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XMAX Starry Water Pipe Adapter

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Regular price $14.90
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What is a Water Pipe Adapter (WPA)?

A Water Pipe Adapter (WPA) is a device used to bridge the gap between a vaporizer and a desktop bubbler. The great thing about WPA’s is that they allow the user to continue using the same device to consume their herbs (the water pipe) while only changing the source (bowl and flame vs. vaporizer). 

This familiarity can make it easier to transition from combusting to vaping herbs. The Starry WPA fits any 14mm female ground joint. 

What’s different about the Starry WPA?

WPA’s come in many different shapes and sizes, but what makes the Starry WPA different is that it incorporates a whip (silicone tube) between the vape and the water pipe. That means your vape can remain in the vertically standing position while connected to your vape, rather than in an inverted position, as with most other WPA’s.

Double the cooling

The Starry WPA enables the user to use their vape’s existing mouthpiece at the same time as using their bubbler, as opposed to most other WPA’s that screw into the body of the vape and do away with the mouthpiece (or cooling unit) entirely. This will result in smoother, cooler draws.


Xmax Starry

Storz & Bickel Crafty, Mighty, Crafty+ and Mighty+.

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Lewis V.
United States United States

Works great with your Dynavap or Mighty Plus

It works! I'm glad I got two.

Craig P.
United States United States


Ordered 2 and these work splendidly with my Grav pieces and Mighty. You guys rock!

Planet Of The Vapes XMAX Starry Water Pipe Adapter Review

Planet Of The Vapes

That set up rocks as well, Craig. Enjoy...... Take care, Larry

United States United States


Amazing addition to the Mighty +. Extremely smooth draws

Jane H.
United States United States

Excellent attachment!

This smooths out the inhale of medicine!

Tony E.
United States United States

3.5 stars for Starry

While the chamber, fast heat-up time, and the size are great, the amount of smoke you can get is subpar at best. But can't complain for the price


Planet Of The Vapes

Hi Tony, I'm going to send you some user tips. Pay particular attention to your draw technique. Very quick, short, cigar-like puffs or long slow draws works best with this vape. This inhalation technique is super important so as not to allow the cool incoming air to overcome the heat being provided by the heater. All vapes have their own unique learning curves, and your Starry is no different in this regard. With a bit of experimentation with your grind consistency, pack, temp settings and draw technique, you should be able to find the sweet spot that is right for YOU, which very well may be different for someone else. Please read through these tips and get and then get back to me here if need be: https://www.planetofthevapes.com/pages/contact-us Tips: Grind your herbs down to a fairly fine grind and pack the oven full with a gentle tamp on the top of the load. Turn the unit on to around 415F and wait for it to come up to temp. Then let it heat soak for about 20 seconds before taking your first hit. Take short cigar puffs, or long and slow draws. This draw technique is super important. The first hit may be a bit wispy, but the second hit should be stronger. This should get you on the fast track to success with this vape, and you can tweak your technique from there. There are a lot of variables that go into the vaporizing experience, and the most important one is the quality of your herbs. I can't be of any help in assessing the quality of yours, but inferior herbs have fewer compounds on the surface and don't vape as well. Even with a very fine grind, cheap herbs usually make the experience kind of blah. So make sure you have high-quality herbs, and we can get to work on technique! After that, you want to use a full, tamped down pack. It doesn't need to be like a brick in there, but never loose. And you will want it full. If you have good herbs, you should see some decent vapor on the first puff and more on successive puffs. The most common mistakes people make with a vape like this are to either pack it less than full, pack it loosely, not giving it a 20-second heat soak, and/or sucking too hard. Any one of these three things can kill vapor production. That's all there is to it. From there, you can adjust your grind, pack, and temperature to your preference, but this is a good place to baseline from. Wishing you and yours a very happy holiday season. With best regards, Larry

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