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Epikai E-nano XL Vaporizer Review

Epickai E-nano XL Review

The Epickai E-nano XL dry herb desktop vaporizer does something most vapes can’t - satisfy both large and small appetites!

E-nano XL Vaporizer Review: Bigger Works!

The Epickai E-nano XL dry herb desktop vaporizer looks amazing and tastes even better. And it does something most vapes can’t - satisfy both large and small appetites! If you thought the original E-nano was an improvement on log vapes, wait until you try the XL!

EpicVape E-Nano XL Vaporizer by Epickai

EpicVape E-Nano XL Vaporizer by Epickai


More power and a larger oven from your favorite log vaporizer.

  • Efficient, full convection vapor
  • Larger heater and glass stem bowl
  • Great for large and small doses
  • Small and compact
  • Handcrafted wood design
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What’s a log vape?

Log vaporizers have a long reputation for efficiency and friendship. They’re made of wood and are usually about the size of a fist. Since log vapes are handcrafted from wood, they’re typically artisan pieces with amazing character that capture hearts. To use one, load a bowl at the end of a stem, mate it with the vape and take your hits. If you’re familiar with any of the Arizer portable vaporizers, they’re basically like portable log vapes.

EpicVape E-nano XL by Epickai Review Log Vape Family Shot
A little log vape history, from left to right: Ed's TNT Woodscents, E-nano, E-nano XL, a never produced Banksia Pod vape, and the Purple Days.

Log vape bowls are normally very small and work well with microdoses. There aren’t many log vape makers out there, and they usually only produce in small batches for niche communities. The E-nano XL is an exception. It’s easier to find, and comes with an adjustable bowl for those who want to vape more at once.

Who needs an XL?

Log vape lovers who want their lives back. When I used a log vape daily about ten years ago, my appetite grew to a three or four bowl session that could take 20 minutes. I enjoy an extended session as well as anyone, but I don’t want to be forced into one. Log vapes can do that with their little bowls. The larger E-nano XL bowl, however, gets through a session quickly so I can get on with my life, whether I want a large or small session.

The E-nano XL boasts a 50% larger heater and bowl than the original E-nano, which already handles larger loads than most log vapes with its adjustable bowl, so this is fun! The E-nano is a fantastic vape, and now there’s even more punch in this little XL.

Flavors pop out of the E-nano

There’s something special about the herbal flavor from nothing but glass, and the E-nano XL has it. True, there is a stainless steel basket screen in the stem, but I can’t taste it. I’ve had some amazingly flavorful hits from this vape, especially on lower temps. One session really stands out. I loaded up one of my favorite earthy herbal blends, but was hit with some citrus I’d never tasted from it before.

The XL bowl comes into play here, as well. Larger loads deliver more of everything, including flavor. Some of the larger bowls were so terpene-packed they almost choked me.

EpicVape E-nano XL by Epickai Review Glass Bowl
The tasty, all glass stem with a bucket screen at the bottom and a basket screen for a cap. You can push the bucket screen up to make the bowl smaller.

Endearing and beautiful

If you’ve never owned a log vape before, you’re in for a treat. They’re little, beautifully handcrafted, and wait to the side, patiently ready for your breaks. It’s so easy to pack a stem, take a hit, and set it down until you’re ready for more. Nothing cooks between hits. No one is rushed. Nothing is wasted. The Epickai (formerly Epicvape) E-nano XL will likely steal your heart.

The sustainable hardwood grains are captivating, whether you choose the lighter cherry or the darker walnut, but I like the view from above. The ceramic heater is encased in a shiny tube within a shiny tube, surrounded by cooling vents that add a steampunk feel to it. And it keeps your hands warm as you look down into it! A lot of thought went into the artisanship of the E-nano XL.

EpicVape E-nano XL by Epickai Review Lifestyle Shot
The diminutive E-nano XL and beautiful controller, with the handy E-pick.

An easy ritual

The E-nano XL doesn’t waste your time. Once it’s settled into its living space on your desk or counter, you’re ready to go in just a couple minutes. If this had been my first log vape, I might not have gotten another one.

The ritual couldn’t be much simpler. Turn the vape on, load your stem, and you’re set. Mate the bowl to the vape and take your hits. Remove the stem if you’re done for a bit. I usually stir once or twice during a session, and the multi-tool comes in handy here.

EpicVape E-nano XL by Epickai Review Glass Stem Mated with Heat Exchanger
How the stem mates to the vape. The basket fits over the heat exchanger so the herbs don't burn.

