even bought the 5 capsule accessory so I can load them all up at once and have them ready to go. I also love the super-fast heat-up. I usually start my temp at 190 C so the herb cooks well but doesn’t get scorched and it gets to that temp in a matter of seconds. The adjustable airflow is nice in theory but at lower temps, I really didn’t find it necessary. The vapor was cool enough, and the draw was just fine. At higher temps, it may be beneficial to open the airflow to cool the vapor more but it didn’t really impact it by much for me. Adjustments are easy to do and rather intuitive, plus if you forget how to turn it on the display reminds you. The default auto-off is 4 min and in that time frame it doesn’t get too hot to hold and the mouthpiece is just fine but I was feeling there was always more to get out of the herb. However, if I go to 6 min, even at 190 C, the device gets much hotter to nearly being too hot to vape and hold. I did up the temp for a couple of pods but anything over 200 C is really unusable for me at 6 minutes unless I used the silicon mouthpiece. So be careful, or you’ll really burn your lips. Another consideration is battery life. One website (POTV) offers a larger battery as standard with the device but if you buy it from the manufacturer website you get the smaller one. It’s not a huge issue and if you want you can buy an additional battery but I wish they would have just given the bigger one to start. As I mentioned at the top, this is my second device. The first one I bought was the Arizer Air Max. I got that one because I wanted to try a convection style herb heating and that one seemed to be one of the best. If I compare the two devices side by side I have to say for pure experience the Air Max is by far the superior one. It’s not as pocket-friendly as the Starry 4 but stays much cooler even at higher temps, and I do believe gives me a better yield on my herb dosage. Using the same amount in each device, I found the Air Max to be much more potent per session. The Air Max is probably more comparable to the Xlux Roffu, but I’m not ready to pay for another device that might not be an improvement on what I have. So while I do like the Starry 4, for me the Air Max is the better choice. Ps. I tried posting my review on the manufacturer's website, but they are blocking them.