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Arizer Solo 3 Vaporizer

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  • Vape your way with Sessions & On-demand Modes
  • Start your sessions in only 15 seconds
  • Ready for bubblers with a 14mm adapter & screen inversion
  • Vape more with Arizer's New XL Stem System
  • Up to 3 hours of battery life with USB-C charging
Regular price $344.95 $279.95
You save: $65.00
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Who is the Solo 3 for?

The Arizer Solo 3 vaporizer is for anyone who wants the strongest Arizer experience to date. The Arizer Solo 3 pushes the envelope with new features never before seen in an Arizer dry herb vaporizer to create a totally redefined Arizer session you’ll want to relive over and over again.

The pinnacle of Solo vaporization

The Solo 3 enters with a suite of killer upgrades and features to maximize your sessions. For those who want to elevate their vape game to the max with Arizer, the Solo 3 answers the call:

-New Convection-focused hybrid heater
-Session & On-demand Modes
-Fast 15 second heat up time
-New XL Stem System
-Preset temperature settings + precise controls
-Redesigned operating system

Pure Arizer vapor with more convection

Inhale Arizer’s best with the Solo III and its convection-focused ceramic heater. Their newest flagship vaporizer provides an even and efficient cook with a fine-tuned 80% convection, 20% conduction hybrid heater that delivers full-bodied flavors in a dense cloud of vapor.

Session & On-demand modes

Vaporize in two different ways with the Solo 3’s dual Session and On-demand Modes. Relax into Session Mode, where sessions last anywhere from 1 to 20 minutes, or take quick hits in seconds with On-demand Mode, which disengages the heater as soon as you finish your hit.

Heats up in just 15 seconds

From ON to potent vapor in only 15 seconds. The Solo 3 continues to push its boundaries with the fastest heat-up time of any Arizer dry herb vaporizer, with even faster times when it’s primed and ready to go.

Ready for water pipes

Connect the Arizer Solo 3 dry herb vaporizer to your favorite glass bubbler with the included 14mm Frosted Glass Aroma Tube. Pack the stem at the bottom, insert it into the Solo 3, and then connect it to any bubbler with a 14mm female fitting.

Flip the Solo 3 upside down and its screen and controls will invert for a seamless experience. No settings to tweak or adjust!

Bigger bowl, better airflow with NEW XL Stem System

Enjoy bigger, badder hits with Arizer’s new XL Pod System. These extra glass stem mouthpieces come with a larger capacity bowl and an extra air hole for better airflow. These XL stems are included alongside the standard-sized stems.

3 hours of battery life

Once again, the Solo 3 reigns supreme as the longest-lasting portable vaporizer on the market. Arizer claims a staggering three-hour-long runtime in Session Mode or 100+ draws in On-demand mode per charge.

USB-C passthrough charging

Never miss a session with the Arizer Solo 3’s USB-C passthrough charging. Plug in and charge anywhere with a universal USB-C charge port and then jump right into a session while you fill up the battery.

Precise controls or preset settings

Control your sessions exactly how you see fit with preset settings or precise temperature controls. Click and choose any temperature between 122°F / 50°C - 428°F / 220°C or double click the center button and pick between five preset temperature settings.

Bigger is better

The Solo 3 portable vaporizer showcases a sleek, modern design and is built for the long haul. At less than an inch taller than the Solo 2, the Solo 3 is a little larger than most portable vaporizers on the market, but is built for any excursion.

User manual

Download the Arizer Solo 3 user manual here.


The Arizer Solo 3 portable dry herb vaporizer comes with a 2-year warranty on workmanship and defects, an industry-leading 1-year warranty on the battery, and a lifetime warranty on the heating element. (Glass parts/accessories not included)

You will need your device’s serial number to be eligible for warranty work. This can be located on the bottom of the Solo 3. Like all of our products, the Solo 3 vaporizer is covered by our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

ArizerSolo3 in the box content

What's in the box

  • 1 x Solo 3 Vaporizer
  • 1 x USB-C Charger (5v,3A)
  • 1 x XL Glass Aroma Tube (90mm)
  • 1 x XL Frosted Glass Aroma Tube (14mm)
  • 1 x Air/Solo Glass Aroma Tube (90mm)
  • 1 x Air/Solo Frosted Glass Aroma Tube (14mm)
  • 4 x Air/Solo Silicone Stem Caps
  • 2 x PVC Travel Tube w/ Cap (90mm Size)
  • 2 x PVC Travel Tube w/ Cap (70mm Size)
  • 1 x Stainless Steel Stirring Tool
  • 4 x Air/Solo Stainless Steel Filter Screens
  • 1 x Solo 3 Owner’s Manual
arizer-solo-3-front-view specs

