Boundless WPA Water Pipe Adapter

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  • Boundless CFX, CF, CFV, Tera Compatable
  • Male & Female Adapter
  • 14 mm & 18 mm

Compatible With:

  • Boundless CFX
  • Boundless CF
  • Boundless CFV
  • Boundless Terra

The Boundless CFV WPA will absolutely enhance the flavor of the vapor produced from the Boundless CFV, CF, and CFX. Aside from enhancing texture and flavor, the glass adapter also helps alleviate irritation by cooling down the vapor and making it feel smooth on your throat. There are some Boundless vaporizers that emit harsher and hotter vapor. This water pipe adapter will upgrade those units and make vaporization more fun for you. The Boundless CFV WPA is not exactly an essential appendage, but once you use this adapter with your glassware, you will notice that the WPA does make a difference.


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