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Mighty+ Vaporizer Review

Mighty+ Plus Vaporizer Review

Storz & Bickel released the Mighty+ dry herb vaporizer - easily the most anticipated vaporizer release of all time!

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Storz & Bickel released the Mighty+ dry herb vaporizer - easily the most anticipated vaporizer release of all time! Given how wildly popular the original Mighty vaporizer was, the updated version needed to bring it, and that’s just what Storz & Bickel did. It turns out the Mighty killer we’ve wanted for years was to ultimately come from Storz & Bickel itself.

Mighty+ Vaporizer Review: Top shelf vapor

Nothing hits quite like a Mighty+ (except one of the other Storz & Bickel portables). Sessions are tasty, strong and efficient, with easy-going air flow. Mighty+ vapor is light, fluffy and comfy, whether you vape at low temperatures and swim in the herbal flavors, or hit the high temps for stronger effects.

Storz & Bickel vapor is unique and intentional. Through years of lab tests, they determined the best way to thoroughly and efficiently vaporize dry herbs is with a combination of convection and conduction heat. The Mighty+ starts each session with convection heat that gently brings the herbs up to temperature and preserves flavor. As the session progresses, conduction heat sets in for full extraction and potency.

Mighty+ Vaporizer Review Lifestyle Shot
Orange is the color of choice for Mighty+ accents.

Stellar performance with glass

Vapor from the Mighty+ is exquisite, but the potentail is even greater with Mighty Glass Mouthpiece Adapter. Pair its stellar performance with any one of our glass cooling stems, mini bubblers, or water pipe adapter for an enhanced experience and cooler, more flavorful vapor.

Mighty+ Review Glass Accessory Adapter

Mighty+ Pros & Cons

Pros 👍 Cons 👎
Great vapor Barely pocketable
Universal charge port High price point
Easy, intuitive controls
Consistency - great every time
Medical quality build
UL Certified
Long battery life

Bottom line

The original Mighty vaporizer was widely considered the gold standard of portable vapes for years. The Mighty+ improved on it in every way we wanted. If it’s within your budget, buy with confidence!

Fantastic battery life

The Mighty+ boasts some pretty impressive battery life for the clouds it puts out - 60 to 90 minutes of runtime per charge, depending on your style. Lucky me, I got 60. But it's because I finish every bowl off at the highest temperature - at 410° Fahrenheit (210° C). Vape at lower temps and you'll get more out of the dual lithium-ion batteries.

It's hard to get a bead on battery life with a dry herb vape like the Mighty+ that doesn't have a timed auto shut-off. So I tracked several things in the hopes you'll find what matters to you. I started most sessions at a low temp and finished them all at the highest temp. I represent those who will live with shorter battery life. On one full charge, I had 11 sessions for a total of 63 minutes of runtime, took 87 total hits, and vaped about 2.5 grams of dry herbs. You should get through two to three grams of herbs per charge, depending on how you pack it.

Most of you will get better battery life than I, as you stay in the lower temps. In my opinion, this is great battery life for a portable vape. As I mention below, if you grab the Supercharger you'll feel like it never needs to charge.

Mighty+ Vaporizer Review Battery Meter
Simple, intuitive controls. Actual temperature, set temperature, and battery meter.

The Mighty+ never fails

The greatest feature about the Mighty+ might not even be a feature. It's the consistency. It's not just that the Mighty+ delivers great vapor. It delivers great vapor every time. It's always efficient without stirring. And it's easy to use for everyone, regardless of technique or style. The Mighty+ is the most consistently excellent portable dry herb vaporizer I've had the pleasure to test.

Easy to use

Just like the Volcano desktop vaporizer, the Mighty+ is easy to figure out and enjoy, right from the beginning. The mouthpiece and cooling unit intuitively swivel open. Fill the herb chamber (use whole flowers or your favorite grinder), replace the cooling unit, and press the power button. Technically you don't have to do anything more but wait for it to buzz, and hit it.

The display is big and easy to read. It has the actual temperature above the set temp and battery meter, with buttons on either side for temperature control. While some wish the Mighty+ had a smartphone app to customize further, I'm happy with its simplicity. This vape communicates everything I need to know and nothing more, and I like that. I don't need pretty colors and sounds. Just tell me what the temp is and if there's enough juice to keep going.

