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EpicVape E-Nano: How to use guide

EpicVape E-Nano Vaporizer Quickstart Guide

The EpicVape E-Nano is a cup-sized powerhouse that’s simple to use. Let’s get it going with a killer first session.

Bigger doesn’t always mean better. The EpicVape E-Nano is a cup-sized powerhouse that can pump out potent clouds with tiny doses, and couldn’t be simpler to use. Read along to get going with a killer first session.

E-Nano Quickstart Guide: What’s in the box

EpicVape gives you everything you need to get started, without an overwhelming supply of spare parts or accessories.

  • E-Nano Vaporizer
  • Removable 110v cord with adjustable temperature
  • Glass stem with basket screen
  • Cotton bag for quick storage
  • E-pick stainless steel multi-tool
  • Quick start guide
  • EpicVape sticker


Plug and play

Setting up your E-Nano log vaporizer takes just a few seconds. Take the power adapter and plug it into any wall outlet, and plug the other end into the unit. We’re going to fire this session up with flavorful, but potent vapor, so set the temperature dial anywhere between six and seven. Let’s get the glass stem ready in the meantime.


Check the oven screen

The glass stem comes with a basket screen preinstalled for you, and it’s important to make sure this piece is at the right level before we get going. EpicVape includes a handy multitool that’ll set it up at the perfect level. Insert the long end of the tool into the stem and check to see where the screen is at. Simply set it as far as the tool will go and you’re good to go!

Using the E-Pick Multitool to set the bowl size

Pack it up

The E-Nano is a true microdoser, with loads ranging from .02g - .05g, but it can pump out huge clouds with loads a fraction of the size of a Mighty bowl. You’ll get the best cloud production with ground material, but whole flowers work just as well and provide the best flavor experience. We’ll grind up some flower for this first session, so grab the glass stem and loosely fill it about ¾ to the top with ground material.

Tamp it down lightly so that it’s sitting a little less than halfway to the top. Pack it too tightly and you’ll have very strict airflow. You don’t want your herb touching the heater so connect it to the vape and make sure they’re not making contact.

Hit it!

When you’re ready, simply place the stem onto the heater and take a hit! The E-Nano is a slow sipper, so take your time milking the vapor as you draw. Those looking for the biggest hits can easily extract most of the load with a steady, 10-second draw. Smaller hitters can take short sips, and come back for two or three more hits when ready.

The E-Nano is powerful and very efficient, so stirring isn’t always necessary. Its smaller loads leave little room for hot spots or uneven cooks, but a quick swirl may yield a decent finishing hit.


When you’re done with your session, dump out the stem and wipe it out with a small brush or piece of tissue. Brush off the heater as well and dump out any material down in the well. The E-Nano is made to sit at the ready for days at a time without a hiccup, so you can easily come back to it whenever it’s convenient. If you’re done for the day, we recommend either shutting it off completely or turning the dial down to three or four.

EpicVape E-Nano Quickstart Guide Brushing The Heater

Try it with whole flowers

As mentioned earlier, the E-Nano really shines in the flavor department when using whole flower. Try packing smaller chunks and take slow, deliberate draws. The first hits will be wispy, but will shine brightly with tasty terps. Break it up and give it a stir when it’s done, and take one last hit to finish it off.

EpicVape E-Nano Quickstart Guide Whole Flower

EpicVape E-Nano Vaporizer Cherry

EpicVape E-Nano Vaporizer


The E-nano has been dubbed the “King of Microdosing”, but its bowl can be expanded for larger appetites.

  • Artisanal craftsmanship
  • Adjustable bowl
  • Fantastic microdoser
  • Variable temperature control
  • Delicious
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