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Sticky Brick Vaporizers Lineup

Sticky Brick Vaporizer Review (OG, Runt, JR, Flip, MAXX)

Sticky Bricks bring the heat with massive hits. After you’ve finished this review, you’ll know which one suits your needs.

Sticky Brick vaporizers bring the heat, with quick, massive hits anywhere. The manual heating is identical across the catalog, so we reviewed all the vapes together. After you’ve finished this review, you’ll know how they work, and which one best suits your personal needs. Let’s get into it.

Sticky Bricks review: Artisan vapes

Each Brick stands out with defining strokes of grain and an essence of pure craftsmanship. The hardwood finish can take a beating without affecting performance, and the durable Simax glass does a great job at preserving the purity of your vapor. From classic Maple to the exotic Purple Heart, each wood finish stands out from the rest with elegance and precision.

Sticky Brick Vaporizers Lineup

Sweet, monster hits

An initial concern with any new vaporizer is, can it push out big clouds? And with the Sticky Bricks, the answer is a resounding YES. From the beefy Maxx to the portable Junior, we were met with enticing flavor and clouds to fill a room. Sticky Bricks are made without any glues, solder or electronics, leaving you with only the purest taste. These wooden vapes also offer a unique flavor experience. A few of the best hits we had through the Bricks were beautifully enriched with hints of wood flavors.

Fast, manual heating

Sticky Bricks stand out as one of the most efficient and versatile vaporizer lineups on the market. The clever design does a fantastic job at extracting everything your herbs have to offer, without sacrificing potency and flavor. As you inhale, the heat travels through the herbal channels and starts cooking your load in around five seconds. It really doesn’t get any faster than that.

Sticky Brick Vaporizers Torch Heating

Your breath sets the pace of your session so your herbs aren't cooking in between hits. As soon as your breath stops, all heating stops. This opens up a wide range of styles the Bricks can cater to. Take your time with a load and hit it throughout the day. Or, choke down a smaller bowl in one pull, like a true one-hitter.

No batteries to charge

Ditching the batteries alleviates many of the headaches that come with electronic vaporizers. Gone are the days of carrying batteries around and hunting for power outlets! Run out of power in the middle of a session? A simple refill took us literally seconds before we were back in the game. Traveling is easier with just a torch lighter, and it extends the lifetime of your vape tenfold, since you won’t have to throw it out when the battery goes bad.

A great choice for smokers

Here at the Planet of the Vapes, we advocate for safe and responsible consumption, and Sticky Bricks are a great choice for transitioning smokers. Health benefits of vaping aside, each Brick allows you to take monster hits that most electronic vapes are incapable of producing. The Sticky Brick Maxx comes ready with an 18mm male adapter so you can enjoy pipe-style rips that’ll feel all too familiar. Sticky Bricks are some of our favorite vapes to recommend for smokers and big hitters.

Sticky Brick Hydrobrick Maxx Vaporizer Features
Sticky Brick Hydrobrick Maxx

Only one is pocketable

When it comes to portability, the Sticky Brick Junior is the clear winner. Standing at 4.5 inches tall, 3 inches wide, and 1.25 inch thick, the Junior has enough real estate to perform and fit in a small bag or purse. We were able to carry it around in a side or back pocket, but didn’t have much space for the torch lighter.

Sticky Brick Junior Vaporizer
Sticky Brick Jr.

Practice makes perfect

Most vaporizers are pretty straight forward. Turn it on and hit it without a second thought. Sticky Brick scrapped that approach and put you in charge of producing quality vapor. As soon as you fire up your torch, your awareness hones in on all of your senses. The sound of inhaling, the warm air brushing over your tongue, and the terpene-rich flavor map out the road to vapor bliss. Sticky Bricks require some finesse and a bit of determination, but it’s a dance worth learning.

Any size load will do

Sticky Bricks have one of the widest load-size ranges on the market. We packed in up to 0.3 grams and blew out huge, tasty clouds. We also pushed the lower limits and produced surprisingly tasty and effective vapor with just 0.01 grams. With this level of flexibility, Sticky Bricks have something to offer for both the micro and macrodoser.

Dry herbs or concentrates

Sticky Brick hits it out of the park with flower, but also offers options for the concentrate user. In this case, you place your load onto a mesh pad and heat it as you go. The first few hits are wispy, but it ramps up once the load melts into the mesh pad. The Sticky Pad, however, doesn’t retain heat like your usual quartz banger. The load stops vaporizing soon after you stop torching, which may confuse some users. Check out our Tips and Tricks for a full rundown.

