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Flowermate Slick Vaporizer Review

The Flowermate Slick Remakes the Pen-Shaped Vape

With a look and feel that’s more premium than its price point, the Slick is a great value.

On the surface, the Flowermate Slick vaporizer isn’t all that exciting. This affordable re-configuration of the popular Flowermate V5.0S packs similar parts into a pen-shaped package, but there’s more to it than that. The Slick surprised us with some smart features, swappable batteries, and consistent vapor without any learning curve. It’s a vaporizer that feels great in your hand, and on your wallet.

Flowermate Slick Vaporizer

Flowermate Slick Vaporizer


The Flowermate Slick is a cigar-shaped, budget-friendly portable vaporizer.

  • Flavorful conduction heating
  • Single button control
  • Three preset temperatures
  • Replaceable battery
  • Glass mouthpiece
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Flowermate Slick sitting on counter - Flowermate Slick Review

Flowermate vapor

When it comes to vapor, the Slick vaporizer is better than its price. The black ceramic oven cooks evenly and thoroughly without showing any stains, and the glass mouthpiece cools the vapor well so it’s comfortable, and not harsh. You’ll be hard pressed to find vapor this tasty and rich for $79.95 outside the Flowermate vaporizer family.

Three medium-to-high temperatures

The Slick only has three temperatures to pick from, but they cover the bases well on the medium-to-high temperature spectrum. Low temperature vaporists might be disappointed in 385° F as a starting point, but there’s something here for everyone else. We spent most of our time on the medium setting, 400° F, for a nice combination of flavors and clouds. The highest setting is pinned to 420° F, and pulls everything out of your herbs without charring.

Long battery life

The Slick sports a removable 18650 battery that takes the concern out of battery life, except for the inexplicable lack of a way to check the charge level. Even still, the stock battery that comes with it boasts one hour of runtime, or 10-12 sessions, per charge. The Slick vaporizer also has micro-USB charging so you can power up anywhere you can find a USB port. Grab a couple extra batteries and you’ll never get stuck with a dead vaporizer.

Flowermate Slick Battery

30 second heat up time

The Slick won’t keep you waiting, as it climbs to 400° F in just 30 seconds. If you’re all about taste, you can take a hit once it’s ready, or wait a little longer for a stronger first pull. However you like it, the Slick is one of the fastest conduction vaporizers you’ll come across.

Easy controls

You control all of the Slick’s functionality through a single button with a multi-color LED ring around it. While this system sacrifices some control, it’s easy to use and understand right out of the box. Click it five times to turn it on and off, and three times to change between one of three temperature settings. It even boasts haptic feedback to let you know when it’s time to vape, or if you accidentally turn it on in your pocket.

Flowermate Slick LED Controls - Flowermate Slick Review

Dry herbs only

Vaporizers that are meant for dry herbs often have issues when it comes time for stickier substances, and the Slick’s included concentrate pod doesn’t impress us. It also includes a pod for loading herbs, but we found that it produced much weaker vapor than just packing directly into the oven. At the end of the day, it’s best to think of the Flowermate Slick as a direct pack, dry herb only vaporizer.

Feels solid

The Slick doesn’t feel like an $80 vaporizer, thanks to its glossy carbon-fiber finish. It even packs in some features you don’t always see on competitors at the price point, like a glass mouthpiece for vapor purity. Little touches, like a magnetic holder on the bottom where you can keep the cover while it’s in use, help the Slick feel a bit more premium than its price point.

Flowermate Slick Cap Off - Review


  • Height 6.23 in / 15.9 cm
  • Diameter 1 in / 2.5 cm
  • Weight 5 oz / 144 g


The Slick comes with a 1-year warranty on workmanship and defects, and a 90-day warranty on the battery. Like all of our products, the Slick is covered by our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

What's in the box

  • Flowermate Slick vaporizer
  • One 18650 battery (2500 mAh, 20 amp)
  • Concentrate chamber
  • Micro-USB cable
  • Five stainless steel oven screens
  • Five stainless steel mouthpiece screens
  • Packing tool
  • Cleaning brush
  • Stainless steel dry herb pod
  • Warranty card
  • User manual

Flowermate Slick Review Box Contents

Who’s the Slick for?

The Flowermate Slick vapes, and feels, more premium than its price point, and that’s always appealing. If you’re curious about herbal vaporizers, this would be a great place to start, with impressive vapor quality and a forgiving, flexible draw style. For more experienced users, the Slick could make a good vape to share and pass around, so you don’t have to teach people how to use your on-demand convection vape.

Who isn’t the Slick for?

While its pen shape is a bit more discreet than some vaporizers, the Slick isn’t exactly compact. It should fit in your pocket, but it’s likely to stick out of the top, so if you need something truly on-the-go, there are some better options. Users looking for the latest features won’t find them here -- this is tried and true tech at an affordable price, but without a way to check the battery level. That also means a more central temperature range, without some of the less commonly used low and high temperatures. 

Other pens?

We sell two other pen-shaped vaporizers with a (somewhat) similar design to the Slick. The XMAX V2 Pro has two more temperature options, but for the same price, the Slick includes more features and better controls. The Focus Vape Pro S has the best temperature controls of the bunch, but also costs more, and we prefer the Slick’s vapor quality.

Final thoughts

Flowermate has been tuning their conduction tech for a long time, and the Slick is an affordable, approachable result of that effort. It’s a new take on the pen-shaped vaporizer, with modern features like a mouthpiece cover, and swappable batteries, all packed into an attractive, durable shell. Most importantly, it consistently produces solid vapor, with no extra steps. If you’re looking for a pen-shaped dry herb vaporizer, the Flowermate Slick is the best value you can find.

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Flowermate Slick Vaporizer