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Bowl Reducer for Mighty+ / Crafty+

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Regular price $9.95
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Shrink your bowl for smaller loads

Drop one of these glass inserts into the bowl of your Mighty/Crafty vaporizer to enjoy smaller loads. It comes with two sizes, one for medium loads and one for small loads.

All glass

These reducers are made of pure glass for the best performance, and maintain the purest flavors of your herbal blends

Third-party accessory

This product comes from a manufacturer of third-party accessories. While it’s not an official brand accessory, this product has been tested by our team of experts for performance.

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United States United States

Useful accessory for micro-dosing sessions

After a few weeks of using the Mighty+, I acquired this glass ring set for micro-dosing sessions. So far, I have only used the ring with the smallest I.D. -- and would prefer an even smaller I.D. for the 2nd ring. When completely filled and gently tamped, the smallest ring typically yields a dozen hits at 180-190c (including the last few using 210c boost). For just a few hits, I loosely fill the ring with about ~1/8 tsp. of flower (tweezers work great for this!) This loose fill still produces good vapor with the Mighty+, though I have to use 190c+ at least to start the session because there is less conduction heat when the chamber is not fully packed. I can't justify getting a Dynavap + Induction Heater setup with all of its quirks and expense when this simple accessory makes the Mighty+ so useful for micro-dosing. After each session, I dump the ring with ABV bud into the handy POTV TightVac Stash container, then use the wooden handle of the Mighty+ cleaning brush to fish the ring out and put it back into the chamber for the next round. I would give five stars if the set didn't have the less useful larger ring and came with an even smaller ring, or at least two like the smallest in this existing set. Cheers!

United States United States

One...and Done?

One of these broke within the very first use of my new lightly used Mighty Plus last night. It was a bit strange. Only the bottom portion that was touching the chamber floor actually cracked off, but it didn't crack or break off in an expected way; the glass essentially shaved off in a crooked horizontal fashion. (Check the photo). So now I have one that is bow-legged because the bottom of it is uneven...but with how much glass fractures there were, I wouldn't take the gambit and try to smoke and potentially inhale glass. Definitely a busted product. I've had glass backspacers for my V3 Pro and they have always held up, but these couldn't even take the heat for one night.

Planet Of The Vapes  Review

Planet Of The Vapes

Hi Eric, I am so sorry about this. I see that we already have a service ticket open for you on this. We'll get you squared away. Talk to you in a bit, Larry

United States United States

Surprisingly cheap, simple & improved vape experience for S&B.... Finally.

This small piece of glass insert covers the heating chamber, reducing herb usage and improving taste. A vapcap fits perfectly inside to tamp down herb. The best thing about this so far is it turns the Volcano Hybrid's reducer chamber into something amazing and useful. The flavor tastes much, much better, cooks the same, and more importantly it adds some much needed draw resistance to get those huge clouds you don't normally get with the volcano hybrid whip. (Some resistance is good IMO, especially running through water) + Flavor is increased because it is glass + The chamber does not get as dirty - Glass, can easily break if you are not careful - I guess you can burn yourself if you dumb Now I need one for the regular Hybrid chamber!

Eugene P.
United States United States

Messing with perfection

A great idea, considering S&B does not have any real microdosing products available, quite the opposite, actually (the Plenty). For me, it wasn’t what I had hoped for, which was to have as good of an experience as with a dosing capsule with about 0.05g tamped down with the pic tool, a little more than the Dynavap B. I get the pro tips- don’t pack tight, grind loose, etc., but, again, it’s all preferences and techniques. For me, it comes down to being forced through the sealed capsule, the top fitting perfectly against the hard gasket (not the screen), the bottom less than 1/8” ground and packed. I wouldn’t feel comfortable tamping in the screen below but have stuffed entirely unground product into the said chamber with remarkable results and even toasting. A Frankensteinian amount of cloud. So, what does this have to do with little glass cylinders? It’s for a loose fit, not for packing, and will work fine for a few draws. The air from the oven can go around the glass outside, and packing the same amount in the glass was less even, and lighter. On the other hand, stuffing a capsule can weigh in at .3g, nothing short of a session. Seeing as how it’s as much work to use these as as a capsule, I’m staying with the caps. It would be interesting to find a cap insert tho. So, until Storz and Bickel decides it’s time to turn down the tonnage, these are microdosing macro thoughts, and the obvious name would be the mini. Or mini+.

Jane A.
United States United States

Good investment

This is a wonderful tool for monitoring medical dosage!!!

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