Mighty+ Vaporizer In Hand
The Mighty+ is portable, but barely pocketable.

The only feature that requires explanation is the Superboost. If you like to temp step, or climb the temperature range during your sessions, this is for you. Start your session like normal, but when you're ready to up the temp, double-tap the power button. This will increase the set temperature settings by 27° F (15° C) for 90 seconds. Triple-tap the power button for another 27° F (15° C), for a total of 54° F (30° C). The highest temperature always tops out at 410° F (210° C), and no higher.

One thing that isn't blatantly obvious about the Mighty+ is how to make it stand upright when loading. But I'm getting ahead of myself - more on that later.

One minute heat up time

Depending on the temperature you use, the Mighty+ is ready to roll in about a minute. I timed every session for more than a full charge, and got times ranging from 54 to 82 seconds, with an average of 67 seconds to reach temp. That’s respectable for a portable, but still slower than just about everything else on the market today. The good news is the first hit off a Mighty+ is still better than the first two hits off faster heating vapes, and it's worth the wait.

Compared to the original Mighty vape, this is a huge improvement. Mighty+ heat up times are 30% - 50% faster, and it doesn’t slow down as much near the end of a charge. In fact, I’d say the faster heat-up times on the Mighty+ at the end of a charge were as good or better than the Mighty with a full charge.

Universal USB-C Charging

I'm thankful for the Mighty+'s USB-C charge port, but it's not perfect. I absolutely love the universal charging. I was in the camp of scatterbrained Mighty owners that couldn't keep their hands on the barrel-port power adapter. When I misplaced it, I couldn't use my Mighty. But the Mighty+ can charge just about anywhere with nothing more than a typical USB-C cable, even from portable power banks!

Mighty+ Vaporizer Review USB-C Charge Port
USB-C charge port.

The downside is Storz & Bickel didn’t include everything you need to reach top charge speed. The Mighty+ comes with a USB-A to USB-C cable that plugs into most computer USB ports and wall chargers, but the charge speed is dependent on what you plug the cable into. You most likely acquired an adequate wall charger with your cellphone or other electronics. 

My Mighty+ took over three hours to charge from dead when plugged into a normal cellphone wall charger. Enter the Supercharger, which fully charges in under an hour! Unfortunately, you have to buy the Supercharger separately for $25. That should have come with the vape.

Conduction + convection = highly efficient

The Mighty+ employs Storz & Bickel’s patented hybrid heating design, which seems to hit the sweet spot between efficiency and convenience. Herbs are evenly cooked and never scorched, with all the goodies extracted, all without a single stir.

The secret to this extraction isn’t a secret - it’s in their patent for anyone to read. Basically, the Mighty+ uses conduction heating for the bowl and convection heating below to create the hot air stream. The herbs are kept at a lower temperature before and after hits, and only vaporize during a hit. This system is not only more efficient with your herbs than a conduction vaporizer, but also more efficient with power than a convection vaporizer. And it’s a great vaping experience!

Ceramic coated bowl

The Mighty+ filling chamber is ceramic coated, similar to the Volcano Hybrid filling chamber. Storz & Bickel advertises it as more durable and robust than the aluminum filling chamber in the Mighty vape. I can confirm that stains are harder to see, but it doesn't seem to do anything noticeable to the vapor. The holes in the bottom of the Mighty+ filling chamber are a little bigger than the original, but I didn't detect any difference in airflow between the two vapes.

Mighty+ Vaporizer Review Ceramic Coated Oven
The ceramic coated bowl hides stains.

UL certified quality with a medical build

Similar to the original Mighty vape, the Mighty+ directly benefits from all the stringent testing done on its medically certified twin. The materials and build quality have all been tested for purity, as well as for how well the vapor is extracted. Storz & Bickel leads the way when it comes to research and lab tests for vaporizers.

The Mighty+ is also the first ever dry herb vaporizer to gain UL certification. No other dry herb vaporizer has been inspected by a third party safety certification company for the electrical, battery, charging, and heating systems. Yet another way the Mighty+ benefits from its medical twin. If this kind of testing and certification is important to you, this is just about the only place you’ll find it.

