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Choose a Gift Card as a Free Bonus Item!

Our Bonus Items just got better with the choice of a Gift Card! 

The free bonus items we include with most purchases are the best in the industry: an anodized aluminum four-piece grinder and a TightVac storage container. No matter how good they are, however, you probably don’t need a bunch of them. Planet of the Vapes loyalists can smile, with our new $15 Gift Card option, just in time for our 4/20 sale!

How it works

If product qualifies for the promotion (most, but not all vapes do!), you can easily choose between the grinder/TightVac combo and the $15 Gift Card when you add items to your cart. The system defaults to the Gift Card option, so make sure the correct option is selected. Don’t worry if you’re not sure which one you picked. You can always click the shopping cart on the upper right of the page, and adjust the quantities without leaving the page you’re on.

Planet of the Vapes Bonus Items

Use the gift card on your next purchase

When you finalize your order, you will receive an email with a code to use for your $15 gift card. You can use this code immediately on another purchase, or you can pay-it-forward to a friend to use.

Do the gift cards expire?

Gift Card codes don’t expire. Grinders and TightVacs don’t disintegrate, so why should your Gift Card?

What if I have more than one gift card code?

Due to system limitations, only one code can be used per purchase. If you find yourself with multiple codes you’d like to use at once, please contact our Customer Care team to combine them so you can use them all at the same time.

What if my purchase qualifies for more than one gift?

You get multiple gifts! Pick any combination of Gift Cards and Grinders/TightVacs. The choice is yours.

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jerry stickstones

Vaporist, vape beta tester, vape reviewer. I like to vape, talk about vapes, and think about vapes. Sometimes I dream...about vapes.

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