Technical specifications

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United States United States

Holy ****

I've had this thing for about 3 weeks now and hot damn! At first I was skeptical, but once I figured out how to use it, I was blown away. It's not quite an intuitive device (imo) but you get comfortable with it over time. It heats up quickly and RIPS. Definitely a powerful, well built device. The ONLY downsides to this are that it's kinda big and depending on what you're doing/where you're going, it's not very portable. And it would be nice to be able to smoke concentrates in this. Having said that, I'd still buy this again and would recommend it to anyone looking for a **** quality vaporizer.

United States United States

Oh. My. God!

I recently upgraded to the Solo 3 from the Arizer Air MAX and I couldn't be happier with my decision. I could go on and on about how truly wonderful this device is, but there's plenty of that on YouTube. For those who may be on the fence about a similar upgrade, please consider: other than the premium build quality, the Solo 3 will give you an entirely different vaping experience than anything on par with the Air MAX. For context, I am a moderate consumer and will average 8-10 sessions/day with a dry herb vape. I used the Air MAX as my "daily driver" for 6 months and could never really get where I was trying to go. The Solo 3 changes that. This thing will handle whatever you can throw at it, and do so in style! There's a bit of a learning curve with the controls and interface; it's nothing like the Air MAX. Like anything else, in time, I'm sure I'll get familiar with it. In the meantime, I'm having a blast figuring it out! The XL tubes have improved air flow, which translates to much bigger rips. (Speaking of which, does POTV carry the new XL aroma tubes?) I've also heard of people using the TM2 dosing capsules inside the XL tubes. If that actually works, it'd be a nice way to have the complimentary Tightvac container loaded up with capsules for on the go use. Any insight, Larry? Thanks to POTV and Arizer for this game changer!

Planet Of The Vapes Arizer Solo 3 Vaporizer Review
United States United States

Solo 3

I've been using the Solo 3 for a couple weeks. No complaints here very happy with my purchase from Planet of the vapes. Delivery was very fast couldn't be more happy. Thank You to everyone at Planet of the vapes.


Planet Of The Vapes

It is our pleasure, Mark. Thank you as well. Take care, Larry

United States United States

9/10 -- Here's why!

So far this and potv have been amazing to me. After having the lobo not work out for me as a good daily driver, potv replaced it and all the accessories I purchased in order to upgrade to this. I even got to use my $15 coupon from the original lobo purchase! This thing hits. Hits f---ing great! Its only been a few days but so far I haven't had to clean diddly squat! No screen to mess with, no capsules, just a solid glass stem that keeps everything clean af! No more spending every other day cleaning vapes chambers and capsules because you decided you wanted to vape exclusively! It also feels super solid with no loose parts/sensation when holding/moving the device. Legit feels like holding a lightsaber! As for why it isn't a 10/10 -- First off this Solo 3 includes two water pipe adapters which would be perfect except I rock 18mm and not 14mm. Would've been great if they included both or at least gave you the option to choose. Another smaller issue is that the herb still slightly cooks passively when on on-demand mode. If you want zero heat in between hits its best to just remove the stem, tho I understand mechanically it would be hard to make this device do that on its own. Overall I think most people purchasing the Solo 3 will find it to be their holy grail for portable vaping. For $100 less than the new venty and just $100 more than the lobo? This vape is an absolute steal. Get it while its sill only $280! Will update if I run into any issues in the future!

United States United States

Not really USB-C

Do these 2 things first: Test it with an actual USB-C charger. It says it comes with one, but it comes with an old USB-A charger. It won't work with a USB-C charger and a USB-C cable. Charge the battery to 100%, keep it plugged in, switch to on demand mode, try to start it. I encounter an ERROR2 every time it starts heating. I assume it draws more power than the USB block can provide. For me, personally, I don't want yet another device that I can't charge off the same charger I use for my laptop, headphones, cell phone, etc. Can't even battery swap like TM2, so it's basically a slightly cheaper TM2, with less power, that you'll have to eventually throw away. The Solo 2 was a steal at the price, but now they want around $300 for a worse version of the TM2.


Planet Of The Vapes

Hi Jared, Larry here. I see that you are currently working with Miguel on this as well as working directly with Arizer. Please continue to do so. You are in very good hands both from us as well as from the manufacture. We'll get you squared away here. Take care, Larry