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Ghost MV1 Review

Big Taste, Big Looks - The Ghost MV1 Review

Ghost’s hotly-anticipated MV1 vaporizer marks the manufacturer’s debut release, and gives us a lot to talk about.

**The MV1 vaporizer has some features only accessible via a smartphone app. On November 15th, 2019, Apple removed all vaporizer apps from its store. Apps that were downloaded before removal will still work. Android users are not affected. Please read our blog post to learn more about the app removal, and how it affects specific vaporizers.**

Ghost’s ambitious MV1 has been on its way to release for some time, with a lot of hype, and a few bumps, along the road. As Ghost’s first product, the MV1 enters the market with near instant heat up time for one-hitter use, amazing taste and efficiency, and an eye-catching design.

But progress doesn’t come cheap, and the $295 Ghost MV1 vaporizer comes with some strings attached. It has a bit of a learning curve, and is too bulky to slide into a pocket. While our review might be a little divided on the highs and lows, the POTV team agrees, it’s a vaporizer nerd’s dream, and a newcomer’s potential headache.

Always flavorful, never harsh

The Ghost MV1 earns high marks for flavor, with true convection heating, medical grade materials, and an air path isolated from the electronics that let the herb’s natural flavors shine and doesn’t cook them between draws. The end result is fantastic taste that lasts longer than other vaporizers. Whether you start at a low or high temperature, the flavors come through strong, and the hefty heat sink cools the vapor as well or better than anything out there.

Extracts too

The flavor-train doesn’t stop with herbs, though, and the MV1’s full convection heating can efficiently vaporize your extracts with amazing flavor. It comes with an extra crucible and stainless steel mesh pad, although the process for stickier substances looks a little different from herbal use. Hold down the heat button and immediately start drawing slowly, to melt the extracts into the pad. On each subsequent hit, the MV1 will produce a steady stream of light vapor with a surprisingly strong flavor that displays your extract’s natural taste.

Instant heat up time for flexibility

On-demand portable vaporizers offer the flexibility of taking a single draw whenever you want, or chaining them together and settling in for a relaxing session. If a single draw here and there is your style, a loaded MV1 can do that inside of 30 seconds, with a 10 second heat up time, followed by a 10 to 15 second draw. And if a session is what you seek, there’s no need to reach for a different vaporizer. Just grab your MV1 and take as much time and as many draws as you want for a tasty, efficient session.

Micro-dosing with on-demand

Micro-dosing, or vaporizing less than 0.05 grams at a time, is trending these days, and on-demand portables like the Ghost MV1 make it possible on the go. The instant on/off heating works like a one-hitter, leaving your herbs untouched between hits, minimizing waste and keeping them fresh for the next time you’re ready. The MV1 works best when fully loaded, and you can expect between five to 12 hits on a single crucible for all-day dosing.

Ghost MV1 Review - Ghost MV1 App

Flexible and powerful bluetooth app

**On November 15th, 2019, Apple removed all vaporizing apps from its store, including this Ghost MV1 app. It might not be permanent, but we are planning on an extended absence. The MV1 works fine on its own, but can’t be customized with the app on an iPhone, unless it was downloaded before November 15th. Android users still have access to the app.**

The best smartphone apps for vaporizers stay out of the way. Ghost’s app does this well by letting you customize temperatures on your phone that you can dial in later with the controls on the MV1. Ghost also packed in the ability to lock your MV1 from unwanted users, control multiple MV1’s, download firmware updates, buy some accessories, and even extend your warranty to seven years if you register via the app.

Medical grade materials

Ghost likes to boast about the materials in the MV1’s airpath, and why shouldn’t they? Whether it’s the ceramic zirconia mouthpiece sleeve, borosilicate glass mouthpiece, or the tiny medical grade silicone fittings, it’s all inert, safe, and flavorless. You can be sure there won’t be any funky off flavors infiltrating your vapor.

Ghost MV1 Review - Ghost MV1 Crucible

Controversial crucible

While the crucibles provide a convenient way to load up and get vaping, the Planet of the Vapes staff is a little divided on how easy they are to use. The lid doesn’t clip onto the base, it just sits on top, and requires some level of manual dexterity to load the crucible, secure the lid, and insert it into the oven door. The good news is, they’re made from high-quality ceramic and stainless steel, and can be pre-loaded and taken on the go with the crucible dispenser, which is sold separately.

Each crucible holds about 0.1 grams, enough for a surprisingly potent session. Heavy users might find themselves loading multiple crucibles for their needs, so the separately sold crucible dispenser lets you easily take five loaded ovens on the go. Ghost claims you don’t need to stir you herbs in the MV1, but we found that requires a perfect pack that’s easy to miss, and we wouldn’t blame you at all for stirring.