Adapts well for dry concentrates

The Mighty+ was designed for dry herbs, but can vaporize dry concentrates, too. Storz & Bickel makes a stainless steel mesh concentrate pad for the occasion, sold separately. It’s not a monster style hit, taking it all in at once. Instead, it’s a full session with several lighter hits. The first couple hits are light, as the concentrate melts into the pad, but after that it feels a lot like a dry herb session. It’s a great way to vaporize dry concentrates with a gentle session.

See more of our Mighty+ parts and accessories. Check out all of our Storz and Bickel accessories.

Mighty+ could stand better

I’m hot and cold on the Mighty+’s “improved” ability to stand. It does work better, but is still flawed. If you know nothing about the original Mighty, you’ll probably love the way the Mighty+ stands, if you can figure it out. (For some odd reason, Storz & Bickel eliminated its use from the manual entirely.) All you do is pull out the stir tool and put it back in reverse. Set the Mighty+ down and it will stand with a laid-back look. It’s easy to load and set down during a session, as long as it’s on a flat surface. It works, but I’d rather not flip the stir tool every time I want to load the vape.

Mighty+ Vaporizer Review Standing Comparison

Original Mighty on the left. Mighty+ on the right.

2-year warranty

Storz & Bickel warranties the Mighty+ vaporizer against any workmanship and defect issues for two years, extendable to three years with registration. We are an official retailer of Storz & Bickel products, and like all of our products, the Mighty plus vape is covered by our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

What’s included in the box

  • Mighty+ dry herb vaporizer
  • One dosing capsule
  • One cleaning brush
  • One USB-C charge cable
  • Three spare seal rings (for the cooling unit interior)
  • Three fine mesh spare screens (for the bowl)
  • Three coarse mesh spare screens (for the cooling unit)
  • Quick Start Manual
  • User’s Guide
  • Warranty Card
Mighty+ Vaporizer Review What's In The Box
Box contents. The Mighty+, a brush, charge cable, dosing capsule and extra screens.

Tips for best results

Our Mighty+ Tips and Tricks blog post will be out soon, but in the meantime, try using the on-board boost temperatures for your next vape session. They make temp stepping easy as pie, and it’s simple. Just turn the Mighty on to 356°F (180°C), or the temperature it’s set to when you first got it. When it no longer produces vapor at that temp, double-tap the power button for a boost to 383°F (195°C). When it’s done there, triple-tap the power button for another boost all the way up to 410°F (210°C). This is a great way to enjoy low temp tastes and still get the full effects from higher temperatures.

Easy cleaning & maintenance

The Mighty+ has a ceramic heating chamber that’s much harder to stain, but that doesn’t mean we have to abuse it. Get in the habit of brushing out the bowl and upper screen immediately after each session, and you’ll rarely clean anything more than the cooling unit. Check out our Mighty+ Cleaning Guide for the full rundown.

Mighty+ Vaporizer Review Dirty Cooling Unit
Make it a habit to brush off this screen after each session.

Who is the Mighty+ for?

The Mighty+ vaporizer is for anyone who cares about their health, wants to get the most out of their herbs, and has the money for it. It’s what I recommend first to the person that just wants to get the best vaporizer and get on with their life. It’s also the perfect upgrade from just about anything else. There are a lot of good vapes out there that satisfy, until you’ve tried a Mighty+. The ease of use, consistency, and vapor quality are unmatched.

Who is the Mighty+ not for?

This vape is $400, and out of a lot of people’s price range. And guess, what? Those people don’t need to spend that much to get a high quality dry herb vaporizer. Some of my favorite value vapes are from Arizer, DynaVap, and right here at POTV.

If you already have a Mighty that’s working well, I see no reason to upgrade. The vapor is the same with similar draw resistance, and the Mighty+ only has a few new features over the original.


It’s time for a new standard. Or, at least, an updated one. Let’s be honest, the original Mighty was a masterful product, and there wasn’t much to improve. If the Mighty+ lifts the bar, it’s only slightly. The vapor is the same, but the features are better with universal charging, two preset booster temperatures, a better integrated stand, and improved electronics. I expect the Mighty+ to easily carry the Storz & Bickel banner, and be the vape to chase for years to come.

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