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Arizer Air 2 Tips & Tricks

Arizer Air 2 Tips & Tricks

The Arizer Air 2 is a great vape that’s easy to use. We’ve spent a lot of time getting to...

The Arizer Air 2 is a great vaporizer that’s easy to use. That being said, we’ve spent a lot of time getting to know the Air 2, and we have some tips and tricks that can help you get the best results every time.

First charge & burnoff

First thing, give your Air 2 a full initial charge. After the battery is topped off, we recommend a burn-off to ensure there’s no residue left in the oven after assembly and shipping. Run your Air 2 up to full temperature, and let it heat until it auto-shutoffs. Burn-off complete.

Grind medium...or don’t

For the most efficiency, you want a medium grind that will let the herbs stay packed into the stem and give you even extraction. You should leave large enough chunks that nothing can get sucked through the holes in the glass screen. Any standard 4 piece grinder will get you there. The Air 2 will also happily handle big chunks without flinching. Feel free to try whole flowers if you like. If you prefer a finer grind just make sure to use a screen.

Scoop to load

To load the Air 2, use the stem’s end to scoop up ground herb, and pack it down lightly with your finger. You can also try packing your herbs by sucking them up like a straw right out of your grinder. It’s a neat trick, but the smaller ground bits will get sucked through the stem into your mouth, so we stick to scooping.

Tamp for flavor, keep it clean

However you decide to pack the stem, tamping is crucial to achieving the best taste. You want about a millimeter of space between the herbs and the bottom edge of the stem. Any herb not tamped below the edge of the glass can touch the bottom of the oven. Not only will it give your vapor a burnt popcorn taste, but the herbs can stick to the oven and mean more cleaning of a part that doesn’t usually need much.

Tight pack to sip, or light pack to rip

The compact Air 2 is capable of pumping out big, powerful clouds, and all you have to do is pack lightly and take a big pull. With plenty of room for air to flow through the herbs, you’ll find you can thoroughly roast a full oven without stirring, and feel like a dragon in the process.

But the Air 2’s versatility comes from its ability to also sip lightly. You can pull gently on a loosely packed oven, but there’s a better way. Pack more into the oven, push it down tightly, and take short, light puffs for a tastier, longer session. When sipping, I like to stir and re-tamp the herbs once to ensure you get every last bit.

Warm it up for thick clouds

The Air 2 takes about 70 to 90 seconds to get up to vaporizing temperatures. If you like the first hit thicker, but don’t mind a bit less flavor, put the loaded stem in the oven while it’s heating up. The extra time will let your herbs soak heat so that first inhale is thicker and more satisfying. If that’s still not thick enough for you, let the stem sit an extra 30 to 45 seconds after it’s up to temp then give it a shot.

Choose your temp

Below 370° F, the Air 2 will give you super tasty, lighter clouds for a long time. As you push closer to 400° F, the clouds will grow larger and larger, with our sweet spot around 390° F. Past 400° F, flavors quickly start to fade, making way for thick clouds. It goes up to 428° F, but we don’t recommend going much higher than 405° F when finishing off an oven if you’re concerned about taste. As always, the fun is in experimenting so try some different temperatures to figure out what you like best.

Quick draw or slow pull?

The Arizer Air 2 is happy to accommodate any draw style. Hit it as hard as you can or slow and steady, the heater will react as needed and keep your vapor tasty. The Air 2’s wide open airflow should be enough for just about anyone but, if you still want more, packing a bit less and lifting the stem a touch off the bottom of the oven after you insert it can help open it up a bit more.

Clean up quick

Cleaning and maintenance is easy, as long as you stay on top of it. Empty the stem and brush or blow it and the oven out while still warm after each session, so you don’t have to deep clean as often. Our full Air II cleaning and maintenance guide can help you keep things clean when you do need to go deep.

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