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Volcano Vaporizer

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  • Easy Valve Starter Set
  • 4 Piece Aluminum CNC Grinder
  • TightVac Air Tight Storage Container


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Who is the Volcano vaporizer for?

The Volcano Vaporizer is a perfect choice for someone looking for one of the most advanced, highest quality, easy to use, efficient vaporizers on the market. Whether you choose the analog temperature control of the Volcano Classic or the fully digital control of the Volcano Digit, you are getting one of the best vaporizer experiences available.

Medical grade

With over 12 years of research and development and extensive safety testing, the Volcano Vaporizer earns the distinction of being a medical grade device.


The Volcano's iconic balloon and valve system ensures that no vapor is lost and allows vapor to be stored for up to 8 hours.  This combined with an enormous aluminum heat exchanger, air filter, and silencer makes the Volcano vaporizer one of the most efficient vaporizers in the world.

Easy to use

Even with all the technical advancements, amazing efficiency and years of research, Storz & Bickel went out of their way to make sure the Volcano Vaporizer is simple to use and nearly error proof.  The 100-watt convection heater makes it impossible to combust your herbs. 

Heat up 

The Volcano heats up in about 3 minutes and features a 100 Watt convection heating source combined with a large aluminum heat exchanger ensuring a constant temperature during vaporization.  

Digit vs Classic: Temperature control,
display & accuracy

This is where the only real difference between the Volcano Classic and the Volcano Digit arise.

Volcano Classic
Employing an analog design, the Volcano Classic features simple yet precise temperature control with a range of 266° F - 446° F.   The Volcano Classic delivers some of the most accurate temperatures to your herbs with an accuracy of  ± 5° C / 9° F.  The Classic does not display the temperature on its analog dial and instead displays numbers 1-9 and has a chart included in the box, which shows what temperatures the numbers correspond to.

Volcano Digit
Outfitted with digital temperature control, the Volcano Digit brings the most precise temperature control and flexibility with a range of 104° F - 446° F. The Volcano Digit delivers slightly more accurate temperature to your herbs with an accuracy of ± 1.5° C / 2.7° F. The LED display will show you the current temperature as well as the set temperature.

Also see our Volcano Digit vs Classic article.

Easy valve set included.
What about the solid valve?

The Volcano Vaporizer comes with the Easy Valve Starter Set.  Storz & Bickel has updated the Easy Valve making it superior to the Solid Valve in pretty much every way and is no longer offering it as an option when you buy a Volcano, but the Solid Valve set is available to purchase separately.

What's in the box

  • Volcano Vaporizer 110V
  • Easy Valve Starter Set
  • Storz & Bickel Grinder
  • Extra Air Filters
  • Extra Screens
  • Mouthpiece
  • Liquid Pad
  • Cleaning Brush

Technical specifications

  • Steel Clad Ceramic Heating Element
  • Aluminum Block Heat Exchanger
  • Height 7.1 in / 18 cm
  • Diameter 7.9 in / 20 cm
  • 3 Year Manufacturer Warranty
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

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Cindy S.
United States


I’ve purchased, then quickly wore out, well over $1000. in portable vaporizing equipment before finally splurging for the Volcano. I’d just assumed no device could possibly be worth that much of my hard earned money. Live and learn, this Volcano is simply incredible, and will easily outlive me! Purchased the Mighty, same day, it’s equally fantastic. No more over cooked bud with these two! Matt

Cindy S. verified customer review of Volcano Vaporizer
adrian m.
United States


Been using it everyday since I got it and I’m in love. So easy to use, and so consistent. It’s a bit of an investment but totally worth it

United States


I highly recommend

Greg M

Vapes of Vapes, 372 and Chill.

Great machine to invest in! Worth the money. Save so much more on bud. And I feel noticeably better when I vape at a certain temp.(372). Im a heavy user and 1.5 bags has me Ripe! I like that I can leave it on and stays on for 30mins. The vape quality is excellent. Feels like you’re breathing air, and temp is nice and cool.

Brenda D.
United States

A tank of a vaporizer

Being a "tank" is a good thing. My first Volcano was purchased in 2007 and it just broke, although technically it is still working but one of the switches finally cracked. The fact that a volcano purchased in 2007 lived through multiple moves and being dropped (don't ask)...twice (really, don't ask), is enough to make me plop down money for another 12 years later. The differences I'm noting from my old one to the new are: Metal screen on housing unit is not as fine a mesh (not sure if this matters), plastics and metal of mouth piece are thinner, there is a smell for the new unit but I have been following directions to clear this up and that is working. All in all I hope the thinner plastics/metal don't affect the longevity. Of note...my old machine saw a lot of use over 12 years so if this one lasts as long the price is worth while, in my opinion.

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