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Puffco Peak Pro Quickstart Guide

The Puffco Peak Pro takes the e-rig scene to new levels. Let’s get you rolling with a great first session.

Due to the PACT Act, we removed all concentrate vaporizers and accessories from the Planet of the Vapes website, and you should know why. We still stand behind these products, and plan to bring them back later, but for now we have stopped shipping concentrate vaporizers.

Puffco’s latest Peak Pro showcases new bells and whistles that take the e-rig scene to new levels. This Quickstart guide will get you rolling with a great first session, without breaking out the smartphone app.

Puffco Peak Pro Quickstart Guide: What’s in the box

The Puffco Peak Pro comes in an updated travel case, with inserts for everything from the unit itself, to the stir tool. Here’s what’s included:

  • One Puffco Peak Pro Vaporizer
  • One Carrying Case
  • Cleaning Swabs
  • One Loading Tool
  • One USB-C Cable & Adapter
  • One Oculus Carb Cap
  • Carb Cap Tether

Charge it

The Puffco Peak Pro comes with a partial charge, but charge it fully before you start. Plug the USB-C cable into the back of the unit and let it charge for an hour or two. The light will blink green while charging and shut off when fully charged. The Peak Pro fully charges from empty in about two hours, and serves up about 30 sessions per charge.

Puffco Peak Pro Quickstart Guide Charging

Fill the bubbler and attach the carb cap

Next, remove the bubbler by gently pulling it up and away, until it dislodges from the base. Add water, just past the internal air holes for the best results. Any more and you might get a little splash on your lips. Only fill the glass when it’s detached from the base to protect the electronics and chamber from damage.

Puffco Peak Pro Quickstart Guide Bubbler

Then, line up the air hole on the bottom of the glass with the airpath on the base, push the front end in, and press the back down to secure it into place. Grab the Oculus Carb Cap, located inside the travel case, just above the atomizer, and attach it to the chamber.

Puffco Peak Pro Quickstart Guide Oculus Carb Cap

Test session

Before we load up our first session, let’s give the Peak Pro a quick test run to cleanse it of any manufacturing residues, and double check that everything’s in working order. Hold the power button in to turn it on, and then give it a single press to cycle through each temperature profile. The Peak Pro comes with four preset temperatures - Blue is the lowest and White is the highest. Double click the power button to engage the heater and let it run a full cycle.

Choose a temp

Go ahead and set your Peak Pro to your desired temperature for this first session. We recommend first-timers start out on either Blue or Green for a gentle, flavorful first session. Experienced concentrate users looking for the thickest hits should set it to either Red or White.

Puffco Peak Pro Quickstart Guide Green Temperature

Load it up

Scrape up some concentrate, about the size of a grain of rice, and place it onto the bottom of the chamber. Pop the Oculus Carb Cap back into place and double click the power button to fire it up. The Peak Pro will vibrate and flash three times when it’s ready to go. Take a slow, gentle draw for the best results, and have fun! If you want to extend the session by an extra 15 seconds, double click the power button before the session ends. The temperature will gradually increase, so be ready!

Puffco Peak Pro Quickstart Guide Loadng

Clean up

After each session, use a cotton swab and wipe out the chamber of any leftover gunk while it’s still warm. Any residue left inside will harden and become more difficult to clean the longer it sits. If you prize a pristine bowl, swab it out after each session.

Puffco Peak Pro Quickstart Guide Clean Up

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