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Planet of the Vapes ONE

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  • Ultra Pocketable
  • Heats up in 30 seconds
  • Vibration Feedback
  • Digital Temperature Controls
  • Includes Stock and Glass Mouthpieces
  • Two Year Warranty
Regular price $99.95 $79.96
You save: $19.99
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Who is the ONE for?

This ONE’s going to impress! We found an affordable, ultra-portable vaporizer with great performance, and we made it even better. It’s small, packs a punch, is full of features, but still tough. The ONE is the perfect vape to level up from the conduction vaporizer scene, and a solid, low-cost option for anyone serious about vaporizing.

Strong and tasty vapor

The ONE’s heating system fully extracts in just a few minutes, giving you tasty, potent vapor along the way. The air path is sealed from the electronics, with an open air flow for comfortable draws, and you’ll be surprised by the strong vapor from such a small package.

New teal color

A sleek, matte teal finish has made its way onto the Planet of the Vapes ONE lineup for a new take on this pocket-sized vaporizer.


The ONE isn’t just little - it’s one of the smallest vapes we carry. It’s easy to palm, or lose in your pocket, and built for durability. Toss it in any bag without worry when using the tough, standard mouthpiece.

Good battery life

The internal (non user-replaceable) battery has a 30 to 40-minute run time, for six to eight four-minute sessions, depending on the temperature used. We’re pretty impressed, given the ONE’s size. Most vaporizers this small only come through with three to four sessions before tapping out. Most people will get at least a full night out of a single charge.

30-second heat-up time

The POTV ONE is ready to vape in 30 to 40 seconds, depending on the temperature used and the battery level. Once it’s ready, the waiting is over and you can hit it continuously. With times like that, you can have a quick session anywhere, or even use it for one quick hit and throw it back in your pocket.

Easy, intuitive controls

With no learning curve, the ONE is the perfect vape to pass around the room, or relax with by yourself. It has three buttons that work like you think they should - turn it on with three clicks of the big button, pick your favorite temperature with the other two buttons, and wait for it to vibrate 30 seconds later. Easy peasy.

Lots of features

You read that right - we added vibration feedback! The POTV ONE lets you know when it’s ready to vape, or when it’s turned off, all without even a glance. But we didn’t stop there. The screen shows the critical points all at once - temperature, battery level, and a session timer - and is flippable, so you can hold it however you like and still read the display.

Add some glass

Out of the box, the ONE is fully equipped with a tough, low-profile mouthpiece for your pockets, and a second Accessory Attachment for all kinds of fun with glass. When you’re ready to change things up a little bit, grab a curved mouthpiece, one of our custom-fit glass bubblers, or use a water pipe adapter with your bubbler, for even cooler vapor.

Unbeatable value

The ONE combines ultra-small size, lots of features, and the flexibility to work with glass, for a base price of just $99. While the battery is better than anything else in its size class, you’ll love how easy it is to get such potent clouds, and that’s what it’s all about.


The ONE vaporizer has a 2-year warranty when purchased from Planet of the Vapes and, as with all vaporizers purchased from us, you are also covered by our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

Planet of the Vapes ONE Box Contents

What's in the box

  • Planet of the Vapes ONE Vaporizer with Standard Mouthpiece
  • Micro-USB Charging Cable
  • Accessory Attachment with Tinted Glass Stem
  • Tweezers
  • Cleaning Brush
  • Spare Gasket and Screen
  • Dosing Capsule
  • Concentrate Pad
  • Loading Tool
  • Quickstart Guide
POTV One Teal in Hand Spec

Technical specifications

  • Battery capacity: LiPo, 1600mAh
  • Height: 3.2 in / 8.1 cm
  • Width: 2 in / 5.0 cm
  • Depth: 1 in / 2.7 cm
  • Weight: 4.6 oz / 130 g
  • Temperature Range: 320° F - 430° F / (160° C - 221° C)
  • Charging: 90 minute charge time with a 30 minute run time
  • Warranty: Two years
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

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Pal A.
United States United States

Great little microdosing vape

I have had this for a year of weekly use now and I really do enjoy using it. Heats up fast enough for me. Gives me a long enough sesh and is very reliable and easy to care for. The only thing is how can I charge it a little faster? I use a Samsung Galaxy charger and it still charges at a crawl. I am so used to my fast charging that I am spoiled for conventional charging rates. If I could have one wish it would be that it had a 2000mah removable, rechargeable battery. But I suppose that would bulk it up to unacceptable levels. If it only made it longer that wouldn't be too bad would it? Anyway, I give it a 5* rating because it is so easy to use. Keep on trucking dudes! (Does anyone say that anymore or is it just us seasoned citizen types?)


Planet Of The Vapes

For what it's worth, Pal, at 78 years old, I haven't heard that term being used for the past 57 years but thanks for mentioning it. Shades of R. Crumb. Take care, Larry

Andrew B.
United States United States

Planet of the Vapes is the absolute BEST!

POTV customer support is way above and beyond the other e-retailers I've come across, including Amazon. I appreciate their patience and helpful support while I found a product that was right for me. The ONE device is a 10/10. I will only order from POTV from now on Thanks, guys.


Planet Of The Vapes

You are very welcome, Andrew, and thank you for not only choosing us to do business with but for your kind words as well. I'll pass this on to the rest of our team. Take care, Larry

Canada Canada

Airflow mod and concentrate dream

Alright, I'll start by saying my rating is for the overall experience, not just the vape. When I first got it I wasn't sold on it. I even reached out for a return because I felt like the tip was burning my lips and the bubbler did not have enough airflow but the service was so awesome that it gave me hope. I felt like I didn't want to give these guys a half opinion and wanted to give it a real chance. So I started looking at options for cooling and airflow, I removed the screens in the mouthpieces and managed to put the straight glass tube inside the stock mouthpiece. Now it has nice airflow and nice cooling even at higher temps. the concentrate pads do fit inside the dosing capsule (you guys said it doesn't but it does) and are very nice for pre-packing concentrates and keeping the oven clean. For less melty concentrate put the screen you removed from the vape inside the capsule, and for the ones that don't melt just directly in the capsule, it works great and tastes great for a long time compared to herb and to me cleaning is even easier than dedicated ******** devices because I just wash all the capsule at once and quickly brush the chamber with a q-tip (capsule and q-tip with ISO). Battery life is around 6 capsules I would say which is enough for most sessions just leave it plugged when you have a source of power. Overall nice vape but an even greater experience and has a lot of ways to use it the way YOU like it. It takes a bit of time to like it for some people like me, but it's gonna creep on ya. I swear once you realize how versatile it is!

Planet Of The Vapes Planet of the Vapes ONE Review
Ronald N.
United States United States

Every Day Carry POV One

Best practices for everyday carry. The POTV One is the best every day all day carry in this case. Discrete pre-fill dosing capsules and set for daytime use Cheers !

Canada Canada

Had issues but POTV replaced it and now everything is great

I had several issues with my product upon arrival and left a 1 star review. I was immediately contacted by one of their staff via email and was given instructions on how to do a return. Within a week or two they sent me a brand new product and honestly this is one of the best vapes I've had. I got the water pipe attachment which has now allowed me to cut smoke completely out of my life (and lungs!). So yeah giving this another review and this time it's 5 stars!

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