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Dynavap 2020 M Vs OmniVap

DynaVap M vs OmniVap: What’s the Difference?

The DynaVap M and OmniVap sit at opposite ends of the VapCap spectrum, but they share some key features.

DynaVap’s unique VapCap vaporizers cover a wide spectrum of features and price points, and the DynaVap VapCap M and OmniVap represent the most modest, and the most feature-packed, they have to offer.

Both are great options, and even though they fall at opposite ends of the DynaVap price spectrum, they share some of their best qualities, including vapor quality and portability. If you’re wondering which is right for you, our DynaVap M vs Omni will help you find the perfect vape.

Dynavap 2020 M Vaporizer

Similar vapor quality

Whether you opt for the M or one of the Omni variants, you can expect the same great vapor quality. The higher-end DynaVap offerings typically add in features, materials, and finishes, but the underlying tech is nearly identical. That said, you may be able to produce better results using the Omni, mostly thanks to its adjustable resistance.

Adjustable airflow on the Omni

The biggest difference between the M and Omni is the mouthpiece. Omni variations of the DynaVap twist in and out, which changes the resistance of your draw. You can set it right where you like, then leave it forever, or change it up based on your current preferred method. You can adjust the airflow on the M by covering more or less of the hole on the side, and if you want to set it semi-permanently, check out our tips and tricks guide.

 Dynavap OmniVape on Table

Adjustable bowl

By default, all of the DynaVap vaporizers hold about 0.1 grams of ground herb, which may not sound like much, but is a great size for a personal session. The M has two different screen positions, 0.05 grams and 0.1 grams. The Omni also has a third setting that shrinks the oven down to a ridiculous 0.02 grams! 

Dynavap 2020 M Vaporizer Bowl

Material choice

The 2020 M looks more like the Omnivap than any of the previous versions. The biggest difference is in the materials used. The M is solid stainless steel, while the Omni is made of titanium, and is 60% lighter. The OmniVong line (two pictures below) boasts elegant wood bodies, with the added benefit of mating directly with your glass waterpipe. The OmniVap looks more like the M, with straight titanium bodies that have special designs crafted into them.

Dynavap 2020 M vs OmniVap Size Comparison

Modular design

The M comes out of the box ready to go, and stays that way. You can disassemble the individual pieces for cleaning and maintenance, but they only go back together one way. The other DynaVap VapCaps have interchangeable parts, so you can easily stick a wood body on your OmniVap, or upgrade your HydraVong to an adjustable Omni mouthpiece. There are even members of the community out there that use the VapCap as a base for elegant and eye-catching custom designs.

DynaVap OmniVong - Planet of the Vapes


All those extra features come at a cost. The entry-level M is just $63.20, making it one of the most affordable vaporizers we sell. It’s a beautiful option, with a stainless steel body and easy to clean parts. It’s a great option for trying out the VapCap to see if it’s for you. We also have the DynaVap M Starter Kit, with everything you need to get up and running.

The Omni, on the other hand, indicates a line of a vaporizers that start at $155, and reach $199 for the full titanium kits. That may seem like a steep price jump, but it brings in a swath of new features, plus swappable parts, and there are other VapCap offerings in between without the adjustable mouthpiece, like the HydraVong.

Final thoughts

The Dynavap M is a great manual vaporizer with impressive value, and if you’ve never owned a VapCap before, we suggest you start there. The OmniVap line, and the other more expensive DynaVap vapes, have a variety of features that advanced users will want, but you’ll know better which to buy after spending some time with the M.

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