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Mighty / Crafty+ Bubbler Attachment

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How to fill an on-the-vape bubbler

Cooler vapor from your Mighty/Crafty

The Mighty/Crafty+ bubbler attachment provides water conditioned vapor in a clever design that takes your session to the next level. This bubbler straw is made from durable borosilicate glass and replaces the cooling unit and mouthpiece of your Mighty or Crafty+. Simply twist and lock the stem on top of the oven and you’re good to go!

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  • Be sure not to twist too much, as this can damage your vaporizer.
  • Do not overfill the bubbler - a few drops of water is enough!


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      Mark N.
      United States United States

      Mighty Bubbler

      As always great service, Excellent products

      Bernard J.
      United States United States


      Fantastico, Bravo!

      Eugene P.
      United States United States

      Towering inferno of anxiety

      I’ll keep this review short, just the pros and cons, none of this horsepucky about preferred vaping tools amongst aliens. So, pros: it arrived intact, all the way from Sparks, NV, the famous home of Snoopys brother, for Larry to guess his name? Part of my surprise was the size of this tool, which is at least 7”, something I looked at immediately knew our tenure together would be brief. How would my Mighty+ feel about an attachment? Wasn’t it great enough as it was designed, or did I just have a case of gift card paraphernalia frenzy? Didn’t it always deliver quality clouds? Was it something it vaped? Without even pausing to listen to the Mighty’s cryptic ticks, I forged ahead and used the bubbler to get different results than anticipated. First, the design of this is air-limiting, so it changes your session, making it last about as long as the POTV one with a glass attachment on a 18” Dutch water tool. I lost count, but it’s longer than with the stock cooling head. 2. It adds a nice height for tabletop use, like a tall sippy cup from hipster engineers. But, obvious word of warning here ( are we already at the cons?) you will want to use your base on this. Cons: Fitting was really sketchy. Am I going to break something? Spoiler alert: you will. It did not sit straight, and was seemingly not built straight inside, which didn’t affect operations, but it still looked like a little leaning tower of Pisa inside. As for attachment: no detente clicks to connect, just something ripe for someone highly unqualified to rent it asunder with a ranting gesture or simply by using an air ratchet to tighten it down. Either way, it’s too much drama when you’re just trying to relax with your trusty Mighty. The unit holds a very small amount of water, and the whitish buildup of glass wax doesn’t take long, but seemed to clean up easily enough in 91% ISO, which is nice. The real question is, did it make my vape session even better than the pinnacle of vaping tools in the modern world? No! It did not. But that is no fault of the bubbler. The Mighty is just well thought out. The vapor travels a long path with the standard head, unlike the POTV ONE, which is a straight shot no matter what, although it does outshine with a glass attachment for said Amsterdam glass. We all know how this story ends. Your bubbler breaks and you shrug it off, and your Mighty is none the worse for it. In short, don’t bother with this tool, unless you like **** anxiety.


      Planet Of The Vapes

      "So, pros: it arrived intact, all the way from Sparks, NV, famous home of Snoopys brother, for Larry to guess his name?" Spike !!

      Thea B.
      United States United States

      Disaster strikes. DO NOT BUY.

      So I have only had this for three days or so. I was very, very impressed with it for two of those days. The hits were smoother, clouds were fuller, and everything seemed great. My girlfriend and I were joking with each other about how we could never go back to using the regular cooling unit because this bubbler attachment was so much better. Third day. I set it up and turned the Mighty on as usual and waited for it to get up to heat. When it got to around 190c, there was a sudden hissing, bubbling noise, the whole unit started emanating way more heat than it usually does (I'm not even sure why that happened), the Mighty started doing that power on/off buzz over and over again, and the ****** somehow appeared to rise up. I want to make it clear that I was nervous from the start about this happening, and was very cautious not to tilt it even 10 degrees. I was arching my neck over the top of it, probably looking like an idiot, but it would be worth it because I didn't want to damage the Mighty. I removed the adapter as fast as I could and noticed that the dosing cap's top had a few tiny dots of water on them. Emptying the cap out by turning the Mighty upside down and lightly tapping it against a surface, I looked in the chamber and saw moisture that definitely wasn't there before. I turned the Mighty off and threw the bubbler out. I think (hope) the Mighty is fine, but I'm going to leave it off for the night and test it tomorrow, so that if there's any moisture deeper inside maybe it can evaporate. I'm going to get a whip attachment and a separate bubbler so that the water isn't held over the Mighty. I should have done that from the start. I only used it FIVE TIMES before it messed up and possibly destroyed my Mighty. That is not a good track record. I don't know how this possibly made it through QA. My vape may be dead. Don't risk yours when there are other options.


      Planet Of The Vapes

      Hi Thea, I am so sorry about this. This kind of leakage can happen if the bubbler is overfilled, even by just a little. Here's a video that should help. It's in regards to a POTV ONE curved mini-bubbler but applies to all on-the-vape bubblers as well: Using a whip attachment, like something like this is definitely a safer option: Hope your Mighty is OK. Creating a service ticket for you right now to discuss. Talk to you soon, Larry

      Isaac Z.
      United States United States

      Very needed

      Ordered this to add to my Mighty regrets yet. The customer service of this company is the best. My bubbler arrived broken without hesitation they sent me out a new one at no charge. I will be buying all my vaping products here moving forward

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