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VapCap M Vaporizer

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Add torch lighter for $10:


  • Latest 2018 Version
  • Made in USA
  • Manual Heating
  • 100% Stainless Steel
  • Microdose Friendly
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Who's the VapCap M for?

The VapCap M by DynaVap is perfect for anyone looking for a true one-hitter, manual vape with a practically indestructible build. Ready to vape off the grid, the simple design produces tasty, reliable vapor and never needs to charge.

Microdose ready

The M’s stainless steel bowl holds 0.1 grams and is surprisingly effective even with so little. Its quick to reload, allowing you to vape as much or as little of your herbs as you like in a session.

Manual heating

The VapCap M is heated with a lighter putting you in full control. The ‘cap’ has an audible click to let you know you're at temperature and ready to vape.  It's so simple, but effective and takes the guess work out of lighter based vaporizers.  Changing what section of the cap you heat gives you different vaping temperatures from 300° F to 450° F, putting you in full control.

Check out our DynaVap Quick Start guide to learn more about getting started with your VapCap.

Fast as fire

The VapCap M heats up in 5 to 10 seconds from cold, and even faster during a session.

Custom, tasty vapor

With the M’s manual heating you are in complete control of the vapor. Dial in a fast and light inhale or a thick and heavy cloud depending on where you decide to heat the cap. With the small bowl size, every hit is full of flavor.

Ultra efficient

You can come back to the same bowl later since the VapCap M as it does not heat your herb between inhales. The simple manual heating makes this one of the most efficient vapes we’ve come across.

No battery to charge

DynaVap vaporizers work with any heat source but best results are obtained with a torch lighter.  No more worries about battery life and "recharging" is as simple as refilling your lighter with butane.

Super small

The VapCap M is 3.5” long which puts it high in the running for smallest vape ever. It comes with a plastic tube carrying case so you can throw it back in your pocket even while it’s still hot, and the only other things you’ll need are a lighter and some herbs.

Other VapCap vaporizers

  • NONAVONG - Wood body tapered to mate with 14mm glass
  • OmniVap - Top of the line, all-titanium internals with adjustable airflow
  • OmniVonG - OmniVap that also mates with glass


The DynaVap M is built to last a lifetime and rare warranty issues are taken case by case. Like all of our products, the VapCap M is covered by our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

What's in the box

  • VapCap M
  • Plastic Tube Case
  • Owner’s Manual

Technical specifications

  • Height 3.5 in / 9 cm
  • Diameter 3/8 in / 1 cm
  • Weight .7 oz / 20 g
  • 300° F - 450° F (150° C - 230° C) Manually
  • Controlled Temp.

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Brandon Honea

Awestruck! !!

When I got this in my hands it took about 15 minutes alone with it and it totally reshaped how my sessions will go for the rest of my life!! This is one of those products that when you feel and use it, you immediately know it's an engineering marvel....easily in a class of its own and I deeply thank the whole DYNAVAP team for this amazing piece. .. it's more important in my opinion than the likes of the legendary "zippo" and I love zippo... I can't say enuff about this thing it's perfection.... the only thing I disliked was the cheap lighter for $10 but that's nothing to do with the vapcap... I would have gotten the new black vapcap if I'd known better...still will get another one of these at least...thank you guys for this... Ohhhhhh I got the "Silo" and some of the lil DYNAVAP containers which the silo is a must have since it's dual sided holding the vapcap in one end and ground herbs in the other.

United States

awesome service

Works better then i could hope for

Georges F.
United States

my new favorite

the M works great. I have a Davinci, a Magic flight, and now an M. The most expensive the Davinci is my least favorite and the least expensive the M is my favorite. You get great hits when you learn the basics...2 or 3 uses and you're on your way. Great design and great customer service by POV. A definite buy.

Jared Beiler

Best Portable Vaporizer!

This is the most intuitive invention I have ever seen. Literally changed how I consume bud for the rest of my life! (Will definetely not be combusting no longer :)) This thing is so small and reliable (unlike electronic vapes) , all you need is this and a torch lighter with refillable fuel and you never have to worry about how much battery level you have left! I also like it because you can microdose so easily! This was why I didnt want to get a big vaporizer than be forced to finish the whole bowl... with this you can simply take a rip and put it back in the tube for easy smell proof storage! The only negative ive experienced is simply using the quad flame torch lighter that is included. Quad flame is entirely overkill and a waste of fuel. I bought a duel flame and it works much better becuase it heats it up slower, but this is just my opinion. Regardless enjoy this little piece of revolutionized future of vapor!

Stephen E.
United States

I like it

I bought the VapCap M mainly as an inexpensive backup, for power outages and portable use. I’ve used it as-is and thru a bubbler, both with very good results. It’s also helpful to check out the online videos for tips & techniques. I’m pleased with this purchase and recommend it.

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