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Starry Ceramic Water Pipe Adapter + Silicone Cover

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Regular price $14.95
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Connect your XMAX Starry to a bubbler

The Starry Ceramic Water Pipe Adapter connects your XMAX Starry to any glass piece with a 14mm or 18mm female fitting. Simply replace the mouthpiece with this adapter and enjoy!

Silicone cover required

This adapter comes with a silicone cover that forms a tight seal with the glass and protects the ceramic finish from scratches. Without it, the ceramic adapter is too small to seal on glass joints.

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United States United States

I love it

I purchased this to use solely as an alternative mouthpiece to the original mouthpiece that came with my Starry Xmax vaporizer. The original lid is made of aluminum along with some metal parts inside the mouthpiece which sit directly on top of the oven / Bowl, so it tends to get very hot very quickly and therefore the vapor does not taste as good and is hot. But with this new mouthpiece with the silicone cover, it is all ceramic, no aluminum or any other metal so it does not get super hot. Plus the distance between the opening of the mouthpiece and where it sits on the oven has a longer distance and also allows more air to be pulled through it so the hits are much tastier and cooler. And it looks much nicer as well.

Kelly M.
United States United States

**** yeah

It turned the Starry into my favorite all day vape

A Planet Of The Vapes Customer
Dave L.
United States United States

Great Concept, But Not An Improvement Over The Original

I bought this after about a year of having used the other, slightly less expensive "XMAX Starry Water Pipe Adapter" that's built around a length of tubing with a glass plug at one end and a sleeve for the mouthpiece at the other, so this is a comparison between the two versions. The big advantage of this item is that there's a much shorter (and wider) pathway for the vapors to travel to the water glass, and basically nothing to clean. The plastic tubing of the other kind does tend to turn brown over time, but I imagine it's relatively easy to replace with standard aquarium tubing and you can cut that to whatever length you like. For me, the main problem with this version is that the socket on my glass is at an angle, not perfectly vertical, so it leaves my XMAX Starry dangling out in space somewhat precariously. The fitment of the magnets on the adapter is not quite as tight as it is with the original mouthpiece; there's a bit of wiggle room which makes me nervous about having the Starry fall off and get damaged, so I recommend taking it off the glass each time you set it down. Also, during use the vape is essentially upside down, so you can't use the wax pad with this, and loosely packed herbs are prone to falling out. With the tubing version, you can keep the vape upright and just hold it alongside your glass. With the tubing version, I like to crack the mouthpiece up off the Starry with my thumb at the end of the draw to allow fresh air to flush out the line. With this one it's harder to do that kind of venting maneuver. The silicone gasket grips the socket of the glass and the ceramic of the adapter with approximately equal tenacity, so sometimes it comes off with the vape, and sometimes it stays in the socket. I think this happens more as it heats up and expands, and I expect it will get worse as it ages. The alternative is to leave the adapter on the glass and just separate the vape body from it, and this is usually what I end up doing instead. Again, there's a risk of hot herbs tumbling out if the pack isn't tight, and that makes me a little nervous. So this adapter is a great idea in theory, but in practice it's a little clumsy, and I don't think it's an upgrade from the original tubing version except in a slightly better airflow. If you're trying to decide between them, I'd say go with the tubing one first. Both are excellent accessories -- vaping through water is absolutely fantastic -- but the other one's more versatile and a better value.

Planet Of The Vapes Starry Ceramic Water Pipe Adapter + Silicone Cover Review

Planet Of The Vapes

GREAT review, Dave. Thank you for your input. Much appreciated. This WPA is definitely not for everyone but for some, it's the perfect solution. With best regards, Larry

Sinisa P.
United States United States

Just ok.

Just ok. The smoke that comes out is too weak and light. Not impressed but not bad for very light smokers I guess?


Planet Of The Vapes

We can help with that Sinisa. Reaching out to you now. Talk to you soon. Regards, Larry

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