Dry herbs, with a wide temp spectrum for more

The E-nano XL can vape anything you want, with a wide temperature spectrum for dry herbs, and then some. Its temperature is controlled by an analog dial conveniently located a couple feet down the power cord that goes from 0 to 10, with a top temperature of 560°F (293°C). Most of my test time was spent with dry herbs between 6 and 8 on the dial. I liked to ride the higher half of the aromatherapy temperature spectrum, and usually landed around 7 and ¾. The one time I went up to 8 and ¼, the herbs burned.

The E-nano XL has the headroom to vaporize concentrates, but as of yet, there is no accessory for it. The original E-nano worked well with a POTV ONE concentrate pad in the bowl - it was the perfect fit. But the XL is larger. I was able to use the XL similarly with a Mighty+ concentrate pad, but technically it was too big, and I can’t recommend it. I had to deform the pad slightly, and I feared the glass would break. It didn’t, but it felt like I was riding the edge. Fair warning - if you try it and break yours, you’re on your own for a replacement! **The Solid Concentrate Pad for Dosing Capsules fit perfectly here, but are no longer in production. If you can find one, hold onto it!**

Always on, or just when you want

From a cold start, the E-nano XL is ready about as quickly as you are. Or you can leave it on and always have it at the ready - just be mindful that there is something hot on the counter. The heat up time is around two minutes, which is about how long it takes to prepare your herbs and load a stem. My first log vape years ago took over 20 minutes to heat up, so consider yourself lucky! Log vape power consumption is low, so I left my old logs on all the time. I left my E-nano XL on for at least a week straight, simply out of old habits, but you won’t have to with such a quick heat up time.

Stylish temperature control

The temperature dial on the XL is a massive improvement over any other log vape controller. It’s gorgeous and matches the vaporizer’s wood finish. I know it’s just an adjustable temperature controller, but I must point out how much this makes life better for log vape owners.

EpicVape E-nano XL by Epickai Review Temperature Controller
The best log vape controller yet!

The chase for a log vape with multiple temperatures has been rocky, at best. For a long time there were only single temp log vapes. Years later variable temperature controllers were added, but they were either bulky (sometimes bigger than the vape!) or unreliable. The original E-nano had the best controller before the XL, but it suffered as well. It was small enough to move when you picked up the vape, and sometimes it would get knocked and change the temperature.

The XL controller is heavier, so it holds its own and doesn’t wander. The turn knob has enough tension so it doesn’t change too easily. The length of the cord from the controller to the vape is a little over two feet, and was just right for my use - short enough to stay organized but not so long that it disturbs the controller. Compared to the original E-nano, the power cord is now smaller and horizontally aligned, and the vape is more stable.

Microdose or go hard

The E-nano XL does what most vapes can’t - excel with large and small doses. And it’s easy to change the bowl size from one payload to another, too. The basket screen at the back of the bowl slides up and down to alter the size of the load. Push it way back for larger loads, and up to the top to microdose.

When it’s time to go hard, the XL packs a punch. The stem can hold up to a third of a gram, but for my larger sessions I found my sweet spot at one-fifth of a gram (0.2 grams). Much more than that and the vapor production suffered.

The oversized XL satisfies with little loads, too. We dubbed the original E-nano the “Microdose King” a little while back (before we added the Vapman!), so I was hopeful the XL would please with small and large dry herb payloads, and it does. I was happy with the hits I got off amounts as small as 0.025 grams. I even got wispy vapor with as little as 0.01 grams.

EpicVape E-nano XL by Epickai Review Large and Small Microdose Bowl
Bowl configurations: full size on the left, smaller on the right. Push the bucket screen up until it touches the basket screen for the smallest bowl possible.

Small footprint

The E-nano XL hits big but doesn’t invade your space. The body only needs a smidge over two inches of desk space, and the controller is just two and a half inches in diameter. Every other desktop vape I have with this kind of punch is much bigger. Whether your space is tight or you just like things neat and tidy, this vape makes it easy. This is one of the few vapes that has remained on my desk long after the tests were complete!

EpicVape E-nano XL by Epickai Review Small Footprint
The name may be XL, but the size isn't. This vape fits in anywhere!

A multi-tool worth talking about

It’s not often I take any time to talk about what is essentially a stir tool, but the E-nano multi-tool (or e-pick) quickly became indispensable. Look at all it does.

