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XMAX Starry Dosing Capsule 5-Pack

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This product is compatible with both the POTV XMAX Starry V4  and the XMAX Starry Vaporizer POTV (V3).

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Regular price $14.95
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Get prepared with Dosing Capsules for Starry

We've been eagerly anticipating their arrival, and now they're finally here. The Starry dosing capsules provide a convenient solution for loading and reloading your Starry V4, whether at home or on the go.

What is a Dosing Capsule?

Think of a dosing capsule as a small stainless-steel container for your herbs. Instead of loading directly into the vaporizer’s oven, you load the capsule, which is designed specifically for your Starry vaporizer and fits perfectly.

Keep track of your sessions

By pre-loading a set of dosing capsules, you can easily keep track of how many sessions you’re up to.

Keep your oven clean

Using dosing capsules adds an extra layer of metal around your herbs, ensuring they never come into direct contact with the oven. Cleaning the capsules is much simpler than cleaning the Starry vaporizer's oven.

Travel Tube included

The included travel tube allows you to stack and store your pre-loaded capsules. The silicone lids at each end seal them securely, enabling discreet and convenient reloading on the go.


Xmax Starry Dosing Capsule 5-Pack is compatible with all versions of the XMAX Starry vaporizer.

Official accessory of XMAX

These Dosing Capsules are Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) components, made by XMAX.

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Shawn S.
United States United States

Travel Sessions Made Easy

Great way to keep travels sessions going with these little units all pre packed.

Michael O.
United States United States

Buy these now!

Do you hate cleaning your Starry? Me too. These dosing pods will change your life. The first thing I did after receiving the pods was clean up my Starry V3. The tolerances are very close and there is no extra room for the pod. The oven needs to be perfectly clean as any debris on the oven will interfere with the pod. I think the pods end up with a little less herb just because they are a little smaller to fit inside the oven. I also think the herb takes longer to get to temp (in the pod) after the Starry tells you it's ready. Normally I have a couple draws with light vapor when vaping from the oven. With the pod it's a few more than that. I just wait a little longer before drawing. I suppose you could turn up the heat and then bring it back down to hurry the warm up. I didn't find info anywhere about whether to leave the screen in the oven (ceramic) on the V3. After cleaning the oven, I put in a new screen and then the dosing pod. The lid/mouthpiece fit fine. Can anyone enlighten us? To remove the pod I just turn the Starry over and tap it on something. The pod drops right out. The oven is clean and there no herb stuck to the bottom of the mouthpiece. It's a wonderous thing. The lid and pod are rather small so it's easy for my old fingers to **** the parts. I quickly learned to fill and empty the pods over a bowl or platter so I can find the lid when I inevitably **** it. After reading the last review I wonder what the issue might be. The pods so far are working with my V3. I will say that I usually do a single session. When I come back for another pod my Starry has cooled down and they pop right out. Perhaps the pods are expanding...? I'll have to try removing a warm pod. We're still going to have to clean the Starry on occasion but those occasions are going to be a lot less frequent. I plan on upgrading to a V4 and will be ordering the dosing capsules from the start. Note to marketing department.... Include these dosing capsules with each Starry! These pods turn the Starry from an average vape into a great one. Mike

Rob B.
United States United States

Love the convenience!

Love my XMAX. Never thought I find a replacement for my old portable vape. This one rocks.

Everett S.
United States United States

Excellent idea - conflicting information on compatibility - disappointed

I own a POTV one and use dosing capsules with it…LOVE iT. I saw the XMAX Starry dosing capsules and got super excited because I own a XMAX Starry V3 as well. When I initially read the XMAX Starry dosing capsules product review and I saw they were compatible with all versions of the XMAX starry, I placed my order. I was disappointed to find out, the XMAX Starry dosing capsules I thought would be compatible with the XMAS Starry V3 get stuck in the XMAS Starry V3. I revisited the product review paged and noticed a disclaimer at the top of the product review page saying “This Product is only compatible with: POTV XMAX Starry V4 Vaporizer.” To be honest, I’m not sure if this was an oversight on my part or if the disclaimer at the top of the page was added after I made my purchase. The compatibility statement at the bottom of the product review page still states "Xmax Starry Dosing Capsule 5-Pack is compatible with all versions of the XMAX Starry vaporizer.” So I’m conflicted Anyway, I hope the review prevents someone from making the same mistake as I did.


Planet Of The Vapes

Thank you so much for bringing this to our attention, Everett. I just contacted our marketing team to correct this error. I am creating a service ticket for you right now to make this right for you. I am so sorry about this. Talk to you in a bit, Larry

Lori S.
United States United States

Great idea!

I like the fact I can pack a few dosing capsules. Very convenient!