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Volcano Classic Vaporizer

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Color: Onyx (New)
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Regular price $479.00
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Volcano Digit: As of August 2019, the Digit is no longer available - it is replaced by the new Volcano Hybrid.

Who is the Volcano vaporizer for?

With German engineering, the Volcano Vaporizer is one of the most advanced, high quality, easy to use, efficient desktop vapes on the market. Whether you choose the analog temperature control of the Volcano Classic or the feature-rich Volcano Hybrid vaporizer, you’ll have one of the best vaporizer experiences available. It's a great choice for both the beginner and enthusiast alike.

Storz & Bickel also offers medically certified versions of the Volcano, called the Volcano Medic. Check it out here.

New Limited Edition Onyx variant

The Volcano Classic has received an updated, matte black finish for a clean, sophisticated take on the legendary Volcano vaporizer. This new look comes with a scratch-resistant, high-quality powder coating that's more resistant to smudges than previous models. Get them while they last!

SOLD OUT - 20th anniversary Volcano Classic gold edition

Happy birthday, Volcano! To celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Volcano, Storz & Bickel released a special 24 carat gold-plated version that was only produced in 2020. Functionality and vapor quality are identical to the Classic, but with a head-turning gold finish. 

Medical grade construction

With over 12 years of research and development and extensive safety testing, the Volcano Vaporizer earns the distinction of being a medical grade device dry herb vaporizer.

Highly Efficient

The Volcano's iconic balloon and valve system ensures that no vapor or hot air is lost, and the convection heating system only cooks your herbs while blowing bags. This combined with an enormous aluminum heat exchanger makes the Volcano vaporizer one of the most efficient vaporizers in the world.

Easy to use

Even with all the technical advancements, amazing efficiency and years of research, Storz & Bickel went out of their way to make sure the Volcano Vaporizer is simple to use and nearly error proof. Its precise temperature settings make it impossible to combust your herbs. The Volcano Classic comes without a shutoff timer, and can stay on all day long for extended use.

Average heat up time 

The Volcano heats up in about three minutes. Its 100 Watt convection heating source combined with a large aluminum heat exchanger ensures a constant temperature during vaporization.

Classic vs Hybrid: Display, accuracy & features

There are some big differences between the Volcano Classic and the Volcano Hybrid.

Volcano Classic
Employing an analog design, the Volcano Classic features simple yet precise temperature control with a range of 266° F - 446° F. The Volcano Classic delivers some of the most accurate temperatures to your herbs with an accuracy of ± 5° C / 9° F. The Classic does not display the temperature on its analog dial and instead displays numbers 1-9, with a chart in the box to show what temperatures the numbers correspond to.

Volcano Hybrid
The Volcano Hybrid has digital controls with a wider temperature range (104° F - 446° F), blows bags and has a direct draw whip. It also has a full suite of controls through the Bluetooth app (available on Android, with a workaround for iPhone users). The Hybrid delivers slightly more accurate temperature to your herbs with an accuracy of ± 1.5° Celsius / 2.7° Fahrenheit (compared to ± 5° C / 9° F for the Classic). The LED displays the current temperature as well as the set temperature.

Also see our Volcano Hybrid vs Volcano Classic article.

Easy valve set included.
What about the solid valve?

The Volcano Vaporizer comes with the Easy Valve Starter Set, which includes:

  • 4 Volcano Easy Valve Balloons
  • 1 Volcano Balloon with adapter
  • 1 Easy Valve Filling Chamber for dry herbs
  • 3 Filling Chamber Clips
  • 1 Cap Ring
  • 1 Normal Screen set
  • 1 Cleaning Brush

Storz & Bickel updated the Easy Valve System, making it superior to the Solid Valve in pretty much every way. The Solid Valve set is no longer offered as an option when you buy a Volcano, but can be purchased separately.

The Storz & Bickel difference

Made in Germany, all Storz & Bickel vaporizers are built without any glass components, for maximum durability and an exceptional vaping experience. Whether you’re vaporizing at home, or with a portable vaporizer like the Crafty+ or Mighty vaporizer, vapor production is top notch. Temperature settings are controlled and reliable, with very little temperature drift, and the dosing capsules tie the entire lineup together. The Volcano vape only needs a Filling Chamber Reducer to micro-dose with the dosing capsules.

Disclaimer: Storz & Bickel vaporizers no longer include a steel mesh pad for dry concentrates.

Volcano Vaporizer Easy Valve Set Box Contents

What's in the box

  • Volcano Vaporizer 110V
  • Easy Valve Starter Set
  • Storz & Bickel Herb Mill Grinder
  • Extra Air Filter Set
  • Extra Screens
  • Mouthpiece
  • Cleaning Brush
Volcano Classic Onyx Vaporizer By Storz and Bickel Side view Specs

Technical specifications

  • Stainless Steel Clad Ceramic Heating Element
  • Aluminum Block Heat Exchanger
  • Height 7.1 in / 18 cm
  • Diameter 7.9 in / 20 cm
  • 3 Year Manufacturer Warranty
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

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United States United States

The ultimate.

Others have gone in detail why this is amazing. All is good and ready to go (buy herb) Always solid and steady. This is now used for travelling and bring to guests/parties. Since upgraded to the Hybrid, and besides the flaws to that (was) is my go to at home.

James M.
United States United States

20 years and still going

The legend lives up to its name even 20 years later.

Jamil L.
United States United States

Control knob on Volcano Classic came off!

I purchased the Volcano Classic about a month ago. I love it but the control knob came off after using it for two weeks. How can I resolve this issue? I know the 14 day guarantee has passed.


Planet Of The Vapes

Reaching out to you via our customer service portal as we speak, Jamil. Regards, Larry

Aaron O.
United States United States

Best Money Spent

Outstanding product almost one year after purchasing. I would recommend the Volcano in particular but all STORZ & BICKEL products are 5⭐️

Ray c.
United States United States

Volcano classic is amazing

I’ve been using herbs for around 35 years give or take a year. I just turned 50. My wife bought me a Mighty handheld around 4 years ago and I wanted to get a good desktop vape. I really wanted a Volcano and decided to treat myself. I literally cannot believe how the effects are off this Volcano. The vapor is cool and smooth. I do still cough a bit but I’m still experimenting with temps and settings I have found that 6.5 works well. I cannot overstate this I have a monster tolerance. I was an extremely heavy water tool user. This thing gets me cranked. I only wish I had bought it years earlier. Thanks, Planet of the Vapes! My wife bought me my Mighty here and you guys rock.

Planet Of The Vapes Volcano Classic Vaporizer Review

Planet Of The Vapes

Thank you for your kind words, Ray, and thank you for choosing POTV. We're here for you any time you need us. Just contact us here if the need ever arises: With best regards, and please stay safe out there, Larry

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