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  • Sticky Brick Runt Vaporizer Maple
  • Sticky Brick Runt Vaporizer in hand
  • Sticky Brick Runt Vaporizer Maple Box Contents
  • Sticky Brick Runt Maple Vaporizer
  • Sticky Brick Runt Vaporizer Maple Side View
  • Sticky Brick Runt Vaporizer Black Limba
  • Sticky Brick Runt Black Limba Vaporizer
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  • Sticky Brick Runt Vaporizer Cherry
  • Sticky Brick Runt Cherry Vaporizer
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  • Sticky Brick Runt Vaporizer Walnut
  • Sticky Brick Runt Walnut Vaporizer
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  • Sticky Brick Runt Vaporizer Padauk
  • Sticky Brick Runt Padauk Vaporizer
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  • Sticky Brick Runt Vaporizer Canary
  • Sticky Brick Runt Canary Vaporizer Technial Spec
  • Sticky Brick Runt Vaporizer Canary Side View
  • Sticky Brick Runt Vaporizer Purple Heart
  • Sticky Brick Runt Vaporizer Purple Heart
  • Sticky Brick Runt Vaporizer Purple Heart Side View

Sticky Brick Runt Vaporizer

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  • Butane-Powered
  • Instant heat up
  • Full convection
  • Lifetime warranty - manufacturer defects
  • 15-day warranty on glass - manufacturer defects
Regular price $139.95
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Who’s the Runt For?

The Sticky Brick Runt’s simple design efficiently cranks out thick, tasty clouds without the need for extra batteries or a charging outlet. It heats up quickly and works well with big or small loads. With just a little practice with the torch-lighter, you’ll dial in low or high temperatures, and be in complete control of your sessions. The Runt is Sticky Brick’s smaller, at home vaporizer.

Desktop Power

Don’t let the Runt’s size fool you. It can chug out thick, flavorful hits usually reserved for desktop rigs, no cords or batteries required. Once you dial in your technique, you’ll be blown away.

No Batteries!

The Runt works great with a single flame torch, putting you in full control of the heat up. Change the distance of the flame, or your draw speed, to change temperatures and intensity. Combine a slow draw with a close flame for denser, high temperature hits, or a fast draw with a distant flame for more flavorful, low temperature vapor. Multi-flame torches work, but aren’t necessary with the Sticky Brick lineup.

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Sticky Bricks bring the heat with massive hits. After you’ve finished this review, you’ll know which one suits your needs.

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Instant Heat Up

The Sticky Brick Runt produces vapor in as little as three to four seconds. You can’t get any faster than that. Just torch and go!

Great for Big or Small Bowls

The Runt is one of the most versatile vaporizers on the market. It can hold as much as 0.3 grams, or as little as 0.1 grams, and still kick out beautiful flavor.

No Waste

The Sticky Brick Runt is very efficient, and only cooks your herbs when you inhale. Take as long as you want to go through a bowl. Start one in the morning, and finish it off later in the day.

Concentrate Compatible

The Runt comes with a stainless steel pad for concentrates. Load the pad into the heating chamber and drop your concentrate on top. Fire up the torch and begin inhaling.

Quality-Built in the US

Each Runt vaporizer is handmade in the US, with the finest materials. The durable, hardwood construction can last a lifetime, and the thick Simax Borosilicate glass is strong and flavorful. Maintenance and assembly is a breeze, thanks to the magnetic connections. With seven different wood types to choose from, the Runt will stand out with class and quality.


Sticky Brick vaporizers are covered by a lifetime warranty against manufacturer defects. All glass is covered by a 15-day warranty against manufacturer defects. As with all vaporizers purchased from Planet of the Vapes, you are also covered by our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

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Sticky Brick Runt Vaporizer Maple Box Contents

What's in the box

  • Sticky Brick Runt
  • Single flame torch lighter (shipped empty)
  • Two carb corks
  • Two stainless stir sticks
  • Two wooden sticks
  • Six screens
  • Two Restrictor Discs (one installed)
  • One Sticky Pad for concentrates
  • User manual
Sticky Brick Runt Canary Vaporizer Technial Spec

Technical specifications

  • Height: 3”, 4.75” - with glass
  • Width: 3.12”, 6” - with glass
  • Depth: 1.45”
  • Weight: 7.2oz
  • Manual temperature control
  • Lifetime warranty - manufacturer defects
  • 15-day warranty on glass - manufacturer defects
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Customer Reviews
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United States United States
My new couch sitting vape

The Runt delivers tasty, dense vapor that will satisfy your need for clouds. You can also dial back and get flavorful hits. My new favorite vape. Upgraded from Dynavaps. If you've been on the fence about getting a Runt, as I was, take the plunge. I doubt you'll be disappointed. There may be a slight learning curve for dialing in your best hit but there are several videos that can help guide you.

United States United States
New old school vaping

It took a little getting used to. I removed the restriction disk and found it worked better for me. I just have to be more careful with the flame time. Otherwise, it’s great

Michael N.
United States United States
Sticky Brick Runt- Perfect for ex-smokers or those looking for huge rips

After a weekend of trial and error, I took the training wheels off, that being the restrictor disc, and haven't looked back. My technique is to aim a torch across the intake rather than directly down into it. It gives me more margin for error and lowers my chances of combustion. I love it. I think it's perfect for converting smokers to vaporists. It has a thick, sometimes hot, vapor that has a strong throat feel with a fantastic taste, especially on the exhale. The hot air can be filtered by using the u-joint WPA, sold separately, for huge milky hits through a water piece, a purchase I highly recommend. Alternatively, a flip brick might be more up your alley. The first few days you will notice a woody aftertaste. This will go away, more or less. Eventually the brick will have its own unique vapor taste that you usually notice on the clean up hits after the terps are gone. It takes practice, but once you get it, you'll have mastered one of the hardest hitting extraction devices out there. I'm very satisfied satisfied my purchase.

Planet Of The Vapes Sticky Brick Runt Vaporizer Review
Wilford n.
United States United States
Only Pipe That Pays For Itself

You need so much less material to get to desired effects on this thing that after going through an ounce it’s pretty much paid for itself. Honestly, you use half as much herbs with this thing as you do when you smoke

Chandler H.
United States United States

My new daily flower vape. If you like the fast extraction/experience of the Dynavap, but need a bigger bowl. Or like using a bong typically, this should be perfect for you. Easy to use, hard-hitting, and beautifully designed.

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