  • Removes the basket screen without harm when it’s hot.
  • Perfectly sets the bucket screen for microdoses.
  • Stirs the bowl.
  • Sets the screen deeper for larger bowls.
  • Gently tamps the herbs.
  • Grinds your herbs.

There might even be more. Drop your tip in the comments below if we missed one!

EpicVape E-nano XL by Epickai Review Multi-tool remove Bowl
The U-shaped curve of the multi-tool fits perfectly around the basket screen for safe and easy removal.

No vape is perfect

The vapor can be a little hot on the upper temps for me with the glass stem that comes with the E-nano XL, and I have to adjust my draw style. I prefer the Ice stem with glass beads that cool the vapor. It has a static glass screen in the bowl, but you can add the bucket screen to it if you want to shrink the bowl for microdoses.

If you purchase the SonG (Silicon on Glass) water pipe adapter, the function is great. But I'm not terribly fond of the look. It’s a little bulky, but gets the job done.

The bowl is capped with a basket screen that doesn’t perfectly sit against the heat exchanger. For the most part this is just a personal issue, but every now and then I think it affects the session. The more I use it, though, the less it bothers me. I feel more comfortable when I hold the XL in place on the SonG, instead of by itself.

Pros and Cons

Pros 👍 Cons 👎
Big, tasty hits Cooling stem isn’t included
Small - same as OG Water Pipe Adapter is bulky
Two-minutes until ready
Attractive design

Bottom line

Big hits from a little vape. And it microdoses!

Summary: E-nano vs E-nano XL

We have a full comparison coming, but it’s easy to reach for the XL over the OG E-nano. It’s the same size but heats up quicker, can accommodate larger payloads but still microdose, and has a superior temp controller. I’d spring for the extra $80 and get the XL.

EpicVape E-nano XL by Epickai Review OG E-nano E-nano XL Comparison
Original E-nano on the left, XL on the right.


The Epickai E-nano XL comes with a three year warranty that covers any workmanship and defect issues, with a lifetime warranty for the heating element. Like all of our products, the E-nano XL is covered by our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

What’s in the box

  • E-Nano XL Vaporizer
  • Long Glass stem w/ Basket screen
  • Variable Temperature Power Adapter
  • Multi-tool

For best results

We have a Tips and Tricks article coming soon. For now, find your balance between power level and draw speed. Start with a draw speed that feels good, then adjust the power to your liking. That’s how I find my sweet spot.

Easy maintenance

Our Cleaning and Maintenance Guide is on the way, but until then, make sure to empty out the bowl after it’s spent or the screens will dirty a lot quicker. When you’re done, just blow it into the garbage, and scrape the screen with the multi-tool.

Who is the E-nano XL for?

The E-nano XL can fit into a lot of lifestyles. Macrodosers, microdosers, taste hounds, and those that love a good piece of art will all love this vape. The $279.95 price tag puts it in the mid-range for a desktop, so it’s not the easiest vape on the wallet. But the performance and versatility make it worth it.

EpicVape E-nano XL by Epickai Review Lifestyle Shot
The E-nano XL fits a lot of styles.

Who is the E-nano XL not for?

If your budget is limited, the E-nano will not only cost you in the beginning, but you’re likely to buy some accessories down the road. I prefer the Ice stem and use the SonG and stand all the time, so my kit was well over $300. Every addition is worth it, but adds up.


I love the E-nano XL. The original E-nano log vaporizer addressed a lot of my complaints from my earlier log vape days - better temperature control, a bigger bowl, and availability. But the XL is on steroids, with even more herbal capacity, a faster heat up time, and an improved temperature controller! I have enjoyed reconnecting with the log vape ritual so much that the XL hasn’t left my desk even after the tests were over.

If you love log vapes, I recommend the XL - it goes where others don’t. And if you’ve never had one but like the looks of it, I’d start and end the search here.

E-nano XL FAQs:

Q: Is the E-nano XL herb vaporizer worth it?
A: If you want a log vape that is efficient with small loads and hits hard with larger amounts, absolutely!

Q: How do you use an E-nano XL?
A: Load the bowl end of the stem, and hold it up to the center tube (heat exchanger) while you take your draw. Remove the stem when done with your draw.

Q: What log vape has the biggest bowl?
A: The E-nano XL has the largest bowl of any dry herb log vaporizer. Most log vapes pride themselves on efficiency with small payloads, but the E-nano XL crushes it with large (0.2 grams) and small (0.01 grams) loads.

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EpicVape E-Nano XL Vaporizer by Epickai