New DynaVap VapCap 'M' | 2018 Update

DynaVap is rolling out a new VapCap M for 2018 with an updated aesthetic, reworked airflow, and a slightly lighter design.

DynaVap’s budget-friendly ‘M’ vaporizer packs an enormous value into a tiny stainless steel package. Rather than taking a break, DynaVap is rolling out a new VapCap M for 2018 with an updated aesthetic, reworked airflow, and a slightly lighter design. It’s easy to use, produces great vapor, and you don’t have to charge any batteries. At $60, just $5 more than the (2017) original, it beats out even the most budget-friendly vaporizers on price. 

New tip with better airflow

The redesigned DynaVap M sports some gradual improvements to the airflow, although they’re not really noticeable unless you have both models side by side. You can always tweak the resistance by partially covering the airport (carb) on the side, so making the draw easier as a default actually widens the resistance spectrum.

VapCap New 2018 M vaporizer

Better grip on the stem

While the first M’s sleek look was certainly eye-catching, the smooth stainless steel could be tough to grip if you aren’t just sitting at your desk. The updated VapCap M has a set of ridges around the herb end of the body that help you hold it under less than ideal circumstances, and they make twirling it while heating easier too.

VapCap New 2018 M vaporizer size

Logo and look updates

There are a few minor aesthetic tweaks to the new VapCap M. The groove around the intake is more pronounced, which makes the intake hole easier to find without having to look. These aren’t huge changes, but do help improve the everyday usability noticeably. There are some minor upgrades under the hood, and the weight is down about half a gram, which isn’t really noticeable.

VapCap M 2017 vs VapCap M 2018 design

The new M is now available

If you’re thinking of dipping your toes in the VapCap waters, the M is a great place to start. The new model refines a vaporizer that’s already an excellent value at $60, plus $10 to include a torch lighter. Original model M owners tempted by a new VapCap would be better off looking to an upgraded DynaVap model, like the NonaVong or OmniVap. Like all products you purchase from us, we cover the VapCap M with our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

VapCap New 2018 M vaporizer review

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