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DynaVap M Plus Vaporizer Review

DynaVap M Plus Vaporizer Review

DynaVap pushes the envolope with subtle but effective advancements with their latest 'M' vaporizer.

It’s been two years since we last saw a refreshed version of DynaVap’s flagship portable vaporizer. The previous iterations of the DynaVap M dry herb vaporizer were fun and exciting but there were no new advancements in its performance. The DynaVap M Plus vaporizer is a beautiful showcase of DynaVap’s engineering prowess and enthusiasm to take that next step in performance with next-level designs and features that avid-users have been hungry for.

DynaVap M Plus Vaporizer Review In Hand

Dynavap M Plus Vaporizer

Dynavap M Plus Vaporizer

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Experience an even stronger Dynavap session with the upgraded M Plus.

  • Deeper extractions with a finless tip design
  • Shrink the load for microdoses with its “adjust-a-bowl”
  • Extreme efficiency
  • Torch-powered - no batteries to charge
  • Nearly indestructible design
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Signature DynaVap vapor

Let’s get the vapor quality out of the way. The DynaVap M Plus delivers signature DynaVap vapor as usual. Hits are strong and effective and the M Plus does well whether you’re taking small sips or want full, potent extractions. And don’t worry. We'll talk about the one-cycle extractions. As with all of the DynaVap vaporizers, I’m impressed with the performance and strong vapor production I get out of such a small device.

Updated DynaVap design

Like its predecessors, the DynaVap M Plus dry herb vape showcases a refreshing new look to the stainless steel stem and even updated packaging.

Modern packaging

I really like DynaVap’s new, more practical packaging for the M Plus. Previous iterations of the M came in either a plastic tube or cardboard tube shaped like a DynaVap, but this takes a slightly classier approach. The package feels more modern and professional and feels like it’s ready to show up on store shelves around the country.DynaVap M Plus Review Packaging

Groovy, tactile etchings and design

In true DynaVap fashion, this new M Plus showcases new machine-cut etchings that DynaVap says are hard to replicate. Similar to an Omni but a little more subtle and intricate. I have two M Plus’s and their cuts and grooves are similar but have their own unique patterns and style. Whatever they’re doing is extremely precise and is designed with intent. The stem is very grippy and tactile which makes it easier to spin when you’re heating it up as well.DynaVap M Plus Vaporizer Review Etchings and Design

Square airport and pyramid rocker

The M Plus vaporizer also showcases a new square airport that DynaVap says doesn’t change the experience up much. It’s just a cool engineering flex compared to their traditional slits or round airports. I will say it doesn’t affect the vapor much but it does feel a bit easier to rock and adjust the airflow as needed.
DynaVap M Plus Vaporizer Review Square AiportsOpposite of the airport is a square shaped pyramid that looks really cool but serves as sort of a tactile indicator of where the airport is. When you’re done spinning and heating it up, The M Plus’s stem easily guides your fingers into place so you spend less time orienting yourself and more time vaping.DynaVap M Plus Vaporizer Review Pyaramid Rocker

Let's talk about the tip

The M Plus presents a brand new tip that sees subtle but effective improvements. This tip sheds some of the mass of previous M tips to provide a lighter feel, faster heat up, and more efficiency. It holds more herbs, about a 12% increase, and like the DynaVap B, is a finless tip with only two o-rings. Even though the tip is lighter, most of the mass surrounds the bowl for more effective extractions.

DynaVap M Plus Vaporizer Review Tip

The bottom of the bowl also has a carousel of dimples that aren’t just for aesthetic appeal but serve as guidelines of where to heat when you want to go for a full extraction in one heat cycle…

Full extractions in one heat cycle are finally here

The M Plus’s main selling point is its ability to fully extract the load in one heat cycle, and it definitely performs as advertised. In the past you would need a special tip, like their Armored Cap or the Simrell FMJ, that could gather and hold enough heat for that type of performance, but instead, DynaVap redesigned the tip to do just that.

As I mentioned, the little dimples are your target for full extractions and take much longer to heat up but no twirling or spinning is required. Once it clicks though, it’s hot and ready to rumble. Hits are fat, potent, and produce an exceptional vaping experience. You don’t have to take it down in one breath either. I could take a good few hits, exhale, and jump right back before it clicked out.

DynaVap M Plus Vaporizer Review One-Cycle Extraction
See the little dimples? Aim the torch here for a full extraction in just one heating cycle.

I would consider this method a little more advanced. It takes slightly more technique to nail but can go south really quickly if you’re not careful.

The stem WILL get hot, so please note the following:

  • When you take your hit, hit it with the airport wide open to cool the stem down
  • The stem can get too hot with a multi-flame torch. I recommend a single-flame torch lighter.

Conclusion: The M Plus is a true upgrade from previous models

It’s hard to push the envelope year after year with new, groundbreaking tech or features. DynaVap paused the yearly VapCap M installments after the 2021 version of the M and it really made us question what the next innovative DynaVap vaporizer could look like and if we’d ever see a true step up in performance anytime soon. The M Plus answered those questions with subtle, but effective advancements that filled a need that many DynaVap users have been wanting for years.

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Written by

tyler hixon

Tyler is a seasoned veteran in the vape industry with over 5 years of experience in the field and nearly a decade of dry herb vaping under his belt.

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Dynavap M Plus Vaporizer

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