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DynaVap Orion Induction Heater - Version 2

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Orion Induction Heater V2 (DynaTec)

The DynaVap Orion Induction Heater V2 is DynaVap’s smallest, most portable heater yet. Enjoy easy, consistent hits with your DynaVap M wherever you go from a compact, pocketable heater. The Orion comes with a zipper case, and a USB-C cable for fast, convenient charging wherever you go.

It senses your VapCap!

Dynatec takes induction heating a step further, as the Orion senses when the vapcap is inserted. No more pressing down on a button to heat up. Simply place your VapCap inside until the heating light starts blinking orange, and wait for the click!

Version 2

Version 2 of the Orion Induction Heater has received a number of changes and improvements. Thermal protection Thermal protection has been added to prevent damage from overheating and extensive use. If it gets too hot, the Orion will shut down and require a cooldown period before it can be used again.

Clicks per charge

The number of clicks per charge has been reduced to improve the battery’s lifespan. Clicks per charge will vary depending on usage and charge time, but on average, you should get about 25 clicks until the blue charge indicator light turns on, and about 40 clicks total until the heater shuts off.

No more pass-through charging

DynaVap has removed the pass through charging feature with the V2 to reduce wear and tear on its battery.

Lower heating profile

The original Orion heated on the warmer side, but the V2 has been dialed back to reduce the likelihood of combustion.

Updated construction

The V2’s construction has been updated to prevent cracks and chips, with an improved button to prevent damage.

Who’s it for?

For the avid DynaVap user on the go, the Orion Induction Heater is the perfect travel companion. It wields enough power to drive sessions anywhere and easily fits inside a small purse or bag. If money isn’t a concern or you just want the best overall performance, the Orion is the way to go.

Who's it not for?

The Orion is our most expensive induction heater. If you don’t see yourself traveling very much, the Apollo 2 Induction Heater costs considerably less. For the strictly at-home users that want to move around, the portable Apollo 2 Rover is a great option.


The Orion Induction Heater comes with a 12-month warranty by DynaTec that applies to the device itself only and does not cover the USB-C charging cable or DynaTec Zipper Case. You’re also covered by our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

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United States United States
Let’s go outside

First I want to say thank you for delivery always in time 2 /3 days and the Dynatec it’s more than expected. Great device in the case perfect for me I love it storage four my herbs and my Simrell. Now everything in one case. Smart design

Robert G.
United States United States
First Orion Defective

First Orion was defective. POTV sent prepaid return label and had a new replacement in under a week. The new device works perfectly. Great alternative to a butane torch for Dynavap M 2021.

United States United States
Could Have Been Great

Good: Orion V2 is a beautiful design. High quality contoured plastic frame, perfect triple push on and off switch, USB-C charging with small size and portabilty. Very intelligent system of operation. Bad: The positioning of the inductive heating coil is too close to the Dynavap "clicker" mechanism, IMO. As result it clicks too early and gives user a smaller hit that is dominated by convection heating. Because the conduction heating, which is where the Dynavap gets much of it heat, comes less into play, the hit is on light side. It is important not to use **** with any moisture as that aggravates the issue. Solutions: IMO Dynavap should move induction coils away from clicker or make coil position adjustable to allow it. I have only just received my Orion and am experimenting with other ways to get stronger vapor from it.

Planet Of The Vapes

Hi Brian, If you need any further help with this, please contact me here. You may want to contact DynaVap directly on this in regards to your design ideas here: With best regards, Larry

United States United States
The Best Induction Heater I've Had To-Date

I love this product. It is important not to mix this up with the O.G. version, which had production issues, mainly with the battery. It is also important to note that Dynavap offered everyone who purchased the O.G. version a free replacement to this V2. I find that it heats quickly and evenly (there are some reviews saying otherwise, and everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but I have not had any issues whatsoever). I do agree that the magnet on top could be stronger, but in reality, it only takes about 10 seconds for the magnet to cool the tip, at which point I just put it back in my stash box. What I love most about induction, especially when it works, is that it is consistent. Every time you heat to the click, you know what you're going to get. I also like that I don't have to hold my Omni in the Orion. I just drop it in and wait for the click. I generally have my Omni in the micro dose position, and I generally go 2-3 seconds past the click, which results in 1-2 hits per load; just the way I want it. This generally means that every hit is packed with flavor. Do take care to READ THE INSTRUCTIONS, especially with regard to not overcharging the battery. This is a device that should not be charged after every use. Wait until you run the battery down below 25% before re-charging if you can, and do not allow the battery to remain charging once it reaches 100%. In other words, don't charge it at bedtime and leave it charging for 8 hours. This is absolutely worth the price, and during the 7/4 sale, 20% ($160) is a saweet price on this consistent, lightweight gem. I'm not a fan of torches or torching anything, and this solves that issue. Not a purchase you will regret. Shout out to Larry and all of the staff at POTV for great customer service, advice, and reviews, as well as a return policy that makes purchasing from this website carefree. Happy 4th to all. Stay safe.

Planet Of The Vapes

Just passed your kind words to the whole team here at POTV, Esq. It really takes our whole team to make this happen. With best regards, Larry

United States United States
Best accessory for DynaVap

Amazing product.

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