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Puffco Plus Vaporizer Review

Puffco Plus Review: Still Up There!

Years after its release, the Puffco Plus is still a top shelf vaporizer. It’s stylish, tasty, and fits anywhere.

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Due to the PACT Act, we removed all concentrate vaporizers and accessories from the Planet of the Vapes website, and you should know why. We still stand behind these products, and plan to bring them back later, but for now we have stopped shipping concentrate vaporizers.

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Puffco Plus Review

Years after its release, the Puffco Plus is still a top shelf vaporizer. It’s stylish, tasty, and fits anywhere. If you’re looking for a portable, load-as-you-go concentrate vaporizer that makes a statement, you’ve found it. We give the Puffco Plus V2 a review from a fresh perspective, to see if it’s still worth your money.


Puffco Plus Vaporizer Review Outdoors
The Puffco Plus oozes class.


The Plus by Puffco was the best tasting concentrate pen I’d used when it released, and not much has changed. The ceramic bucket slow boils your extracts, locking in flavor at the expense of visible vapor. The two lower temp settings are delicious. I saved the highest temp setting to finish off a bowl.

Don’t get me wrong, you can abuse the Puffco Plus and foul it up. Overload it and spend too much time on the highest power setting, and you’ll find something to complain about. But if you stick to the two lower power settings, and load small amounts that fully vaporize in three to five hits, you might find flavors you didn’t know were there.

And for all the talk about taste, I was pleasantly surprised at the clouds. The hits were thicker and more satisfying than I normally find with vapor this tasty.

Average battery life

Puffco Plus battery life reports are generally around 30 to 50 puffs per charge, and I guess that’s reasonable. It’s hard to quantify battery life for a concentrate pen because we all use them differently. Some take short puffs, while others chain long hits together. Most of us are somewhere in between. I would typically load enough for four to six sessions (one session is a double-press - or a 12 second heating cycle) per load, using all three power levels. With that pattern, I would get five to six loads before recharging.


Puffco Plus Vaporizer Review Charging
The Puffco Plus battery attached to the SuperCharger.

Built-in loading tool

The Puffco Plus Dart solves problems. It’s a ceramic loading stick in the mouthpiece that scoops your extracts. Just scoop, screw on the mouthpiece, and the wax is perfectly loaded into the hot zone. All without sticky fingers! Why doesn’t every vape pen have this? Seriously. It also serves as an internal carb cap. If that’s Greek to you, don’t worry. It’s probably the main reason the hits are surprisingly thick.


Puffco Plus Vaporizer Review Dart
The Dart - that little white pointy thing - the easy way to load the Puffco Plus!

The only thing I’m not fond of is the silicone portion of the dart. Purists will point to the silicone and worry about the flavor, but I don’t taste anything off with it. I don’t like the butt end of it that sticks out of the mouthpiece. I understand it’s necessary for the loading stick to work right. But it has a dimpled texture that feels like it holds onto moisture (to put it politely) from my lips. It’s not a deal-breaker, but I wipe it down a lot when sharing.

Gets hot with extended use

The Plus has a nice little footprint, and all that heat has to go somewhere. It’s not hot after one or two hits, but if you chain three or four sessions together, your fingers will feel it. The only part that gets hot is the middle section, or the oven. At no point were my lips in danger. If you vape solo and don’t need more than one hit every few minutes, you’ll never feel the heat.


Puffco makes beautiful vaporizers. The Plus is the size of a pen, with a gentle taper halfway up the mouthpiece. It’s got a shiny finish that somehow resists fingerprints. The single color choice could easily be called black, but it has a dark brown, smokey tint hiding deep inside. I like the laid-back feel of the lighted button, as it gently brightens and darkens when you press it and let it go. If you also get the Puffco Peak, they’re a matching set! 

In 2020, Puffco released the colorfully psychedelic Puffco Vision Plus. For an additional $10, you can grab this flashy version for an eye-catching, kaleidoscopic concentrate pen on the go!


Puffco Plus Vaporizer charger cable
The Puffco Plus, SuperCharger, and Grip.

Cleaning & Maintenance

Make sure to clean the oven with a cotton swab after each load. If you keep loading new extracts without first cleaning it, they will permanently burn on the bottom of the ceramic oven. Check out our Cleaning and Maintenance Guide for a full rundown.

Quick tip

Hold the Plus upright when hitting it, and until the concentrates cool inside. If you tilt it too much, or set it on its side after a hit, concentrates can run out of the oven and make a mess.

Who’s the Puffco Plus for?

The Puffco Plus is a pocket flavor-house. It’s ideal for the light to moderate user who prizes flavor, style and portability. When you’re out with friends, it’s easy to share.

Puffco Plus Vaporizer Review In Hand
That soothing, soft glow.

Who’s the Puffco Plus not for?

Heavy users who like to tinker will find what they’re looking for with something more powerful and modular, like the Sai Vaporizer. If you’re messy by nature, you can find more forgiving vapes. The Plus needs consistent cleaning to stay in top shape. 

Puffco Plus Pros & Cons

Pros 👍 Cons 👎
Incredible taste Hot with heavy use
Incredibly small - hides with your pens Messy with large loads
As discreet as it gets
Fast heat-up time
Easy to load and use

Bottom line

Released years ago, the Puffco Plus still delivers top shelf taste from an incredibly small and stylish pen shape. When you want portable, thick concentrate hits!


The fact that this review was four years after the Puffco Plus released speaks to the quality of the vape. When it came out, it stood alone. But now it has company. I can find comparable, or even better technology for less money. But the Plus is still very relevant after a price drop to $90. While other companies have copied or improved on the Plus technology, it’s still very hard to find this combination of performance, portability, and style. That’s what happens when you nail a design at the beginning - it endures for years.

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