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Flowermate Swift Pro Tips & Tricks

Flowermate Swift Pro Tips & Tricks

The Flowermate Swift Pro is a solid step into the world of convection portable vapes by one of our best...

The Flowermate Swift Pro is a solid step into the world of convection portable vapes by one of our best selling brands. It is pretty much a "grab and go" vape, but we have put together a couple tips that will help you get the best results.

What to expect

The Flowermate Swift Pro is full convection, so the first few inhales will be wispy and tasty as your herbs warm up, with little visible vapor on exhale. The more visible vapor will kick in the last few inhales of the session.

How you grind and pack your herbs, as well as how often you stir, can change how the session goes so play around and find what works best for you.

Grind fine

The Swift Pro works best with a medium to fine grind. Technically you don’t have to grind, you can use unground herbs and crush them mid-session, but the Swift Pro doesn’t reach its maximum awesomeness with whole flowers.

A finer grind will produce more vapor until the bits get stuck in the mouthpiece screen and slow down or stop airflow, so find the balance you like best.

I like to start with a medium grind and then I can crush it finer with my fingers as I go if I like.

Pack light

The Swift Pro works best when filled loosely and an optional light tamp. You are trying increase airflow around the herb pieces, so you don’t want a tight pack.

Partially filled bowls sometimes don’t work well in convection vapes, but they do surprisingly well in the Swift Pro. With a partial pack, the herbs get sucked up to the mouthpiece screen and stay there during the session, vaping away, though the vapor might be a bit less thick.

Since the Swift Pro doesn’t cook my herbs between hits, I like to pack it full and take just couple of hits, turning it off for later.

Do you have any Swift Pro tips?

Draw how you like

I’m getting good results no matter what my draw is like - slow and steady to full-on huffing, and everything in between. The heater in the Swift Pro is strong and can keep up with the most demanding hits, even on a bubbler.


Stirring is a must with this one. You will see an increase in visible vapor every time you stir except at the end of the session. If you don’t stir, the air only heats the herbs in the center of the bowl, leaving the edges fresh. When you stir you redistribute the airways and expose fresh herbs to the hot air, making for fuller hits.

Personally, I like to stir before I turn up the temperature, or after every three or four draws.

Anything else?

The wood heat retention rings affect taste, so any time I get a new herbal blend I like to use the quartz ring for the most neutral flavor so afterwards, when I use the wood rings, I can better tell how they affect the flavor.

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