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Planet of the Vapes ONE Magnetic Version In Hand

Introducing the NEW POTV ONE

The best selling POTV ONE receives a welcomed update.

You wanted it, so we did it - no more stuck or loose mouthpieces with the POTV ONE vaporizer! And while we we’re at it, we cooled the vapor even more, too. Check out how we improved this already incredible portable dry herb vaporizer.

Planet of the Vapes ONE NEW Version

The Planet of the Vapes ONE vaporizer has been on the market for a little over three years now, and its popularity and praise has been overwhelming. But some users have encountered issues with the mouthpieces, so we set off to find a reliable solution that you’re gonna love.

POTV ONE with Dimpled Stem in Black

Planet of the Vapes ONE


The Planet of the Vapes ONE vaporizer is small, affordable, and hits like a champ!

  • Ultra-pocketable
  • Satisfying sessions
  • Great accessories - add a bubbler!
  • Easy to use and share
  • Affordable
Free Shipping Easy Returns World Class Customer Service
POTV ONE Glass Cooling Stem

Planet of the Vapes Glass Cooling Stem


Magnetic Accessory Attachment

To tackle this issue, we upgraded to a new and improved accessory attachment that easily slides in and out of place. Just hook it onto the unit and let the magnets lock it in. When you’re done, just pull and slide it off. No more tight or loose mouthpieces! We’re really excited about this update and even more excited to get it into your hands.

New dimpled glass stem

To top this update off, we’ve also revamped the standard straight glass stem with multiple internal dimples for even cooler vapor. As your inhale, the vapor travels through the crowd of glass dimples to further cool and refine it before it reaches your lips. This simple but ingenious system provides an enhanced experience but still maintains the same shape and size as the original straight glass stem.

Cleaning Disclaimer: DO NOT insert anything into the dimpled stem when cleaning. Clean with warm water and a mild grease-cutting dishwashing detergent such as Dawn, or isopropyl alcohol.

Massive value from a small vape

You won’t find a better combination of price, performance and size than the Planet of the Vapes ONE dry herb vaporizer. For less than $100 this little vape can sneak out of the smallest of pockets and cloud things up. It’s small enough to hide in most hands, but hits like something much bigger.

Easy and quick

The POTV ONE is incredibly easy to use and is ready to vape almost instantly. Its three buttons and LED display intuitively guide you to the perfect session from the first try. Yet it’s still feature rich, with options like a display flip and a temperature scale toggle.

Amazing accessories

We developed the most versatile mouthpiece in the industry! Go from a solo session on the couch to powering a party with a bubbler mid-session. That’s right, you can rock the Curved Mini Bubbler mouthpiece for a few hits, and then swap in the Water Pipe Adapter without opening the oven or turning off the ONE! Use the Dimpled Glass mouthpiece for discreet sessions, the Bubblers for bigger hits, or something custom like the Simrell POTV Blackwood stem to really class things up.

POTV has you covered

The POTV ONE comes with a two-year warranty and our 14-day Satisfaction Guarantee. If you don’t like the ONE for any reason, you can return it to us within 14 days for a full refund or vape exchange. Once you decide to keep it, you’re protected from manufacturing defects for two years. Planet of the Vapes is your safe place to give a vaporizer a chance!

Planet of the Vapes ONE Magnetic Version
The Planet of the Vapes NEW Version.

Planet of the Vapes ONE Magnetic Version Magnetic Accessory AttachmentThe new Magnetic Accessory Attachment easily slides and locks magnetically into place. See the little tracks that it grabs onto?

Planet of the Vapes ONE Magnetic Version with Dimpled Glass Stem
Each one also comes with our new Dimpled Glass Stem.
Planet of the Vapes ONE Magnetic Version Up Close
These stems are the the same length and shape as the original but with extra cooling. See the little dimples? 
Planet of the Vapes ONE Magnetic Version In Hand
All of these killer updates in the same, pocketable design.
Written by

tyler hixon

Tyler is a seasoned veteran in the vape industry with over 5 years of experience in the field and nearly a decade of dry herb vaping under his belt.

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Planet of the Vapes ONE