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Arizer Solo 2 Vaporizer vs Solo 2 MAX Vaporizer

Arizer Solo 2 Vaporizer vs Solo 2 MAX Vaporizer

With the release of the Solo 2 MAX, it's time to see how these two Arizer superstars compare...

Arizer has long been a reputable name in the world of vaporizers, known for its focus on quality vapor and user-friendly devices. With the release of the Solo 2 and its newer iteration, the Solo 2 MAX, Arizer continues to refine their approach to portable vaporizing. Let’s see how these two powerhouses compare.

Arizer Solo 2 Vaporizer vs Arizer Solo 2 MAX Vaporizer

Solo 2 vs Solo 2 MAX: Quick Summary


The Solo 2 and Solo 2 MAX both exemplify Arizer's commitment to quality vapor, with a ceramic hybrid heating system and precise temperature control for potent herbal flavors. They share key features, including a 30-second heat-up time, passthrough charging, and similar battery life. 


Despite their similarities, the Solo 2 MAX distinguishes itself with several enhancements, including a USB-C charging port, Dark Mode for discreet sessions, and a 14mm Water Pipe Adapter for bubbler compatibility. It also offers improved airflow and an innovative feature that inverts the controls and screen when attached to a bubbler. 

Solo 2 MAX: Pros👍

Solo 2: Pros 👍
Excellent flavor Fantastic taste
Long battery life Long battery life
Water Pipe Adapter Included Plethora of glass accessories
Fast, universal USB-C charge port Full-featured, on-board controls
Full-featured, on-board controls 30-second heat up time
30-second heat up time Use while charging
Use while charging Cheaper option
Dark Mode

Bottom line

Get the Solo 2 MAX if you want the latest tech in a Solo 2 vaporizer, like USB-C, Dark Mode, plus bubbler-ready features. Get the original Solo 2 if you want the cheaper option and don’t care for the latest features.

What is the Solo 2?

The Arizer Solo 2 has held down the Arizer fort as their flagship model for nearly seven years. It introduced a smaller, faster vaporizer with a long-lasting battery, good airflow, and full digital controls. At its current price, the Arizer Solo 2 vaporizer stands as a great budget-friendly option.

Arizer solo 2 vaporizer

Arizer Solo 2 Vaporizer


The Solo 2 is Arizer’s most popular portable vaporizer.

  • Fantastic taste
  • Quick heat up time
  • Long battery life
  • Easy clean up
  • Customizable features
Free Shipping Easy Returns World Class Customer Service

What is the Solo 2 MAX?

The Solo 2 MAX improves on the original with subtle tweaks and upgrades for modern times. Despite its higher price point, the Solo 2 MAX retains the brand's commitment to flavor and quality, with added features like USB-C charging, Dark Mode, a 14mm Water Pipe Adapter, and more.

Arizer Solo 2 MAX Vaporizer

Arizer Solo 2 MAX Vaporizer

$219.95 Regular price: $269.95

The Solo 2 MAX is Arizer’s strongest portable vape yet.

  • Flavorful vapor
  • Three hours of battery life
  • 14mm Water Pipe Adapter inluded
  • Discreet Dark Mode
  • USB-C & passthrough charging
Free Shipping Easy Returns World Class Customer Service

Same great vapor quality

Both Solo 2 vaporizers specialize in potent vapor with an emphasis on herbal flavors. Vapor quality is similar between the original Solo 2 and the Solo 2 MAX. A ceramic hybrid heating system heating element powers both vapes and sends the vapor through a glass stem to preserve the flavors. The Solo 2 MAX sees a slight tweak to its heating element for a slight bump up in vapor quality, however, it’s very slight and you may not notice a huge difference in its already great performance.

Solo 2 MAX has improved airflow

Airflow on these two vaporizers is on the tighter side, but the Solo 2 MAX has improved it slightly to keep up with the demands when paired with a bubbler. It’s slightly more open than the original, but how you pack the glass aroma tubes has the biggest impact. For example, a light pack with a soft tamp will yield better airflow, but a tight pack will create a tighter draw. Again, airflow is lightly better on the Solo 2 MAX, but the pack and tamp are the key factors here.

Quick heat up times

Both vapes tout a 30-second heat-up time, each hitting that mark fairly consistently in our testing. Side by side, the Solo 2 may be a few seconds quicker than the MAX, but not by much. Both vapes will hit 390° F in around 30 seconds and the top temperature in under 40 seconds.