The controls have a learning curve

With just two buttons and a set of colored lights on board, you’ll need to consult the manual often when you first start using the Ghost MV1. It has haptic feedback, which lets you know when it’s time to start drawing. Once you get the hang of them, the controls are easy enough to use, but it takes a few runs to get there. Ghost is listening to feedback, and may release updated firmware in the future to help make the learning curve a little shallower.

Ghost MV1 Review - Adjustable Airflow

Adjustable airflow

Where a lot of vaporizers have a set airflow, the Ghost’s unique mouthpiece lets you adjust the resistance to your liking. You can pull it out to open up the airflow, and push it back in to restrict it. It also helps the learning curve, as you can easily set it to the same height every time.

Swappable battery pack

We love user-replaceable batteries, and the MV1 has a proprietary battery pack that’s essentially two 18650 batteries in a proprietary casing. You can charge it in the MV1 using a micro-USB cable, which takes about eight hours, or using the external charger in about two hours. One battery pack is capable of chewing through around eight crucibles, or about 50-60 total draws, but that will vary based on your temperature and draw style. It’s easily enough battery life to get you through the day, and probably the evening too.

Ghost MV1 Review - Ghost MV1 battery

Actually useful accessories

There are a few accessories that really help enhance the Ghost MV1 experience. The crucible holder lets you preload a set of crucibles and pocket them to go. It also helps alleviate some of the loading and unloading woes with the crucibles, since you can sit down and load them all before you leave the house. The extra batteries and fast charger cost a little more, but ensure you’ll always have a charged battery ready to go.


Height 5 in / 12.7 cm

Width 2.25 in / 5.7 cm

Depth 1.6 in / 4 cm

Weight 12 oz / 340 g

Ghost MV1 Review - Dimensions


Ghost covers any workmanship and defect issues with the MV1 for two years, and will extend that to seven if you register yours in the app. They only provide a warranty for the battery for one year, but you can replace it if something goes wrong. Like all of our products, the Ghost MV1 vaporizer is covered by our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

What’s in the box

Ghost MV1 Vaporizer

Battery Pack

Micro-USB Charging Cable

Quick Start Guide

1 Spare Crucible w/ Lid

1 Concentrate Pad

3 Picks

3 Isopropyl Alcohol Wipes

3 Cotton Swabs

Ghost MV1 Review Box Contents

For best results

While we’ll go more in-depth about how to get the best performance from the MV1 in its own guide, we do have a few tips to help get you going. A medium, fluffier grind will produce the best vapor. You should pack the crucible with a gentle tamp, so nothing moves around. Additionally, you can bump up the temperature over the course of a session for a fuller, more satisfying experience, and play with different draw speeds to find your sweet spot.

Easy cleanup

Cleanup is easy thanks to an entirely removable airpath and high quality materials. We’re working on a full cleaning and maintenance guide, but know that taking apart the MV1 and getting it sparkling clean is less of a chore than with a lot of vaporizers.

The competition

Ghost’s MV1 enters the market with some unique features, but also comes at a time when there’s no shortage of high-end portables. Still, there aren’t many vaporizers that can match the MV1’s heat up time, efficiency and flavor. The Firefly 2 functions in a remarkably similar way, and impressed enthusiasts, but had a learning curve that was too unforgiving for some. The MV1 has better airflow and consistency, and it’s easier to use. The Haze Square heats up just as quick as the MV1, and has four ovens built right into the body. It’s a solid option if you’re looking for some of the same features without spending more.

Ghost MV1 Review

Who is the Ghost MV1 for?

As our Ghost MV1 review shows, this bulky vaporizer is an excellent choice for vaporizer enthusiasts and tech nerds alike. It’s a truly on-demand convection one-hitter, something we’re only starting to see for the first time, and has great efficiency and flavor, alongside its cutting-edge feature set. If you want great vapor, and you don’t mind spending a few sessions dialing it in, the Ghost MV1 is a great choice.

Who is the Ghost MV1 not for?

It’s certainly too big for most pockets, but the Ghost MV1 vaporizer might just be too big for people’s tastes in general. The crucible system won’t work particularly well if you have manual dexterity limitations, or if you’re just easily frustrated. At $295, the MV1 also isn’t for those with light-hearted wallets, or people who don’t want to spend the time to learn to use their premium purchases. If session vaping is all you need, the Mighty vaporizer also has fantastic vapor, and is easy to use.

Our take

The Ghost MV1 checks a lot of our boxes with fantastic vapor, on-demand heating and removable batteries, but so did the Firefly 2, which turned a decent number of people off with its learning curve and inconsistencies. It’s for that reason that we offer the MV1 with cautious excitement. We’ve tested every full-convection, on-demand vaporizer we can find and they all have quirks that can disappoint and make them inconsistent, but the Ghost MV1 seems to be the most refined and supported. Hopefully this review helps you decide if you can make it through the short learning curve to vapor bliss.

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