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Planet of the Vapes ONE Tips and Tricks

Expand your experience with concentrates, dosing capsules, and lots of glass options, to find your style.

The Planet of the Vapes ONE works so well and easily out of the gate that you can go a long time never straying from the standard configuration, but you’d miss out on a lot of fun! We’ve got the guidance you need to expand your experience with concentrates, dosing capsules, and lots of glass options, so you can find your ONE sweet spot.

Get some glass

Every Planet of the Vapes ONE comes with an Accessory Attachment with a straight glass tube, and the easiest way to shake things up is to pick up a different glass attachment. Each piece has a unique presence that justifies its place in the catalog.

Planet of the Vapes ONE Glass Attachments

The Bent Mouthpiece has a single curve that cools the vapor more than the straight mouthpiece.

The Mini Bubbler cools the vapor even more, and the water filters out any bits of herb that managed to make it past the mouthpiece screen.

The Curved Mini Bubbler cools the most, and adds a laid-back feel, for those of us that don’t want to tilt the vape, or our heads.

But the Waterpipe Adapter trumps them all, as you run the ONE through any glass piece you want with a 10mm, 14mm, or 18mm female scientific glass joint.

Keep it clean

A clean vaporizer performs better, lasts longer, and is more efficient with your herbs. The best thing you can do for your ONE is dump out the herbs when finished, before they’ve cooled down, and brush the mouthpiece screen after each session. No matter how diligent you are, though, eventually you’ll need to give the ONE a deeper cleaning, and you can get up to speed on that with our Cleaning and Maintenance Guide.

Flip the screen

In case you missed it, you can rotate the ONE’s screen alignment 180° by holding the Power and Up buttons together for a couple seconds. This lets you decide whether you want to use the ONE with the screen facing towards you, or away from you, or on a bubbler, without tilting your neck or reading upside down.

Travel options

The ONE is a tough little vaporizer, and it comes with the Standard Mouthpiece and the Accessory Attachment. The Standard Mouthpiece has a glass interior and a rugged, plastic exterior that’s our first choice for rough environments, but that doesn’t mean you have to leave your glass at home. The Accessory Attachment bubblers don’t leak, so you can grab a small case, or safely wrap the Mini Bubbler, and have it filled and ready wherever you go. Because the ONE and the glass pieces are so small, you’ll be surprised how easily you can pull this off.

A mesh pad for concentrates

The ONE can vaporize your concentrates using the included stainless steel mesh pad, with a ‘session’ style instead of the more traditional style. Insert the pad flat into the bottom of the oven, and use the packing tool to scrape or place your concentrate onto the center of the pad. Don’t overload it - no more than the size of a grain of rice will do. Turn the ONE on, set it to 430°F (221°C), and wait for the buzz before you hit it. By the second or third hit, the concentrate should have melted into the pad enough to show some visible vapor on exhale.

Using the dosing capsule

There is one Dosing Capsule included with every ONE, with more available in four-packs. Each can hold around two-thirds the capacity of a full oven. We like to turn the heat up 10°F (5°C) higher than you’re used to with the Dosing Capsules to get vapor that’s as dense as going without. Dosing capsules soak up valuable heat, using more energy to get less vapor. While we’d prefer to pack the oven directly, there are times when the convenience of having a dosing capsule loaded and ready outweighs the disadvantages.

A little more air flow

Here’s a cool tip submitted by a customer like you! If you want a less restricted draw, remove the mouthpiece screen from the blue silicone piece, and use the ONE with the dosing capsule. It will hit easier, and the dosing capsule will keep the herbs in place and out of your mouth. The taste might be a little stronger, too. You may need to turn the temperature up a few degrees for the same thick vapor.

Find your style

The Planet of the Vapes ONE seamlessly moves from your pocket to your high end glass, covering a wide range of needs. It works well with ground or whole herbs, short or long draws, and low or high temperatures. With solid performance from a wide range of variables, you can play with more options, without breaking the bank. There is no right or wrong way to vaporize, just what works best for you, so take advantage of the ONE’s flexibility and find your favorite style.

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