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Arizer Air SE Cleaning Guide

Arizer Air SE Cleaning Guide

The Air SE is as easy to clean and maintain as the rest of the Arizer portable lineup.

The Arizer Air SE takes Arizer’s brand of quality and flavor to an all-new price point, and it’s as easy to maintain as the rest of the Arizer portables lineup. Which, if you’re new to the world of Arizer, is as easy as it gets.

How to Clean the Arizer Air SE: Quick Summary

  1. Remove the stem from the oven and ensure you’ve emptied the spent herbs.
  2. Clean the stem (soak, rinse and dry).
  3. Clean the oven (optional).
  4. Run a burnoff session.

Finish your session and empty your spent herbs

We always recommend emptying the stem chamber directly after finishing your session, while your herbs are still warm and pliable. Be careful with the oven-end of the stem, as it will remain very hot for some time after removal. Everyone finds this out the hard way, at least once.

The ideal tool for emptying your stem is the Stainless Steel Stir Tool. If you don’t have it handy, you can use a wooden cocktail skewer (or toothpick), or brush instead.

Arizer Air SE Cleaning Guide Empty the Glass Stem

Clean the glass stem

Once your stem is empty, you’re ready to clean it. To do this, you have a couple of options.

Soak in isopropyl alcohol

The easiest way to clean your Arizer stems is to soak them in a bath of isopropyl alcohol. You can do this overnight, but generally a soak of an hour or two will be sufficient. Make sure to clean again in warm, soapy water, rinse thoroughly in hot water, and allow to air-dry before using again.

Arizer Air SE Cleaning Guide Soak the Glass Stem in Isopropyl Alcohol

Rinse in hot water

If you don’t have any isopropyl alcohol (or rubbing alcohol) to hand you can still get your Arizer stems sparklingly clean using only hot water, some kitchen tongs and a paper towel.

To do this, simply grip the used, empty stem in your kitchen tongs. Run your water as hot as it’ll go from the faucet, and while firmly gripping the stem with the tongs, cascade the hot water through each end of the stem, flipping it 180° as necessary.

Have a folded kitchen towel nearby, and when most of the gunk is gone, drop the stem onto the kitchen towel.

Next, while it’s still warm, roll a sheet of paper towel into a stick-shape (we reckon you’ll remember how to do this) and insert it into the long end of the stem first, twisting as you go. Keep inserting and twisting until it’s all the way in there, and then pull it out. Any remaining herbal fragments will be removed with the towel.

Repeat at the oven-end, and hey presto, your stem is perfectly clean, no alcohol required.

Arizer Air SE Cleaning Guide Clean the Glass Stem Alternate Method

Clean the oven

This one is optional. Confession time, I’ve never actually cleaned the oven on any of my Arizer portables. They all work perfectly, and I’ve been happily vaping with my Arizer Solo 2 for many years.

To set expectations, the oven of your Arizer portable will become discolored and lose its shininess with regular use. This is inevitable, but it won’t negatively affect the performance of your dry herb vaporizer.

However, if you really want to clean your Arizer’s oven, we recommend dipping a q-tip into a small amount of isopropyl alcohol. Give the cotton end a squeeze, to make sure that it’s damp, but not dripping with isopropyl alcohol.

Making sure that your Arizer Air SE is off and cold, invert it so that it’s upside down, and insert the q-tip into the oven, wiping each surface until any loose debris has been removed. The reason we recommend only using a very small amount of isopropyl alcohol (and holding your vape upside down) is that we don’t want any of that iso running down into the Air SE’s heater-core, so try to avoid that.

Arizer Air SE Cleaning Guide Clean the Oven

Run a burnoff

Once you’ve cleaned your oven, it’s important to run a burnoff session before you begin using it again. To do this, power up your Arizer Air SE, crank it up to the maximum (red) power setting, and allow it to sit until any off-gassing has finished. If there is any, it’ll look like wispy vapor, so just keep the vape on until that ceases, and you’re good.

Arizer Air SE Cleaning Guide Run a Burnoff

Tips for a cleaner vape

There are a few tips and tricks that’ll help to keep your Arizer Air SE cleaner, for longer.

  1. When loading herbs into your glass stems, try to not overfill. It’s super-easy to get carried away with jamming as much of your herbs in there as possible (we get that), but we always recommend leaving a 1mm gap between the fill-line of your ground herbs, and the rim of the glass stem.

    The reason is that it’s good to prevent herbs from coming into contact with the metal of the oven, which will inevitably cause some staining. If your herbs are only in contact with the glass of the stem, that’s the only part of the vape that’ll need to be cleaned.

  2. Always remove the glass stem from the Air SE and empty out the spent herbs directly after you’ve finished vaping, while everything is still warm.

    Be careful to not touch the oven end of the glass, because it’ll be burning hot for some time after being removed. We recommend using something like the Stainless Steel Stir Tool, or a wooden cocktail skewer to remove all of the spent herbs, and clean out the stem chamber.


It’s as easy as that. The Arizer line-up of portable vapes are amongst the easiest to keep clean and maintained of any probable vapes available. Follow our guide and you’re guaranteed to keep your Arizer Air SE in perfect condition.

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