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DynaVap HydraVonG in stock now

The Dynavap HydraVong - Worth the Upgrade!

The new HydraVong is so good it deserves a new name, and a spot in your collection!

It’s been a little more than a year since DynaVap updated their NonaVong series of vapcaps, made for water pipes. Now the new HydraVong just rolled out, with several changes that improve performance enough that it’s worthy of a new name, and a spot in your collection!

HydraVong on a table

A new look

The HydraVong continues the NonaVong’s nine-sided design, but with a noticeable twist. The sides are more pronounced, almost gnarled in some places, and the tip-end looks as if it’s been twisted a quarter-turn. The mouthpiece-end has the familiar wood taper that fits 14mm glass pieces. The new body stands out in a crowd of vapcaps, and is easier to twirl when heating with a lighter.

A new airport

The familiar, triangularly-shaped airport has been redesigned into a slit, that accomplishes two things. First, the new shape is a joy to feather on a bubbler, as you slide your finger up and down to change the airflow. Second, the slit is angled and tapered to encourage a vortex airflow, and thicken the vapor. 

Tips with cuts in them

The HydraVong tip is the darker one on the right (yeah, we used it a bit!). See the larger cut on the back side?

A new tip

Possibly the most significant change, however, is the increased airflow. The channels in the edge of the HydraVong’s tip are two to three times larger than other vapcap tips, and the change stands out. The HydraVong VapCap takes advantage of the extra punch a bubbler provides, to keep the vapor thick despite the extra airflow. This is the vapcap tip you’ll use with water from here on out!

Lots of options

The HydraVong is available in Light Wood or Dark Wood. The Standard version comes with the 14mm tapered mouthpiece, while the -XLS version adds a spinning wood mouthpiece. The OmniVong Hydra XL adds a metal mouthpiece with internal adjustable airflow.

Available now

If you’re interested in DynaVap's new HydraVong, you can pick one up now from Planet of the Vapes. We’ll also continue to stock the original NonaVong for as long as they are offered.

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jerry stickstones

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