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Sticky Brick Vaporizer Cleaning and Maintenance Guide

Sticky Brick Vaporizer Cleaning and Maintenance Guide

Cleaning your Sticky Brick is a simple process, and we’ve got the steps to get it looking brand new again.

Sticky Brick Labs made cleaning your Brick a simple and easy process. If your Brick tastes funky or the mouthpiece is coated with debris, it might be time to clean it. This guide will cover each Sticky Brick that we carry, so grab a few cleaning supplies, and follow along to bring your Brick back to its former glory.

Sticky Bricks cleaning and maintenance: What you’ll need

You’ll only need a few household supplies for this cleaning.

  • A few cotton swabs
  • Cup of rubbing alcohol
  • Cleaning brush
  • Pair of tweezers or a pointy pick
  • Some wood wax (optional)

Remove the pieces

Start by removing every piece (minus the screws) from your Brick. Take all the glass pieces, as well as the restrictor disc (if you use it), and set these aside to soak later. The o-rings, however, shouldn’t need anything more than a quick wipe down with some warm water. If the screen is particularly dirty, use a pair of tweezers or something pointy to remove it, and set it aside for

Disassembled Sticky Brick Maxx

Disassembled Sticky Brick Maxx

What to soak

Soak the glass pieces, restrictor disc, and the oven screen in a cup rubbing alcohol. A large jar may work better for the OG Brick’s larger mouthpiece. A few hours should do the trick, but let it sit overnight for those stubborn spots. The Sticky Brick Jr.’s mouthpiece may also need some extra attention at the bend. Once the parts are clean, rinse them in hot water, and set them out to dry.

 Sticky Brick Maxx 18mm connection

Sticky Brick Maxx 18mm connection

What to brush

Little pieces of herbs will surely make their way into your Brick. Grab a cleaning brush and clear out any bits stuck in the bottom of the oven, the metal intake housing (excluding the Flip Brick), and just about any other place your brush can reach.

 Dirty Sticky Brick Runt Screen

Dirty Sticky Brick Runt Screen

For areas caked with resin, such as the bottom of the oven, dampen a cotton swab with water and wipe them clean. Wipe down the metal housing with rubbing alcohol, but don’t get any on the wood.

 Sticky Brick Metal Intake Housing

Metal Intake Housing


Once the pieces are dry, put them back together. Push the screen back into the oven, until it’s nice and snug. Place the restrictor disc (if you use it) back into the intake, flat side up. Fit the o-rings back into place, followed by the mouthpiece and heat intake. That’s it!

Wax your wood

If you want your Sticky Brick vaporizer to shine and pop, this is a great time to polish it with wood wax. Apply a thin layer of wax using a soft cloth, and polish with the grain. Let the wax sit for a few minutes and then wipe off any excess. We recommend this as a final step each time you deep clean your Brick. Sticky Brick Labs offers their Sticky Brick Butter for all your waxing needs.

Sticky Brick Maxx Vaporizer and wood wax

Sticky Brick Maxx and wood wax

Tips for a cleaner vape

As with any vaporizer, it’s a great idea to clean out the oven after each session. Once you’ve finished your last hit, grab your brush and empty it out. Brush off the screen and oven walls to prevent any buildup, and you’ll deep clean less often!

For more tips, check out our Sticky Bricks Tips and Tricks Guide.

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