Sticky Brick Labs also offers an intake adapter and a quartz banger, if you prefer a more traditional concentrate hit. It replaces the heat intake and allows you to hit your Brick like a typical torch/banger concentrate rig.

Control the flow with carb corks (or fingers)

Each Sticky Brick, except the Flip Brick, has two distinctly different holes in them (the Flip Brick only has one). The smaller hole is your air intake and is perfectly calibrated to provide just the right amount of fresh air as you heat it. The large hole (the carb), located on the back of each Brick, serves as your clutch. Open it up to dump fresh air into the vapor path if it gets too hot. Use your finger while practicing the technique so you can easily bail out when needed, and then plug it with a cork when you feel comfortable.

Sticky Brick Vaporizers Air Intake and Carb
Air intake (top hole) and Carb (bottom hole)

Training wheels

The Restrictor Disc is your savior when learning how to use your Brick. This metal insert, underneath the heat intake, absorbs much of the heat before it passes through your herbs. It took us a bit longer to produce vapor, but it did an excellent job at preventing our herbs from igniting. It’s not foolproof though. You can still combust if you push too hard.

Sticky Brick Vaporizers Restrictor Disc
Restrictor Disc

Once the technique felt like second nature, we ditched the training wheels and gave it a go. This let us extend into the higher temperatures and truly extract everything the herbs had to offer. You can still get rich, potent vapor with the Restrictor Disc inserted, but it limits the potential of high temperature vapor.

Which Brick is best for you?

Sticky Brick Labs made sure that everyone was covered with their lineup. Each Brick performs very similarly to one another, so we broke the details down a bit further to help you find the right Brick for you.

The OG - The display piece

The OG Sticky Brick, the Brick that started it all. Its pronounced size and solid construction perfectly match the giant rips it pumps out. The variety of standard and exotic woods also makes the OG standout as a great display piece. If you want a unit that feels solid in hand and makes a visual statement, consider the OG.

Sticky Brick OG Vaporizer Walnut Specs

Sticky Brick OG Vaporizer

Starting at $174.95

The OG Brick is a beefy showpiece with lots of power.

  • Thick, flavorful clouds in seconds
  • Handcrafted quality
  • Full convection heat
  • Butane-powered
  • Vape at your own pace
Free Shipping Easy Returns World Class Customer Service
Sticky Brick OG Vaporizer
OG Sticky Brick

The Runt - The at-home portable

The Sticky Brick Runt is the smaller version of the OG Brick. If you’re looking for a smaller portable to carry around at home, the Runt fits the bill. With a footprint small enough to sit comfortably in your hand, it can sit at your desk as your go-to vaporizer, or out in the living room without taking up too much space. The mouthpiece’s longer shape places your face far away from the flame, and sits comfortably over your lips. The Runt is the go-to when vaping around the house.

Sticky Brick Runt Cherry

Sticky Brick Runt Vaporizer

Starting at $145.95

The Sticky Brick Runt is a great, miniature driver for at-home sessions.

  • Beautifully handcrafted wood vaporizer
  • Thick, tasty vapor in seconds
  • Butane-powered
  • Vape at your own pace
  • Full convection heat
Free Shipping Easy Returns World Class Customer Service
Sticky Brick Runt Vaporizer
Sticky Brick Runt

The Junior - The traveler

For the vaporist on the go, the Sticky Brick Jr. packs up into a compact unit about the size of the Mighty vaporizer - a little bigger than a smartphone, but smaller than a tablet. Its protective lid allows you to throw it in a small bag or purse without damaging any of the glass, and looks great at the same time. Its smaller footprint brings the unit and flame closer to your face, which some users may find uncomfortable. Despite this, the Junior makes for a great companion on the go.

Sticky Brick Junior Cherry Vaporizer

Sticky Brick Junior Vaporizer


The Sticky Brick Junior is barely pocketable, but packs all the punch.

  • Beautiful craftsmanship
  • Super strong hits
  • Instant heat-up
  • Glass protected by durable wood
  • Butane powered - cut the cord!
  • Learning curve
Free Shipping Easy Returns World Class Customer Service
Sticky Brick Junior Vaporizer
Sticky Brick Jr.

The Maxx - The desktop rig

The Sticky Brick Hydrobrick Maxx is the obvious go-to for desktop users. Throw on a whip or a water piece for a solid daily driver at home. With a built-in stash, glass intake compartment, and a lid to protect it all, the Maxx serves as a great at-home rig that you can set up anywhere, and easily stash away. Its magnetic lid packs it up into a very discreet piece that looks great on any shelf.

