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Convection Vaporizers

Convection Vaporizers

Over 9000 customers rate us 4.8 out of 5

Over 9000 customers rate us 4.8 out of 5

How a convection vaporizer works

Both convection and conduction vaporizers get the job done, but how they produce vapor is significantly different. The heater in a convection vape is separate from the bowl, as opposed to making contact with it, and only cooks your herbs as you draw. You could take a few hits, set it down, and finish it off later in the day, with zero waste in between. Convection vapes chew through a lot of power, and battery life tends to suffer with most portables, but this isn't the case with desktop options. 

Pros and cons of a convection vaporizer

Because convection vapes don’t heat herbs between your hits, they’re less wasteful. This type of heating also produces tastier vapor that other methods simply can’t compete with, but it does come at a cost. As mentioned above, convection vaporizers require a lot of power, and can also come with a bit of a learning curve. You just have to find the sweet spot. Lastly, convection vaporizers are generally more expensive than their conduction counterparts, so price is something you’ll need to consider when making your choice.

Desktop convection vaporizer options

Most desktop vaporizers on the market utilize convection heating. They have all the power they need to produce satisfying hits that you won’t find with portable options, so we highly recommend them for more serious users. The Arizer Extreme Q is a great choice for beginners and comes with unique features. Like most convection vapes, It requires a bit of learning to get the hang of, but will satisfy both light and heavy hitters. Not only can you take direct hits with the included whip, but it also comes with everything you need to blow up full bags of vapor!

Portable convection vaporizer options

Convection heating was once an exclusive luxury only available with desktop vaporizers, but a number of promising options have since entered the portable market. Our line of Sticky Brick vaporizers should definitely be on your radar if you’re looking for a solid, reliable option. Battery issues are a thing of the past with this lineup, as you heat them with a torch lighter. This allows for instant, on-demand results that produce some of the biggest hits we’ve seen from a portable vape. If you take the time to learn the technique, the results will be more than worth it. If you want something portable but easier to use and share, look at the Tafée Bowle. It’s new to the market, but really hits the mark.

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