Both last up to three hours

Battery life is the highlight of the Solo 2 vaporizers. Your mileage will vary depending on your vaping style, but you’re guaranteed between 90 and 180 minutes of use with each vaporizer. Our tests found that higher temperatures will yield a bit shorter runtime while low temperatures give you the best bang for your buck.

Solo 2 MAX comes with a WPA

The Solo 2 MAX comes with a 14mm male adapter to connect directly to a tabletop bubbler, and it functions just like a regular Arizer stem. Simply pack the bottom of the stem, insert it into the Solo 2 MAX heating chamber, then attach it to your bubbler.

The original Solo 2 vaporizer doesn't come with a water pipe adapter, but there is one available for it. You can pick it up separately here.

Solo 2 MAX inverts the controls and screen when you need

Much like the Arizer Air MAX vaporizer, the Solo 2 MAX boasts a clever built-in function that automatically rotates the screen and onboard controls when inverted and attached to a bubbler, and it works flawlessly. Attach it to a bubbler with the included adapter, and the Solo 2 MAX will follow suit.

The original Solo 2 does not come with this feature. While you can hook it up to a bubbler with a water pipe adapter, the controls and screen remain unchanged.

The Solo 2 MAX comes with Dark Mode

The Solo 2 MAX also introduces Dark Mode, which dims the lights and reduces onscreen clutter with a minimal user interface. Little symbols in each corner of the screen relay important info as your session starts, and the screen goes completely dark a few seconds after it reaches temp. It serves well for those who need a more discreet session.

Passthrough charging with different ports

Both Solo 2 vaporizers feature passthrough charging, where you can charge your vape and enjoy a session simultaneously. The Solo 2 MAX comes with an updated USB-C port that you can easily replace if you lose it*.

The original Solo 2 vaporizer utilizes a barrel port charger and plugs directly into a wall outlet. This charger is much bulkier than a USB-C cable and adapter, but it does the same job well. The only downside is that you likely don’t have another one lying around, so if you lose it, you’ll likely need to buy another one.

*Note: a minimum of 3a is required with the Solo 2 MAX for optimal passthrough charging.


Compared to each other, the original Solo 2 portable dry herb vaporizer comes with a short glass stem, a glass aroma dish, a sample of botanicals, and a belt-clip carry case. The Solo 2 MAX comes with a 14mm water pipe adapter, but none of the accessories mentioned above.

Solo 2 MAX Box Contents

Solo 2 Box Contents

Arizer Solo 2 MAX Dry Herb Vaporizer Arizer Solo 2 Dry Herb Vaporizer
Long Glass Aroma Tube (110mm) with PVC Travel Tube Glass Stem Aroma Tube (90mm) with PVC Travel Tube
Frosted Glass Aroma Tube (Water Pipe Adapter) with PVC Travel Tube Long Glass Aroma Tube (110mm) with PVC Travel Tube
Stir Tool with PVC Travel Tube Stir Tool with PVC Travel Tube
Two Stem Caps Two Stem Caps
USB-C to USB-A Cable & Adapter Barrel Port Charger & Adapter
Screen Pack Screen Pack
Owner’s Manual Owner’s Manual
Glass Aroma Dish with PVC Travel Tube
Belt-Clip Carry Case
Sample of Aromatic Botanicals

Which one should you buy?

Get the original Solo 2 if…

If you want the core Solo 2 vaping experience without shelling out a decent chunk of change, the original Solo 2 is the best option. Vapor quality is roughly the same between the two vapes, and the overall user experience is nearly identical, minus a few upgrades. Its barrel port charger is now considered outdated with the release of USB-C, but don’t misplace it and you’ll be just fine.

Get the Solo 2 MAX if…

If you want the Solo 2 experience with slightly better airflow, a modern charger, and the best bubbler experience, the Solo 2 MAX is it. With the latest tech and features, this vape does everything the Solo 2 can, and more, and even refines a few key elements for an elevated experience over the original.


Whether you lean towards the classic efficiency and affordability of the Solo 2 or favor the modern enhancements and bubbler compatibility of the Solo 2 MAX, Arizer ensures a quality vaping adventure either way. Both devices offer an impressive array of features, from rapid heat-up times to extensive battery life, and ensure a top-notch vaping experience. Ultimately, your choice depends on what you value most: the tried-and-true reliability and cost-effectiveness of the Solo 2, or the cutting-edge features and slightly enhanced performance of the Solo 2 MAX.

Written by

tyler hixon

Tyler is a seasoned veteran in the vape industry with over 5 years of experience in the field and nearly a decade of dry herb vaping under his belt.

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