Sticky Brick Hydrobrick Maxx Vaporizer

Sticky Brick Hydrobrick Maxx Vaporizer - Clearance sale

Starting at $159.95 Regular price: $199.95

The Sticky Brick HydroBrick Maxx is the go-to home vaporizer from Sticky Brick.

  • Massive hits in seconds
  • Elegant craftsmanship
  • Built-in storage container
  • Whip attachment
  • Protective, magnetic lid
  • Battery free
Free Shipping Easy Returns World Class Customer Service
Sticky Brick Hydrobrick Maxx Vaporizer
Sticky Brick Hydrobrick Maxx

The Flip Brick - The glass lover

For all of the glass lovers out there, the Flip Brick is the answer for you. It takes the huge, flavorful clouds its brothers dish out and pushes them through your favorite piece of glass. Nailing the technique is important here, however. Using glass dampens the sensory feedback and requires a keen eye to produce quality vapor. Nail the technique and you’ll be very pleased with the Flip Brick.

Sticky Brick Flip Brick Vaporizer Cherry

Sticky Brick Flip Brick Vaporizer


The Sticky Brick Flip Brick is the perfect torch-powered vape for glass lovers.

  • Connects to your favorite glass bubbler
  • Massive clouds in seconds
  • Full convection heat
  • Battery free
Free Shipping Easy Returns World Class Customer Service
Sticky Brick Flip Brick Vaporizer
Sticky Brick Flip Brick


Each Sticky Brick is covered by a lifetime warranty against all manufacturer defects. The glass is covered by a 15-day warranty against all manufacturer defects. As with all vaporizers purchased from Planet of the Vapes, you are also covered by our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

What’s in the box?

In addition to your Sticky Brick vape of choice, you’ll also find the following items:

  • Single flame torch (empty)
  • Two carb corks
  • One stainless stir stick
  • Two wooden stir sticks
  • Six screens
  • Two restrictor discs (one installed)
  • One Sticky Pad for concentrates
  • User manual

Sticky Brick Vaporizers Box Contents

Sticky Brick Maxx

  • Everything listed above
  • One medical-grade silicone whip
  • 18mm Male connection
  • 18mm Female connection
  • 14mm Male connection
Sticky Brick Hydrobrick Maxx Vaporizer Box Contents
Hydrobrick Maxx Box Contents

For best results

Depending on your skill level, either leave the restrictor disc inserted or take it out. Start with a medium grind and fill the oven to the top with a soft tamp. Patience is key, so take it nice and slow as you ease the halo of the flame into the intake, and use a soft, slow inhale before you ramp up the heat. Check out our Tips and Tricks for more details.

Cleaning & maintenance

Cleaning your Brick is a simple process. Deep cleanings require nothing more than a cup of rubbing alcohol, some water, and a few hours of soaking glass. Brush out the oven after each session and you won’t need to deep clean as often. Check out our Sticky Bricks Cleaning Guide for a full run down.

Who’s a Sticky Brick for?

The Sticky Brick lineup is for anyone who wants a beautiful piece of art that can pump out exquisite flavors and enormous clouds. The on-demand style, and the ability to keep up with even the biggest hitters, makes these vaporizers a great choice for transitioning smokers that want to feel right at home with pipe-style rips.

Sticky Bricks also open up the ritualistic side of consumption. The perfect hit engages all your senses, with a routine that will quickly soothe. Most vapes just deliver vapor, while Bricks bring the experience!

Who’s a Sticky Brick not for?

If mastering a technique while wielding a torch doesn’t sound appealing to you, or patience isn’t your strong suit, then look elsewhere. You could easily burn your herbs while learning the routine. And Sticky Brick vapes aren’t discreet. With a torch in one hand and a block of wood in the other, you’re likely to attract attention.

Final thoughts

It’s not everyday you get an elegant piece of art that can spice up any decor, but also shine just as brightly with its function. For some, the Sticky Brick technique will be too cumbersome, but it adds a layer of personal connection and simplicity that can’t be found with electronic vaporizers. Did we mention that they hit like a truck? Once dialed in, Sticky Bricks are easily the biggest portable hitters around. With multiple options to fit any need, Sticky Brick Labs has created a beautiful line of vaporizers that will continue to turn heads for years to come. Still on the fence? Check out our Best Dry Herb Vaporizer Guide to find out which vape best suites you.


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tyler hixon

Tyler is a seasoned veteran in the vape industry with over 5 years of experience in the field and nearly a decade of dry herb vaping under his belt.

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